Are Hypnosis and Meditation the same Thing?

Are Hypnosis and Meditation the same Thing

I first learned how to meditate in a nondescript house on the living room floor in a little town called Livonia.

I first learned Hypnosis from a minister in the basement of his church in another small town. But that town will go unnamed; no need for his congratulation to discover that their preacher is a low-key occultist.

What I remember about these experiences was that they were somewhat unorthodox, and they felt exactly the same.

In the Hypnosis at church situation, I had a full-on out-of-body experience (OBE)

When working with my Livonia Guru, we developed a telepathic bond that neither her husband nor my then live-in Girlfriend appreciated.

But what I’ve learned over the years is how much Meditation and Hypnosis have in common. So much so that so far as the facts are concerned, they might as well be the same.

So yes, Hypnosis and Meditation are the same. Both techniques put you in the same state of consciousness; both use trance, and both practices involve focus attention.

To put it plainly, they are two ways of doing the same thing.

But What About The Differences Between Hypnosis and Meditation?

If you dig into this subject, one of the biggest cliches you’ll hear is that Hypnosis is Meditation with a purpose. But what does that mean? Does Meditation not have a plan?

We know that’s not true. Even if your plan is to watch your thoughts and notice your breathing, that’s still a purpose.

You may hear that during Hypnosis, your mind is aware of everything. Still, it only focuses on the hypnotist’s voice and suggestions.

In the meditative state, your mind may be aware of everything. But now, your focus will be on your breath or on an object.

How is that any different?

The answer is that it’s not different at all.

And all the other arguments don’t stand up to scrutiny either. The facts are Meditation creates a trance state. Hypnosis creates a trance state.

In Hypnosis, you are given suggestions. In Meditation, you are given an object to focus on. Both of these methods are a function of focus concentration.

Background music can be used during both practices. Guided imagery can be used during both practices.

There is no difference except in people’s own personal prejudice, and that is not our problem.

What We Are Calling Meditation Isn’t Really Meditation

Another argument you may hear is about the difference in intention between Meditation and Hypnosis.

First of all, intentions are subjective matters. And it doesn’t matter what you call it. I could just as easily do a stop-smoking hypnosis session, just like a guided meditation if I had to.

We’re talking labels, and labels are not a real difference.

However, there is another issue that we must address. And the only other place I heard this mentioned in public was in a YouTube video of J Krishnamurti ranting about it.

But no one else seems to bring it up. And yet this information is known at every magical lodge, temple, and in every society that can call itself secret.

What’s called Meditation in public is only 50% of what Meditation is supposed to be.

In other words, you only got the first part of the formula.

It’s like how chop suey came into existence. Before the Americans came to China, there was no such thing as Chop Suey.

But as more and more American servicemen were coming into the country, they needed something they could serve them that would suit their palate.

So Chop Suey was born a real fake Chinese dish. That’s what Meditation in the west is like.

Think about that for a moment; people are debating about a practice that is not really what it says. So what is real Meditation? Its Hypnosis. Authentic Meditation was about working on yourself from the inner mind.

Why do you think people in times past would meditate for hours?

They weren’t just hanging around in the Ether like some half-drunk spiritualist. What they were doing was personal development on an inner eternal life scale.

Hypnosis is doing the same actions for the same reasons. The only difference is, for the most part, Hypnosis focuses on your outer life.

Meditation Was Supposed To Be a Doorway, But It Became The Goal

Meditation was meant to be an inner mind exercise. Still, somehow it became a full spiritual system people practice for life.

But when you start wanting to expand and try other practices, you notice how Meditation and Hypnosis blend together.

Because once you start advancing down either path, you’ll begin to see that what’s really happening is you’re being drawn deeper into the Unconscious mind.

This is the real goal of each technique because your Unconscious mind is (The ALL or The Absolute)

It’s the home of your inner life; from your dreams all the way to your afterlife, it’s everything. Getting into the unconscious requires disassociation from the everyday waking world.

This is done with trance. Be it Meditation or Hypnosis, a trance is a trance, is a trance.

But with Hypnosis, you have a better chance of reaching the Unconscious mind and engaging with your higher self.

