Can You Hypnotize Someone Without Them Knowing About It?

Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility, but people cannot be made to do something against their will or moral code. 

And every hypnotist and hypnotherapist (myself included) has echoed this like a tranced-out parrot. 

But what’s not so obvious is the waking hypnotic persuasion to get you to agree to buy something or support an idea or a cause. 

There’s also the political jungle where Waking Hypnosis, also called NLP, is used almost hourly. We call marketing or campaigning or selling or propaganda in politics. 

But why does all this work? These mind tools work because their practitioners have learned the subtle art of waking hypnosis.  And if you think you can’t be hypnotized with your knowing it, think again. 

Anytime someone can disassociate you from the here and now, place your imagination and, by extension, your attention somewhere else, that’s hypnosis. 

If you give it just a moment’s thought, you will see how you are hypnotized every single day.   

You might be reading this article on a chair or sofa or even at your computer desk.  You’re at ease and find yourself wondering where you are, what you’re doing, and how far did you scroll down the page.

Well, as the reader reading this page, you’ve been placed into a light trance that’s deep enough for your attention to slip away from the present moment. 

If you’re reading this with your phone, the trace is more intense because you have a small device you’re focusing your attention on. 

Have you ever noticed that when you’re engaged with your phone, and someone tries to get your attention, they often startle the crap out of you? 

That’s because you were in a trance. 

The same thing can happen while driving or watching videos, so we hypnotize ourselves all the time and never think twice about it. 

Is it possible to perform covert hypnosis?

For the most part, the public is unaware that hypnosis can influence a person’s behavior without them realizing they are hypnotized. 

This is done with the help of covert or waking hypnosis.

It’s possible to hypnotize somebody without their being aware of it.

Psychologist Author David Spiegel

In waking hypnosis, individuals are influenced to take specific actions or act in a way they wouldn’t otherwise.

They are influenced to say things that contradict their own convictions, and this is done with the help of covert hypnosis.

In other words, you may not experience any hypnotic symptoms or feel differently. Still, the suggestions will influence you all the same.

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, director of the Centre for Brain and Cognition at the University of California, San Diego, says that hypnosis can also be used to control or change a person’s behavior.

Experiments have shown that when people are exposed to certain secret words or phrases, they unknowingly act by following pre-suggested ideas.

For example, a group of volunteers was told that every time they heard the word ‘coconut,’ they would begin to feel warm. Care to guess what happened?  

You guessed it: it worked! 

The volunteers said they did indeed feel slightly warmer when they heard this word, even though there wasn’t any explanation for their feelings.

Even if you are not aware of it, hypnosis does work

You need to understand that. 

  1. You hypnotize yourself every day.
  2. This is not an underhanded method in its natural state.

What’s happening is that you live in more than one state of consciousness, and some would argue in more than one reality, but that’s another article. 

The point is you are not always all here in the here and now. You flow through different states as naturally as you walk through a room. So hypnosis is a natural thing that happens to you every day, but you’re largely unaware of it.

The question then becomes, can this natural state be used on you to benefit someone else without your knowing what’s happening? 

The answer is yes, it can, and it is all day long. This is not a new concept. 

Hitler used a form of waking hypnosis on the entire nation of Germany by way of what he called ‘thought control.’ 

Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s right-hand guy and Minister of Propaganda, used this method to control the thoughts and actions of the German public. 

He simply told them what to think. He repeated it continuously on the radio, in newspapers, on posters all over the country. 

Massive repetition like that causes the mind to reach into the subconscious and repeat things back to itself. 

The key is consistency. If you tell someone something over and over again enough times, they will begin to believe it or act on it without realizing why they are doing it. 

This is how propaganda works.

People are told how to think instead of being encouraged to think for themselves

In the game of nation-states, the public is being hypnotized every day, but it’s being done passively.

And aggressive propaganda is the tool of choice for the Enterprise level of thought controllers.

Coming down the line, we have the Internation conglomerates. They’re not as big as the nation-states (everyone can’t be Amazon), but what they lack in size, they make up for in skill.

The marketing and advertising wizards reside here.

Coming down another step, you’ll find the small business entrepreneur, The charismatic spiritual leader, aspiring politician (Yes We Can..wink wink)

Maybe that’s why there had to be a Television in everybody’s house by the end of the 1960s

And last but not least, we come down to the public. This is where you’ll find a woman on a Quora form asking how to hypnotize her boyfriend while he’s sleeping. 

