Are The Four Stages of Hypnosis Related to Magick?

In another article on this site, I go into the usefulness of mind tools like Hemi-sync. 

In fact, I make the argument that the methodology of Hemi-Sync’s Flagship program (The Gateway experience) mimics almost point for point what you would experience in a magickal lodge. 

Today we’re going to extend that argument to hypnosis. 

Because the four Stages of hypnosis like Hemi-sync’s Gateway is an Esoteric artform that you can use to your great advantage if you know how to do so.

But first, what are the four stages of hypnosis? 

The four stages of hypnosis are induction, deepening, suggestibility and waking.

  1. The first stage of hypnosis is induction. During the induction, the person is put into a state of deep relaxation, and their mind and body are relaxed. 
  2. Next stage, the person enters the deepening phase, where they are placed into a more intense altered state of consciousness. 
  3. After going deeper, another level of relaxation allows them to penetrate more profound levels of consciousness.
  4. The Next Stage is where the programing or affirmations, or problem-solving occurs. This is also called the suggestibility stage.  

Now let’s talk about how the stages of hypnosis are related to the magickal process, which is related to Hemi-sync. 

What do Hypnosis, Hemi-Sync, and doing magickal rituals all have in common?

Hemi-Sync, magickal practices, and hypnosis all share a common factor. They are all designed to immerse you into a more expanded level of existence. 

All three practices are designed to expand your mind and alter your state. Here is a brief description of each:

HypnosisIn hypnosis, you are given suggestions as to what your mind should be focused on. This occurs in an environment designed to take you into a safe, altered state. When in this state, your unconscious mind will accept the ideas you are being given and act upon them to become your reality.
Hemi-Sync Gateway experience“Hemi-Sync” is a brainwave entrainment product. It uses sound to synchronize your brainwaves to an Alpha state. When using the Gateway Experience, you expand your mind and immerse yourself into the deeper levels of your unconscious. This is done by putting on headphones or earbuds and listening to progressive sessions designed to expand your consciousness more and more. 
Occult Practices The Magickal lodgeThe magickal lodge immerses you into an expanded state of consciousness through ritual and ceremony. It is designed to take you deeper and deeper into altered states of consciousness. The lodge uses Rituals, Ceremony, Sacred Space, and Circle Casting. All are designed to help you connect with your own divine source in a safe environment that will help deepen your spiritual experiences.

Take note of the idea of expanding your mind because that’s the point of it all.  All three practices are designed to take you to a more expanded state of existence within your consciousness. 

Although each practice seems different, I’ve found through experience that they all lead to the same place. The only difference is the “depth” of the experience but let’s use the four stages of hypnosis to illustrate what I mean :

MagickHemi-sync GatewayHypnosis session
Start/Open The TempleConnect to the energyInduction
Banishing riteClear the energyInduction
Tuning yourselfRaise the energyDeepening
FocusingDirect the energyDeepening
Affirmations\VisualizationDetermining the quality of energySuggestibility

As you can see, hypnosis combines a few steps from the other two practices, but the conclusion is clear. We are talking about similar methods with an identical goal; expanding your consciousness.

All three practices are designed to take you into a more expanded state of yourself, but by using different methods and tools.

And if you can achieve a certain level in one of these methods, you can do the same in the other two with ease.

That’s what I did, and that’s why I believe these three practices are actually the same. 

Did you notice what I haven’t talked about yet? 

I haven’t said a word about spells and initiations because they’re irrelevant. If you can enter an expanded state of consciousness using hypnosis, why make altars to your ancestors? 

Why pray to foreign Gods in archaic languages that you don’t know how to pronounce? 

Why take oaths and join partially secret organizations? 

You can get the same results using hypnosis, Hemi-Sync with a shell of magickal ritual if you want a touch of the dramatic. 

Your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds have a fantastic ability to connect because they are all different rooms in the same mansion. 

For example, suppose you use Hemi-Sync’s Gateway experience. In that case, you will undoubtedly have experienced a level of connection and expansion that is very similar to initiation or magickal working. 

The Gateway experience has hypnosis baked in. If you want all the details, the Dept of Army intel has a now unclassified document on the gateway experience floating around the internet.

 Still, I have a more expanded version of it you can read here. 

So if hypnosis, The Gateway experience, and Magick are all the same, what does it mean? 

First off, it means that hypnosis is fantastic, and if you have any interest in these subjects, you may want to start there. 

But not just hypnosis you want self-hypnosis because self-hypnosis is empowering for you Because self-hypnosis is one tool that all three methods rely on.  

But where can you learn self-hypnosis from knowledgeable, professional teachers? 

There is one place I know about that I’ve used since 2009, and that’s the Learn hypnosis in five days from Hypnosis 

That’s right, you can learn hypnosis in under a week and use that new skill for the rest of your life. The cool thing about it is you can test the waters, and it’s 100% free. 

But if you do choose to buy some of their materials, you will not pay more than $15.00 per session. That’s amazing because most hypnotherapists won’t even answer an email for under $100.00.   

And in my humble opinion, Mark Tyrell and the team at Hypnosis download have some of the best hypnosis training online. I recommend them highly. 

So if you want to start learning hypnosis yourself or just want to learn more, I recommend starting with the Learn hypnosis in five days. Then if your ready, take a look at the Gateway experience.

Because Gateway is Magickal but knowing how to go into an alternate state before you even begin is the way of a master.

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