How The Awake Mind Came To Be

Jayson The Awake Mind

I got my first taste of The Expanded Reality (not counting a near-death experience in 2002) back in 2006, but the epiphany happened a few years later.

In spring 2009, I studied computer networking, while studying with a spiritualist, and reading all I could about this guy named Gurdjieff.

Then one early morning, while reading Gurjeff’s model of the 7 worlds of creation, I saw what I was studying in Computer networking. The realization didn’t blow my mind, however. It felt more natural instead.

Looking back, I can see now that my discovery was a clue.

That hint pulled on me and my assumptions until I had to understand more of the nature of reality.

Since then, I’ve opened up to different pathways and ideas to search for the “something” of reality.
But I had no idea what I was looking for.

I saw a lot, I read a lot and I practiced a lot too

2010I became a member of and an initiatory school in the Western tradition
2011I learn Massage therapy practiced Polarity therapy
2014Became reiki I II III certified  

But I kept seeing how in practice, everything was the same but not in theory. The theories (and worldviews) were as varied and numerous as the thousands of books writing about them.

Some years went by, and I kept at my private studies and experiments, but I stopped listening to experts and gurus.

You might want to eliminate “Should” from your reality. It’s a useless word.


2018 I enrolled in an in-person classroom setting hypnotherapy course. By that time, I was pretty much fed up with everyone’s advice, opinions, blogs, best-selling books on Amazon, YouTube Videos, Links to Ted talks, etc.… all of it!

I was just over it…done. But that’s when I had the epiphany of epiphanies.

After one of the more intensive classes, our instructor said 

“Make sure you cut all your energetic cords from today before you get settled in at home or eat.

To that, I said, “Oh, why is that?”

Because as far as I knew, we didn’t do any type of energy work on each other at all. However, my instructor said, 

“Why Jayson Hypnosis is energy work.”

Right then, my mind flashed to 100s of different places in my memory, and then it hit me. This is all the same. Mind, energy, and matter like water, steam, and ice it’s all the same.

The Multiverse Is All Mental

In both its intelligence and its energy, everything is all mental. Therefore the only thing that needs fixing is our minds. Make no mistake about this; everything is inside your mind.

And once you understand that all you’re looking for is in your mind, you can use that energy and intelligence to improve your life.

Which is what I did and do to this day.

And now, I hope to share more and more of my experiences here. Think of this website as a guide into mind and spirit that pushes beyond labels and limitations.

I invite you to explore the possibilities inside your own mind.