How nice.      

So it seems that 

  1. You can be hypnotized without your knowledge.
  2. People from all walks of life are interested in using hypnotic states to get you to what they want.

 This may or may not be in your best interest.  So what can you do about it? 

You must learn how to protect yourself from artificial hypnotic influences

But protection is only one-half of the equation. Learning how to think for yourself, to question instead of simply being told or programmed is the other half. 

Thinking for yourself is also a learned behavior that you have to cultivate on your own.

But the formula to do so is straightforward;

  • Question everything; 
  • Re-evaluate everything; 
  • Always look for motivations;
  • Form your own opinions and make up your own mind; 
  • Learn hypnosis and or meditation;

Question everything so that you don’t simply accept something just because someone says it is so. Experts are more incorrect than we may suspect, and you have a right to question. 

Now let’s evaluate and then re-evaluate. We have to go out and see if what we are being told is so is actually so. It may be that your re-evaluation leads you to something else. 

But whatever the outcome, you must be honest with yourself about what you are seeing, hearing, and learning. You will not grow if you know the truth, then run from it. 

Next, you must always be on the lookout for motivations. This is where everyone loves to talk about the power of the almighty dollar. 

But money only facilities power.

In this context, you can’t accept something even if it touches your sentimentality.

You must ask yourself, why are they telling me this? What possible reason could this person or organization have for saying this?

When someone tells you something, they are not informing you for the sake of conversation. People aren’t just telling you because they think it is essential.

If someone wants to tell you something, then there must be a reason for it. There must be a good reason. So always, and I mean always look for the motivations.

If your starting to feel a bit paranoid, that’s normal, but the last point on my list will help you with that.

Combining hypnosis and meditation gives you the keys to control your mind

So far, we’ve spoken about the fact that you can be hypnotized even if you don’t know it. 

We’ve also touched on the uncomfortable fact that many so-called convert waking hypnosis is not done for your benefit. 

This led to going over some things you can do to combat the assault on your mind, but Self-hypnosis with meditation is your secret weapon of all the steps.   

This is because self-hypnosis gives you a direct path to your subconscious mind. 

The way hypnosis works, bypassing logic and reaching the subconscious mind, is being used against you, but it’s your mind, so those tools belong to you. 

So instead of letting them turn you into a materialist consuming yes machine, you take ownership of your subconscious.  

You can instantly reject ideas that don’t agree with you. Your subconscious will help you assert your mentality over your mind. 

Your subconscious will also help you out with the other points you need to protect your minds and think for yourself.

But how does this work?  

Because self-hypnosis is the best mental kill switch known to humankind 

If your mind needs a break or you need mental peace, calm and focus right away; Self-Hypnosis can do it in about 10 seconds.

And in less than a minute, the world can be in another dimension for all you care. Getting some actual headspace is a skill that we all need, and self-hypnosis is how you do it.

Now while you’re in hypnosis, add on meditation.

This could be mantras, mindfulness, or just mentally recite a phrase you made up. If self-hypnosis clears out the debris, meditation fills your headspace back up.

Except your mind is not being filled with garbage from Government shills, Corporate marketers, or your significant other trying out hoodoo on you.

Instead, you are learning how to tap into the wisdom of your inner-self. 

In other articles, I talk about how hypnosis and meditation are the same practice, and they are. However, there are different forms of hypnosis, and we can say the same for meditation. 

And in this case, we are using meditation within hypnosis as a way to increase your wisdom. 

So you can avoid the herd-like mentality of mindlessly going along with everything and anything just to be safe and liked on the internet or at work. 

You will also notice the subtle signs of manipulation because your inner radar will go off.  And, since you will be spending time going in and out of hypnosis, you will know what that feels like. 

So the moment you sense your hypnotic triggers being set off without your permission, you can leave the room or turn off the T.V. Cellphone laptop, etc. Because it’s hard to hypnotize someone who’s not there anymore. 

If you need to learn how to hypnotize yourself, you can get that life skill in under a week. And if you’re new to meditation, I would advise you to start with an excellent free app like “Headspace.” 

Then put these two skills together, and you so uncover when someone is trying to use hypnotic influences on you covertly or not. 

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