Can Creative Visualization Make Things Happen?

Using visualization can be a powerful tool for anyone to visualize themselves achieving what they desire. 

You can find many ways to visualize it on the internet, and it can become a bit complicated and confusing. Still, in reality, it’s as simple as daydreaming on purpose. 

It’s just a skill that you can learn and apply in daily life to help you navigate to the things you want. But seriously, does it work the way people and gurus promise?

Creative visualization connects to your subconscious mind, which has access to reality and enables you to bend it to your will.

On the physical level, the process is called mental rehearsal. This is where you mentally simulate an experience or event that you desire. 

Your mind then uses these mental images to create new neural pathways within your brain. This changes how you think and feel about something without actually doing anything physically.

Guided imagery has long been used in sports coaching and psychological counseling, among other fields. 

Because it helps people envision a positive future now. And with a simple technique, they are sure to be on the right path to their goals.

But on this website, the personal development space is just a starting point. Because the multiverse is mental, which makes creative visualization a way to transcend reality. 

The power of visualization means control over probabilities

It’s been my experience that these Mind Tools fork into two camps. 

The first group is heavy into personal development. This is the life coach path, and I got a heavy dose of the goal intention crowd as I was learning hypnosis. 

Sports psychology, a prosperous trading mindset, and being an overachiever are all areas of the personal development space. You can also lump in any and everything to do with self-improvement and changing your self-image.

So for most people, this form of visualization is where you want to begin. Because it’s powerful enough to make significant changes in your life without bending its credibility to the breaking point.

You’re not asking your mind to manifest reality. Instead, you are just doing some Mental practice like a pro athlete. 

(Kobe Bryant style) 

Hard work still makes up the lion’s share of effort, and for many, this is the only way they think visualization can work. 

Because they think it’s all about brain chemistry and optimization. And while I’m a fan of living a personal development/ optimized lifestyle, it is not the only or even best use of visualization. 

Now let’s look at the other path. 

 The best benefits of visualization are positive outcomes

The other way is to give an outcome to the subconscious mind using creative visualization and let the living hologram rearrange itself.  

When you visualize what you want, see it as though it were real, and then feel the emotions you would feel if you got what you desire, you are on your way to realizing your dream.

And then do it, again and again, every day until your wish takes on a life of its own. 

You’re planting seeds in the subconscious mind and doing nothing else on the outside. But inside your mind, you are generating more energy than a nuclear reactor. 

This is a point that gets overlooked far too often.

Because the most considerable criticism of this method is that powerful intentions are not enough. But that’s just not true. 

A powerful intention can make the living hologram move, but very few people know to produce powerful intentions. Most people are just making a half-hearted attempt and getting lukewarm results. 

Lukewarm: having or showing little ardor, zeal, or enthusiasm; indifferent… 

So you get out of it what you put into it. Your desired vision must generate enough energy that a chain reaction happens, and it becomes alive in a sense. 

In old esoteric writings, this is called a thought form or Egregore. 

You see, people have known for thousands of years how to bend reality and make thoughts manifest. But there’s always an effort to put handcuffs on this information.

Groups and cults have sprung up all throughout history, declaring themselves custodians of the knowledge.  

This usually means they’ll dictate to you what you should be doing with your mind and thoughts. Which ends up being a list of don’t do’s, no no’s, and limitations.

Thanks, but no thanks because the subconscious and unconscious minds will be your best guides. And the truth is that any powerful visualization technique with daily practice can result in a successful outcome. 

Limits are set by you alone. 

So if you believe that you can not get ahead without hard work, then (for you) hard work is what you’re going to need. Nothing will change that fact for you until you first change the belief.

This is why most people start with self-development. Because you have to grow into the person you want to become, and your growth begins inside of you.

This is also why people put 80% of effort into hard work and 20% into a guided meditation or some 20-minute lukewarm affirmation exercise that they really don’t believe in.

So if they manage to trip over some success, they’ll call the mental part of it supplemental. And we wonder why so many folks have trouble with visualization? 

Visualizing best-case scenarios

By now, I hope you realize your imagination can help you reach some of the outstanding achievements through practicing visualization. 

I also hope you’ve noticed that there is more than one point of view on using mental imagery. In this article, we distilled them down into two paths. 

Visualization with outward work Vs. Visualization with no external work. 

Of course, there are different variations because the scale is not always 80/20 % in one direction or another. 

People rarely have a 100% visualization where they can walk out their front door, and the multiverse unfolds in front of them on a red carpet. 

But if you keep at it, there will be days where you will swear it does. Still, the question is how to get to that point? 

Whether you believe that you can bend reality with just your mind or not, you still want to succeed, right? And the way to success is with your mind. Even if you think action is the only thing way because your actions are just crystallized thoughts.

So return back to the mind, and everything is mental, even hard work. Reality bending and manifesting start with you arranging your belief systems to be empowering instead of victimizing.  

How do you edit your self-beliefs?

You use Self-Hypnosis. 

The reason is you want to bypass your conscious beliefs and get to the subconscious mind. This is where the change can happen without strain. 

And you can use hypnosis both with hard work and action just as effectively as you can with purely mental sessions.  

Remember, the multiverse is all mind, and your mental reality can be navigated by you in several different ways. So any method of personal development or reality-bending can be helped with hypnosis. 

So step one learn self-hypnosis, and you can do that for free right here. 

Then put it to the $15.00 test.

Again, I recommend the Self-hypnosis course above because you are getting a high-quality, well-put-together masterclass that delivers the goods. 

And they do it while educating you the whole way. But the other thing I really like about their services is that they offer over 1200 recordings and they all cost the same. $14.95.

That’s such an underrated advantage; I just have to challenge you to use it. Do you want to try reality-bending but don’t want to worry about being scammed?  

Or just start with the self-hypnosis course and see how you like it. 

But remember your goal. 

You want to use visualization to make things happen in your life, and I’m just trying to show you how you can do just that, starting where you are. 

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