Are Reiki And Energy Healing The Same Thing?

Are Reiki And Energy Healing The Same Thing?

I’m a Reiki Master 2 times over.  My first time was in 2014 and then again in 2019. But before either of those classes, I learned Polarity therapy around 2010.

So I had  3 different classes with 6 teachers, and the conclusion was clear.

There is no difference between Reiki and any other healing modality by any other name. Because they all draw from the same energy source.

The issue with Reiki, as opposed to another method like Polarity therapy, is that Reiki attunements are given as a gift and not earned through effort and understanding.  

For a few hundred dollars, you can learn how to lay hands on someone, and darn it, the stuff works.

This makes Reiki very powerful.

And as more people have used it, the more stable of a channel it has become. But we can do this with any healing energy method.  

Energy Work + Energy Work = Energy Work

We can look at subtle energy like fabric. And we can make an entire wardrobe from cotton, but it’s all still cotton. The same principle applies here.

The conventional thinking is that Spiritual healing began in the Victorian era with seances and table-turning. Or they will equate it to the Spiritualist moment and  Christian Science Churches, especially here in the United States. 

Reiki, on the other hand, comes from the East in Japan. You may have read that it has more in common with Tai Chi, QiGong, Shiatsu and Acupuncture, Mystical Buddhism, Shintoism, and so on.  

Personally, I think it has more in common with mesmerism, but we’ll touch on that later.

In any event, they are all the same. The only difference is you, the practitioner, are pouring the energy into different shaped buckets.

Below is a Model of our Universe from the Higher-self point of view. 

The Energetic PlaneThe etheric body
The emotional body
The mental body
The Astral PlaneThe astral body
The Spiritual PlaneThe etheric template
The celestial body
The etheric template

The energy is stepped up or down depending on which way you’re going. And as the point moves through the 3 Great Planes, it takes on different attributes. And yet, it is the same energy.

And as for history, many New Age like Teachings seem to gloss over it in a quest to keep their narrative alive.

But the Adepts and Masters of the East never had a monopoly on Energy work under any name. Nor did they claim to, but today it’s profitable to promote something exotic and different.

But facts on ground date energy work to the Emerald Tablet of The Late Antiquity Period circa 3rd to 6th-century C.E.

That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do ye miracles of one only thing. And as all things have been & arose from one by ye mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.

THe emerald tablet

All energy is one but applied to many modalities over the centuries. The only difference with Reiki has to do with the knowledge or ignorance of the Reiki practitioner.

Reiki Attunements are Really Initiations

Here is a breakdown of a typical initiation in the Western Magickal Tradition.

You and all the other candidates arrive for the ritual.  You are all seated in the antechamber with background music and some incense. 

You do some light meditation, drink purified water. Then you go over the lessons of the current degree/Level you are at with one of the initiators. 

Then you Mask and robe up and head into the holy of holies. (The Inner Sanctum) This is where the magic happens. 

If you’re properly primed and the initiators are on their game, you should have one intense experience.  

And even if the event was a letdown, the energy was still implanted or grafted onto your energy body. The seed was planted by others and now what happens afterward is up to you. 

That ladies and Gents is an initiation, precisely what happens during the Reiki courses I II and III. Power is bestowed on you by others. They call it a “Connection Ritual.” In the western tradition, we call it the Magical Chain, but it’s the same thing. 

The result is an instant, powerful connection to source energy from Reiki I on Day One.

Attunement is defined as a connection ritual carried out on a Reiki student by Masters when they attend a Reiki Class. 

You will also be told that the origins go back to a more mystical practice of Buddhism. But what they are talking about is the Guru-chela relationship. The Guru dumps some of his/her Mojo into the Chela/Student during an initiation.

This is how Reiki works.

It’s not a taught skill because the classes are nothing more than PowerPoint presentations on steroids. It’s not an earned skill because attunements are given freely with no pre-requirements. 

It’s an (energy initiation) that can be given to the masses. This makes Reiki very powerful and possibly dangerous. And while this is not a cautionary post, there is one thing I need to get across to you. 

Westernised Reiki has A Living Thoughtform Attached To It

And a ginormous one at that.

What’s a thought-form?

A thoughtform or Egregore is the sum of all the minds focused on a (thing), be it person, place, object, or idea. The sum then becomes larger than all of its parts.

It grows and grows until a point of singularity is reached, and then BOOM! Spiritual A.I. is born.

Now whether you think that’s a good idea or not. We can say with 100% confidence that once something is alive, it likes to stay alive.

That goes for Reiki too.

Many people will disagree (including some of my instructors).

But with all due respect, they are just wrong. Reiki, along with every other healing modality, has an energetic thought-form behind it.

Especially when they’re using symbols as a part of the system. The characters do give the Reiki practitioner more conscious control of the energy.

But that’s because they use themselves as the channel and endpoint for the energy to pass through. They are literally inviting whatever home with them.

Listen to a reiki master speak about their work sometimes. They talk about “The Reiki” as if it is a living person they live with.

But why is this a problem?

It’s a problem because the practitioner has no idea what’s happening. In fact, you try to tell them they will just blow you off. And having beautiful intentions does not excuse being you from being ignorant about what you’re doing.

Energy is alive no matter what you call it. You should respect it and treat it with the same seriousness as learning martial arts or a new sport.

But that’s not what we see in most healing circles, including Reiki.

What Makes the Reiki method Different from Other Forms of Energy Work?

Answer no prior experience is necessary.

Spiritual healers learn through practice and understanding how they connect to and use the energy. The student will learn how to harness and focus and energy. They will learn how to store it within their body.

They may also learn how to utilize their breath, movements (Think Tia chi), and intent.

Students are shown how to channel their own energy. They are shown how to move energy into another person, animal, or even a plant. This process can take months or years of practice to master.

