Can You Hypnotize Yourself to Become More Confident?

Do you want to be more confident in life?

Do you want to build your self-esteem, increase your confidence and reduce any fears that may be holding you back from reaching goals?

Do you want to overcome the fears of public speaking?

Do you desire more confidence in intimate relationships and gain respect from friends, coworkers, and peers?

Maybe fear of social situations or being judged is stopping you from interacting with others.

Would you like a simple and effective method to improve your self-confidence and self-esteem? Well, it can be done with hypnosis! And it gets better…

You can learn how to hypnotize yourself for confidence, self-esteem, and achieving goals.

Self-Hypnosis is an excellent way of building self-confidence and gaining more control over your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

It also helps you improve the way you see yourself, resulting in your confidence levels rising even more!

Can you use self-hypnosis to cure low self-esteem?

Yes, you can, but first, you have to decide what you want to do with your new confidence.

So to begin, imagine a situation where you like to react with more confidence than you’re feeling at the moment.

This can be a past, future, current, or even made-up event.

Imagine what being more confident in that situation would feel like for you. Now feel it coming true. You don’t need to visualize so much as feel it already happening.

Do it in writing if that works for you but make sure you put yourself into the feeling as best you can. And let’s end this exercise on a high note.

For the next 20 seconds, see yourself being the type of person you really would like to be in front of lots of people and loving every second of it.

Now drop your mental image and carry on with the day.

That quick exercise, if used regularly, will give your esteem a boost. So, next time your self-confidence is low, try the exercises above and watch how it improves.

But this one mind exercise alone may not be enough. Chances are you’re trying to fight against years of negative self-talk. And often, that’s a losing battle.

Because it’s all about having a basic sense of self-worth, and if you feel like you’re lacking in that area, self-hypnosis can help.

But how does it work? Why is it so effective?

Hypnosis induces a state of relaxation that bypasses conscious thinking

This means it can also bypass your constant conscious self-examination of yourself.

So you can now get into direct communication with your subconscious mind. This is where the magic happens.

Your subconscious mind is your universal storehouse of all your knowledge, skills, and understanding of self. It is the part of your mind that keeps you alive and well.

Your subconscious can also bring out your dormant abilities, skills, and talents stored within your mind. This also includes a better sense of self-worth and higher levels of self-confidence.

All hypnosis does is provide you with better access to your subconscious mind in a focused and relaxed atmosphere.

By doing so, you can make positive changes for yourself from the source instead of coping with them on your own.

What you will experience is a state of better access to yourself, where you can get in touch with who you are at a deeper level, so the change is from the inside out, and that’s how it works.

Using hypnosis can significantly improve confidence; however, you do not need a hypnotist to do it.

When you can better control your mind, you can change your thoughts and beliefs without trying to. 

The first step is to learn how to relax your mind. So give yourself seven to ten minutes 2 or 3 times a day to just relax. Call it meditation of whatever you want but what’s important is that you relax. 

Keep this time for yourself and try to eliminate all outside distractions like mobile phones and television, the internet, as this could interrupt your process of relaxation and meditation. 

Relaxation is the key here. And take note of your thoughts while relaxing. 

When thoughts about work, school, bills, family, or anything else that is stressful in any way come up as they will, you just let those thoughts dissolve away.

The next step is to pick and repeat the empowering thoughts you like or resonate with best. 

That’s right, you’re making your own mantra. Keep it as one statement and remove the pronouns like I and you. 

There’s debate in affirmation circles whether you should use I or you when saying-chanting affirmations. 

Well, my experience is that you don’t need either.

Think about it, what you’re doing is planting seeds in your subconscious that you want to grow until they take permanent root in your mind and then out into your reality.   

There is no you in the subconscious or I. It only knows itself as self

So whatever your chanting to it that gets accepted is acted upon. In fact, you would do better if you did not use any personal pronouns at all.

But what you absolutely need is the sense of the feeling you want to have. Do I mean that you can build your self-esteem by getting into a relaxed state and chanting:

“Even higher levels of self-confidence” over and over again?

As long as you can imagine what it would be like as you do it, yes! Keep repeating your personal mantra at least twice a day, if not three times a day.

You can also make 5 to 10 min recordings of your mantra to playback throughout the day. 


You should start to notice improvements around 60 days, but that’s just the tip of the subconscious iceberg, so keep going. 

What do you do when stress and self-doubt come at you? 

When you start to feel stress or doubt about yourself, stop right there and repeat your personal mantra in your head.

This will take your mind off of the situation and put you in a more relaxed state. Then let the doubt and stress dissolve away.

You can also use humor when experiencing any type of self-doubt or negative thoughts.

Right after the initial thought arises or damaging self-talk strikes, try laughing at yourself for even thinking that way.

Using this technique, you will eventually become less sensitive to self-doubt, negative self-talk, and criticism that may have been meant to hurt you.

You may need more training if your lack of self-confidence seems too overwhelming

As I said earlier, you may be dealing with years of negative ingrained thoughts and beliefs.

One of the most effective things that a trained hypnotherapist would do is to assist you in working with your subconscious to reprogram it to think positively.

I’m all for self-hypnosis, and I’m speaking as a trained Hypnotherapist, but sometimes we all need some help. And you can get all the help you need without leaving your chair.

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But back to you, my dear reader. 

To get help using hypnosis in raising your level of self-confidence, you can come at the problem from more than one angle. 

I hope this article has helped you find a way to live a more confident and enjoyable life. If you work with hypnosis, diligently I’m sure you will. 

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