Can Hypnosis Become Dangerous?

Can Hypnosis be Dangerous?

One of my hypnotherapy instructors commented that it’s almost impossible to ignore hypnotic messages from commercials.

Bull$#!” I thought to myself

I divorced my television back in 2010.”

But then I thought about the internet I’m on all the time. And the satellite radio stations I like to argue at in my car. They’re chocked full of Hypno NLP marketing wizards.

Now we know what they want, income and influence. But does it stop there when marketers know how you can be handled?

The danger of Hypnosis is the conditioning of the mind by the practitioner. When you open yourself to another’s influence, there is always a risk of manipulation.

The ability to manipulate comes from the trust placed in the person. The power always remains with the individual. But if you give away your right to use your inner power, you might as well never have the right, to begin with.

When rapport (influence and faith) is established between the hypnotist and the subject, the ideas implanted by suggestion are supported by the subject’s autonomic nervous system functions.

This is Hypnosis, and any competent hypnotherapist or hypnotist knows how to do it. But with that knowledge, people have shaped the world.

The Practitioner Can Have The Best Of Intentions

In the early 1900s, during the first World War, a soldier was cured of blindness with Hypnosis.

The hypnotist at the time gave the young soldier a strong suggestion.
He told him that he was unique and had great personal powers.

And It was with these great powers, he could cure himself of the blindness.

His personality changed due to a strong suggestion, not to mention his interest in Hypnotism increased to engulf a nation and then the world.

His name was Adolf Hitler, and he went on to become as proficient as the hypnotist that taught him.

He induced trance states in vast crowds at rallies. He even adopted a stylized form of arm levitation as the Nazi salute.

You may think Hitler is an extreme example, but he’s not. Any number of people has the inner potential to do tremendous and or terrible things when adequately provoked.

That includes you and me.

Also, the hypnotist does not have to know or even understand how the hypnotic process works. All they need is a fair amount of rapport and enough authority to make their words stick.

It’s rather scary when you think about how many people have control of little parts of you.

Using Hypnotism To Change Your Behavior

Every Hypnotherapist will tell you that you can not force someone in a trance to do something that goes against their personal code of right and wrong.
This is true but what they leave out is that you can be manipulated into doing something against your code.

If you think you are doing the right thing, will you hesitate? Of course not.

Also, there’s no need to place someone in a trance to have a strong influence on them because the subconscious is always listening.

The truth is you go in and out of alternate states all day, every day.

They just need the right amount of news and television programming followed by enough commercials with all kinds of propaganda.

From there, they can make modern-day Avatars and script their programs to be even more precise.

You are a liberal, so this is what you do.
You’re a conservative. This is what you do.
You all over there are Patriots. So we’ll place you in the fringe box.
And make room for Democratic Socialists; they’re on the rise, they say.

Wait, are you a new mom? Well, we got a special place for you and your future wage slave …right this way, please.

Now, if you’re a member of one of these groups, then you must stand for and defend your tribe, right?

And that’s how it begins.

The strong resistance a person would feel in Hypnosis to improper suggestions only works if they are directly asked to violate their morals.

But you can be influenced to go against your natural state if you can be convinced or deceived to do so.

Sounds like Politics and commercials to me. You can add on movies some forms of art and music.

Also, these mediums do not need you to be in a deep trance to work. A mild state of concentration like watching YouTube is all that’s needed.

Hypnosis Can Make You Think You Met God

Cults and religions from the beginning of time have used hypnotic processes to brainwash their followers.

And those steeped in esoteric studies know this and use it on themselves and their group.

But in those instances, the group knows what’s going on. In fact, that’s part of the secret sauce that makes a magical temple operate correctly.

But these groups of people are rare.

Usually, what you will see is a flock of humans being herded and shepherded by some visionary.
And that Visionary leader is using whatever Hypnosis, personal magnetism, and any of tricks they can pull out of their bag of goodies.

And the most essential hypnotic tool of all is the posthypnotic suggestion.

What makes posthypnotic suggestions so useful is that you can transfer the trance conditions to the waking state.

You can give instructions to be followed at later date months even a year in advance. Can you see how convenient that ability could be for a leader of people?

But it doesn’t stop there. Posthypnotic suggestions can also be used to speed up trance inductions in the future to create an even more profound form of Hypnosis.

A few years ago, I learned a form of Hypnosis called Ultra High.

As the name suggests, I was taken up higher and higher and higher until I had a meet-up with a version of my higher self.

I was aware the entire time, and if I didn’t “Know” I was in Hypnosis at the time, I would have been a prime candidate for the latest cult member.

It was that intense. And it also eerily reminded me of my church days back in the 1990s.

As a kid, my mother and I belonged to a so-called charismatic Christian church.

They laid hands on people we spoke in tongues, and I was exposed to what I know now as mass Hypnosis with a little Neuro-Linguistic Programming like a cherry on top.

The minister (They were calling themselves Bishops back then) was a darn good practitioner. He didn’t have to pass a collection plate around.

The flock was well trained.

One time in the middle of buying a new church building, they were $50,000.000 short.

The Bishop announced that we’re short on cash that night before the evening service and need 50k.

About an hour later, The Bishop passed a note to visiting pastor Jesse Duplantis.

Evangelist Duplantis then announced that not only did we hit the 50k mark, but we had money left over.

That was a $50,000.00 plus increase in less than an hour in 1994 money no less. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s what we hypnotic influence or rapport same thing.

Hypnotherapy Has Its Dangers Too

This one strikes a nerve because I am a Certified Hypnotherapist c.H

But honesty over titles.

Hypnotherapy is scientifically using knowledge of hypnotic processes to help people. We can use Hypnosis as an enhanced learning method to help your subconscious mind find new and better ways for you to live.