Meditation has become so overused commercialized, and cliched that it’s losing its sacred appeal.

Just like Yoga and Feng Shui, Meditation is a status thing now. And that makes it really difficult to get past all the shallow fluff stuff.

So the masses are eating the menu instead of the meal.

What we call Meditation are really relaxation exercises. That should not take anything away from their usefulness because they are instrumental.

And as I said before, popular meditation techniques are half of the authentic meditations.

So I’m not trying to say your mindfulness classes are fake. What I’m saying is that you have a fragment of the teaching.

So where’s the rest of it?

If you want the rest, you will have to become a Buddhist monk or study Hindu or become a Taoist.
Fly overseas and spend a few years in somebody’s Ashram.

You have to fully immerse yourself into that lifestyle.

That’s what it takes because only then will the adepts and teachers show you the other side of the coin.

 Guided Meditation is Hypnosis

I was at a funeral one time for a man who was what we would call an adept today. He was initiated into a few different orders and served as master of a magical lodge twice.

His funeral, however, was at a mainstream Baptist church.

But that was irrelevant to the lodge brothers and sisters.

When it came time for their part of the service, they lit the smudge sticks and put on a ritual that memorized everyone in that church, including the Pastor and me.

It wasn’t Hypnosis; It was a guided meditation with ritual. But the effect was the same.

Now both hypnotherapists and meditation instructors will agree that guided Meditation and Hypnosis have a lot in common. In fact, they do pretty much the same thing point for point.

End tranceClose Meditation

The similarities are striking, but you may still get some push back because people must defend their narrative.

I even heard a meditation coach tell a class that the difference is that Hypnosis is using specific suggestions, words to induce a trance state.

And since that requires focused attention to allow the work falls on the hypnotist to induce you.

Whereas Guided Meditation is more about you using the power of your own imagination to bring about change. The person putting on the Meditation is just a gentle narrator.

Not only is that incorrect, but it’s downright harmful to your progress. But this is what is being taught both online and in person.

I can’t tell you how many seminars and weekend retreats and even a psy 201 level class I’ve been to where they were spewing out this type of crappy information.

It’s all over the place, but the facts are that guided Meditation and Hypnosis are ways to replace unhelpful, unhealthy programming.

Then you can use either or both to bring about the change you’re looking for. And that’s because they are literally the same thing.

Yet, people will argue with you up and down that they are not. But why is this?

Hypnosis Is a Victim Of Spiritual Discrimination

To start, many people view Hypnosis as some sort of woo-woo sideshow experience.

Whereas Meditation is supposed to be purer, more heartfelt, more spiritual. Hypnosis was born from Anton Mesmer and mesmerism.

But Meditation poured down the side of a mountain in India and is as clean as fresh snow.

That’s the story and never mind the truth. Just stick to the narrative.

And the narrative is Hypnosis dirty and sneaky. But Meditation is an all “A” student who has her scholarship to Harvard ready to go.

I’m being a smart alec, but here’s my point. You’re being sold a story about Meditation that’s not accurate.

Meditation did not begin in the east. If that was the case, why was my first spiritual teacher who taught me Meditation was one of the last authentic Cherokee Shaman?

And she learned her craft from her grandmother.

There are spiritual traditions worldwide, and they all have some form of mediation or trance. So as I said, Meditation did not come from the East, but it was made mainstream by people from the East.

And it caught on here in the west because the exercises were helpful, and they were seen as exotic. And some of those Gurus even back then took advantage of the situation.

Fast forward to the present time, and we here in the west are so turned around that you got to have a Ph.D. just to convince people that you can show them how to sit still and focus on their breathing.

Not to mention that less than 5 percent of people who start a meditation practice will still be meditating 6 months later. Their retention rate is horrid.

But that’s because people who are learning Meditation are given a system to practice that’s not suitable for the post-modern world.

Nor are they being told that they need a practice method that suits them in a practical day-to-day manner.

And that’s because they don’t know that Meditation is supposed to help you rearrange your energy body to flow in better harmony with your higher self.

No, they’re sold on lower blood pressure and stress management. The therapeutic benefits of Meditation are lovely, but that’s not why you should start up the practice.