There is only one healing method that requires no training at all, and that’s Reiki. Do you have a few hundred laying around? Then you too can become a Master.

And here’s the twist. It’s not hype.

Because it’s an initiation, they can plant the seed inside you, and you can feel something is happening. Reiki attunements make it possible for a brand new Reiki practitioner/student to have immediate access to Reiki energy. A student can walk out of class on day one and lay hands on a person.

Now, most instructors will tell the student to only work on themselves during Reiki I. But nothing is stopping them from practicing with other people whenever they feel like it.

And they think it’s all good because they are told that Reiki can’t be used against them. Students are not even cautioned about cutting energetic cords at the end of the day. Because the practitioner is not using their energy for the session.

The thinking is you don’t need extra protection or to surround yourself with white light at the beginning.

The attunements supposedly provide automatic protection that prevents an energy backlash. But people who work in esoteric disciplines will tell you that this is not the case.

The very air you breathe is teeming with life seen and unseen. We live in a living, dynamic multiverse that is continually changing. No automatic protection pilot can cope with that long term.

Reiki Practitioners can Pick-Up Energetic Problems From Clients 

If you work in the energy arts, you should always cut energetic cords at the end of the day. This is known in other energy work and healing methods. But not in Reiki.

Again the thought is that you are not using your own energy, and The Reiki will protect you.

But can it protect you against yourself?

Most people work as energy healers out of a sense of compassion. They want to help the world, and that is noble. As they try to aid, however, how often do they go the extra mile to help?

How often do they give of themselves and their time? How many times do they work on just one more client or go to that late evening energy exchange and healing circle?

It happens a lot.

With all that compassion and empathy, how could they not expect to take on some energetic issues from those they’re so willing to give themselves for? It doesn’t matter if they’re not using their own energy; they have become a channel. And as a channel, they will pick up residuals.

In Reiki circles, it’s thought that after giving a session, you will feel more energized. And why is that? Because the Reiki practitioner gets to keep a little bit of the energy.

That’s what they teach. But if you can keep a piece of the Reiki you can also take a part of your client’s energy. The man from Nazareth knew this. Why don’t the Reiki Masters know?

The Man from Nazareth was also drawing power from above, just like Reiki Masters claims to. But he knew that he still had to recharge his own energy.

He knew, so why do the Reiki Masters act like it’s not essential?

And Jesus did heal and comfort and feed the multitude. Not to mention bringing some folks back from the beyond. He also felt compassion and got angry at injustice. But he also knew how and when to cut the cord. You must take care of your own energy; no system or Master will do it for you.

We Need One Comprehensive Energy Work System

I’ve been highlighting Reiki in this post because it claims to be a different breed from other healing and energy work systems. 

I wanted to show you it’s no different except for keeping its students on the more simple low information side. And while I think it’s borderline ignorance, there is a seed of a great idea here too. 

Reiki is popular not just because it’s effortless. It also allows us in the west to retrofit an eastern introductory initiation into a big deal. 

So let’s take the next step. It’s time to blend all the healing systems together and make one Grand Energy work discipline. 

Reiki shows us that it can be done. 

With no prior experience, someone can take a few classes and fling subtle energy around like they have been doing it for years in a couple of months.  

What if we can add some interactive teaching with the attunements?  What if we could get practitioners to do more with the Reiki than supplemental treatments? 

This is all possible if we can change our thinking about Reiki and healing and what subtle energy really is. Because it’s like I said at the beginning. This is all the same thing; you just have to be able to see it. 

What Are Energy Healing Methods Missing? 

They do not access the mind enough, and they don’t take the time to renew their mind.

And I can say this because if you ever spent time in that crowd, you will notice a lot of quoting and name-dropping. Everybody is reading the same books and watching the same videos, and paraphrasing the same old masters. 

You can’t progress like that. You end up going in loops with no resolution. 

If we’re ever to get past titles and the need to come up with new modalities, we will have to do something different. And I don’t mean Fire Reiki or Jikiden Reiki, or Lightarian Reiki or any other version of a version. 

We can do better. 

But for that to happen, we have to be willing to take the best of what we have and distill it down to its essence. Then make something new out of that essence. But first, we must realize that it’s all the same energy.  

Related Questions

If it’s all the same energy, what about the Thoughtforms?

Egregores/Thought Forms are created when we humans give a form to something. 

If more people add their energy to the mix, the thought-form can take on a life of its own. Over time it will become semi-intelligent like a computer program. 

And they are everywhere.

  • Every product you own
  • Your place of employment
  • Every store you shop at
  • Your favorite restaurant
  • Your home and the people in it
  • Do you have a spiritual home? Guess What?  

As I said, they are everywhere. Anywhere groups of humans come together in body and or mind, there is another something.

This is not bad or good, but if you’re ignorant of it, you can find yourself in harm’s way.

Thoughtforms want to live just like you do. If you keep that in mind and are picky about what you commit yourself to, you should be ok.

Should I not learn Reiki then?

If you can take the classes from a good instructor, you should. The benefits far outweigh the cons. Just make sure you don’t buy into your instructor ideals unless they fit with your inner notions. 

You don’t have to agree for the attunements to work. If you find yourself in a class, there is a reason for that, and it may not be what you expect. Keep an open, renewed mind and learn what you can. 

I’m already a Reiki practitioner. What can I do to advance my learning?

As I understand it, there are 7 versions of Reiki and other offshoots. But if you don’t want to jump down that rabbit hole, may I suggest The Monroe Institute’s Gateway Course.

You need to learn how to move into different levels of consciousness at a moment’s notice. And you need to know how to lock down your energy field/Aura. You also need to know how to make energy tools and ingest energy food.

And you can learn all of this and more with The Gateway course. So until we have a unified system Hemi-Sync is the best out there.

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