And the range we can work in is far and wide. Name the issue, and a hypnotherapist has dived into the problem. Almost anything that can go wrong inside the mind can be helped with hypnotherapy.

The goal is to help people, but sometimes the helper gets in over their head.

The biggest problem in the field is unqualified hypnotherapists. I’m not talking about Hypnosis. I mean the therapy part.

My area of super expertise is in IT.

But the vocation I have loved, studied, and learned about for two decades now is metaphysics and esoteric teachings. Along the way, I became fascinated with hypnosis, so I took a couple of courses, with the last one here in my home state of Michigan.

That’s how I got certified because it was a structured class with a curriculum and textbooks and so many hours of work with tests included.

I can do Hypnosis. Heck, I can teach Hypnosis.

And I’m sure if we worked together with your subconscious mind, I could help you with a few issues in your life.

But I am not a psychologist, and being a hypnotherapist doesn’t qualify me to try to fake it.

However, there are many out there who think that the subconscious can do everything. All the person has to do is sit back and say.

“Ok, Subconscious, when you got all the problems of the universe figured out, raise your yes finger.”

It is true that your subconscious can move mountains, put a pile of cash in your pocket, and bump you into the next love of your life. But you have to meet it halfway.

You! Not you and your hypnotist, buddy.

Yes, a hypnotherapist can help you, and if you’re in need, by all means, go without delay. If you need to lose weight or if you can’t sleep, by all means, make an appointment.

If you can’t walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air because you’re addicted to cigarettes, please make an appointment.

Hypnotherapy is helpful and valuable for a galaxy of different reasons. But there comes a time when you have to become your own therapist. Or at least the active partner in the hypnotist client relationship.

The other significant dangers in Hypnotherapy are Abreactions and False memories.

Abreactions occur when a practitioner accidentally triggers an intensely adverse reaction.

This is not because of the Hypnosis but a past traumatic experience from the client’s past.

Abreactions are rare, but unless the client knows about it and is willing to share it with the hypnotist, it will be like stepping on a landmine.

Dealing with abreactions is a part of most hypnosis training, so they are not ignorant of it, and most hypnotists know how to deal with it.

But still, it is a hazard to be aware of.

Then there are false memories. Memories can be installed under the right conditions. Because of this fact, Hypnosis is not admissible as evidence in court. Because people have installed memories of everything from abuse to alien abductions.

There is clean language in Hypnosis that’s designed to avoid these kinds of issues. Unfortunately, as with every skilled career, you can find practitioners at a wide range of skill levels.

Most in this field are aware that false memories can be created and take measures to avoid them.

Just make sure you interview your hypnotist and ask about their language style before asking about memory retrieval, past lives, etc…

Hypnosis Is A Tool You Should Use On Yourself

A person’s first hypnotist is usually their parents. And they have the best of intentions for you, right. But then they hand you off to your next and most powerful hypnotist.

They give you over to the screens. Be it a computer screen, a phone screen or television doesn’t matter. So today, we have screens all over the Earth telling humans how to live.

These screens control billions using every hypnotic trick in the toolbox. And it all started with good intentions. But these screens have programmed you to always look for the experts.

Only the experts know, and you are too dumb to work on your own problems. Why don’t you let the professional instruct you on every step?

They only have your best interest at heart: you and every human alive. Even when you try alternative therapy. There’s an expert there to tell you what to do and how to think.

The field of Hypnosis is packed to the brim with dogma, just like every other discipline in the world. And they are more than willing to install their limitations inside of you and then have the nerve to charge you money to do it.

If you’re going to progress in this life and the one beyond, you have to take hold of the wheel yourself.

Who’s driving your bus?

If it’s not you, how do you take the wheel?

You start with self-hypnosis. Learn that, then try some hypnosis downloads and work on everything you can think of.

And over time, your subconscious will start to push you in the direction you want to go.

The subconscious may not know the secrets to the Universe, but it knows you intimately. And if you work with it, you can get the answers to the “everything you’re looking for.”

Now you need to remember that this is a relationship you’re in. Remember how important it was for a hypnotherapist to establish rapport?
Well, the most critical rapport you can build is with your subconscious mind.

It can and will help you with all the things hypnotherapy promises, but it does it much better if you are the one asking.

It’s OK if you hire hypnotists because you can’t do it all at once. And sometimes, a professional or two is needed. But you must always remain in control of yourself. And using self-hypnosis and meditation too can help you keep the connection with your inner self active.

It will be your best guide to better life outcomes.

Related Questions

When should you avoid hypnotherapy? 

If you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, grand mal epilepsy, or regularly experience psychotic episodes, Hypnosis is not recommended. If you are highly agitated, depressed, or suicidal, you will not be in an adequate headspace to benefit from Hypnosis.

If you have a hangover or even the slightest alcoholic buzz, avoid Hypnosis until you are sober.

Can Hypnosis kill you?

No Hypnosis, in and of itself, can not kill you. But your belief system can affect your health.

In primitive communities, the hypnotic control used by the local witch doctor or shaman has been so potent that its influences are felt in the waking state. “Waking” suggestions are designed to strike at the roots of the tribe member’s emotions and belief systems.

And because they believed in the local Shaman, he or she had almost God-like power.

But the power was in the people, not the Shaman.

Can Hypnosis make you go insane? 

The answer is no.

In 1998 there was a Court trial in London of a stage hypnotist for allegedly inducing schizophrenia in one of the participants.

Several issues arose from the case.
These issues were critically examined as the prosecution argued that the hypnotic state is similar to schizophrenia. Therefore, hypnosis can increase vulnerability to psychotic illness and other forms of psychological damage. This is so not true; it’s almost funny, but that was their argument.

However, the findings showed that there was no substantive scientific evidence to support any particular link between Hypnosis and the triggering of episodes of schizophrenia.

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