And we can see that by how many people give up just a few weeks after they start. And do we do in response? We blame them like they didn’t want it bad enough.

How about we try not to bore them to tears instead. How about we give the people something quick, easy, and works every time. What about Self-hypnosis?

Re-packaging Self-Hypnosis as Meditation West 

The idea behind this idea came from my experience with The Gateway Experience and becoming a certified Hypnotherapist.

First, The Monroe Institute’s work is key to combining Hypnosis and Meditation into one full system of mental arts born here in the (West).

Because they already did it decades ago. The Gateway Experience is a combination of Hypnosis, Meditation, energy work, and guided imagery.

It has the makings of a full-fledged spiritual system, and for some folks, that’s what it is. But what about Self-hypnosis instead of Meditation?

This is not a giant leap to make. From the point of view that Meditation and Hypnosis are the same things, it would stand to reason that Self-hypnosis could be another form of mindfulness.

And a few Executives at General Motors agreed with this idea.

One of the founders of the Hypnosis school I went to told me about when they hosted self-hypnosis power naps for GM executives at the school.

The school has always been in Warren Mi. Which is within walking distance from GM’s Tech Center.

So he started out showing a few people he knew there how to do self-hypnosis. Then he let them trance out for about 20 minutes in the classroom on their lunch break.

Then they would go back to work refreshed and recharged.

As you can imagine, they told their coworkers who told their colleagues, and before you know, the class was full.

But when the higher-ups found out, they shut the nooners down. I think they thought he could steal company secrets from them while they in Hypnosis.

He couldn’t do that if he wanted to. Hypnosis doesn’t work like that, but it doesn’t matter. The results remain valid.

There was a full classroom of people who could use Self-hypnosis just like Meditation with the same results and benefits.

Self-hypnosis Is Easy to Learn

You never have to wonder am I doing this right, or is it working?

If you want to go deeper, all you have to do is repeat the technique you learned.

You can learn how to do Hypnosis without having to take on any philosophical baggage or religious undertones.

And Hypnosis or (self-hypnosis) is just as effective as Meditation because they are the same.
This also means that you can put yourself into Hypnosis and then do your favorite Meditation.

That gets pretty intense too.

I still use my Transcendental Meditation (not-so-secret mantra) while in Hypnosis. They flow together quite nicely. Since it’s all the same, that also makes sense.

So, where can you learn Self-Hypnosis? I have one recommendation for you, and it’s free.

Learn Hypnosis in five days From Hypnosis downloads.

They go over Hypnosis in detail and show you to do Self-Hypnosis. Theirs is some of the best work in the field. The content is researched and professionally done.

And yes, they have programs, and hypnosis tracks, and courses and all that and for low prices.

But the learn Hypnosis in five days class is free, and at no cost, you can pick up a skill for life.

If you’ve been struggling with Meditation. Or you want to take your meditation practice to deeper levels.

This is it start with them.

Related Questions

If Meditation, as promoted, is only a fragment of the teaching, why haven’t I heard this before?

My reply is, what’s their motivation to tell you? 

If you read the early writings coming out of the East between the late 1800s up to before the Second World War, the Gurus were pretty straightforward in their assessment of us here in the west. 

In their opinion, we were not ready for the full load. So the Adepts gave us the baby food version instead. 

And we still may not be ready, but I think it’s time we stop asking for permission and just do it. 

Is the Gateway experience really as good as older traditions like qi gong?

Yes, is it. And I say that with the highest respect for Qi gong, Tai chi, etc… And if you get a chance to take up Tai Chi or Qi gong, please do.

But what you also do is use the old and the new together.

You can place yourself in “Focus 10” while doing physical exercises like Qi gong can make you very powerful.

If Guided Meditation is Hypnosis, why do they call it Meditation?

From my experience, the term Meditation is used because the word Hypnosis turns some people off.

Hypnosis doesn’t sound spiritual enough, or something sneaky is going on. Interestingly, those who feel that way are responding to a suggestion that was given to them by someone else.

So a hypnotic process was used (unknowingly most of the time) to get them to not like Hypnosis. That’s almost funny, but it does speak to the importance of being your own Guru.

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