Can You Hypnotize Yourself to Fall Out of Love?

Can You Hypnotize Yourself to Fall Out of Love?

We’ve all been in love and did things that seem inconceivable today, but it did happen; we did above and beyond.

Because falling in love is a process involving brain chemicals that affect your mood and the way you behave.

And now you need to shut those feelings down and cleanse yourself of love, but how can you do that?

You can do it with Hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you detach and disassociate from the emotional effects of falling out of love. The process is a lot like getting over a drug addiction.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the one who initiated the split or not; you can use Hypnosis for either side.

Because no matter the situation, what you’re dealing with on the physical level are 3 Neurotransmitters.

  • Dopamine
  • Norepinephrine
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA)

These three neurotransmitters work in conjunction when you’re feeling love for someone.

Dopamine keeps you excited, happy, and aroused.

Phenylethylamine and Norepinephrine are combined to keep your attention on your beloved and gives you the butterflies and quicking of your heart.

But if you can manage these chemicals, you can make the break you need, get over it quickly, and get on with living.

Soon As The Connection Is Lost Start Hypnosis Without Delay

A relationship with someone you love has ended. The first thing you need to do is Hypnosis and or meditation.

And you need to go into that hypnotic space nonstop. Do it like you can’t help yourself.

Because if you start there, you can negate the initial effects of love lost.

Falling out of love can be an emotional disaster.

You’re feeling haunted by the past. And in the now everything reminds you of that person.

This is almost the perfect storm of a situation because it’s close to impossible to let them go.

And it makes sense when you give it some thought. The same emotional path you took to fall in love is now reversed.

No wonder you’re having a hard time with all this.

Along with all the drama baked in, there’s depression, anger, anxiety, and maybe a little reduction in self-esteem added to the mix.

You also could be haunted by unfinished business with that person.

Be it emotional, mental, or even financial, all this chaos is eating away at your sanity.

You need clarity now!

And that’s what Hypnosis can do for you.

During the hypnotic process, you can relax to the point that your Subconscious mind can step in.

And then it can show you the elusive obvious thing you need inside your mind to really heal.

Because once you manage the neurotransmitters, the next challenge is clearing out all the old baggage.

Depending on what side of the fence you’re on, the baggage will be different, but Hypnosis can help either way.

Using Hypnosis As Emotional Support When you’re Ending a Relationship

Ending your relationship can just suck on every level.

It can be hard to see how ending things are right for you and your soon-to-be-former partner.

But you know you must move on.

So if you’ve really decided to end your relationship, then the sooner you do it, the better it will be for the both of you.

And there will be distractions tossed your way. As you can see, the hurt spreading across their face.

  • What about the home, apartment, etc.?
  • What about the kids?
  • What about all our plans?  
  • Why don’t you want to be with me anymore?

The guilt bus will be packed full of excuses for you to stay one more day, one more month, one more year.

But it’s a trap, and you know it. If you know in your heart and gut that it’s time to end it delaying the action will not help you move forward.

But it can make the eventual parting 100 times worse. You need a calm, clear mind because you’re the one ending the relationship.

The moment you become over-emotional, your thinking mind stops working, and you can get sidetracked.

Getting sidetracked leads to delays and looking up a year from now wondering why you’re still with that person.

So before you do anything, get your hands on some hypnosis tracks (This is a good one for initiating a break-up.)

So when it’s time to deliver the news, you will be in the right headspace.

Which will keep you from wavering while dealing with your partner’s reactions. You can even be friendly and even end things with a hug.

And you can do it because you’re using Hypnosis to put your feelings in their proper perspective.

The sessions will help you rehearse ending the relationship, so when you do it in real life, you’re calm, collected, and as relaxed as you can be.

And after it’s over, you can also use Hypnosis to heal and, when you’re ready, find new love again. But what about when we find ourselves being let go of?

Using Hypnosis To Heal A Broken Heart

Life is taking you in a new direction.

I know it seems like you are being dumped, but looks are very deceiving. So let’s look at your situation from a fresh perspective.

Your partner just pushed you out of an airplane and didn’t even check to see if you had a parachute.

And now you’re trying to get over a relationship that ended out of nowhere from your perspective.

Talk about loose ends.

Yesterday you thought you were love. Tomorrow you’re going to have to put your life back in order.

But what about today?

Today you need to lock yourself away in peace and quiet. Once you’re in a quiet place, go back to back to back Hypnosis without stopping.

Because, unlike your former partner, you had little to no time to prepare for this significant life-changing event.

You’ve invested your all into this relationship. You made it part of who you were. So when it comes to an end, it’s hard not to feel devastated.

Because for all intent and purposes, you’re in mourning. And that’s why you should hide away with some hypnosis.

Those feelings of loss, grief, and pain can be overwhelming. And it feels impossible to put your former love out of your mind.

You can’t even think about ordinary everyday things, nevermind trying to do your usual routine.

But somehow, you must find a way to deal with the end of you and them. Somehow you have to get back to being and loving yourself.

Hypnosis can help you find a natural balance between being compassionate to yourself on the one hand.

While being totally committed to doing what will help you feel better on the other hand.

And it works even when you don’t feel like doing anything at the moment. You can allow yourself to have times of peace, even when it hurts.

This is how you begin to get some control back in your life.

So before you know it, you’re taking a new direction in your life on purpose.

Using Hypnosis For Love That Was Given But Never Returned

You need to get your life back.

Because unlike the first two scenarios, the problem you have is all going on inside of your mind. Even if you can’t stop thinking about them, even if you feel they’re perfect for you.

All those feelings you have are being wasted on a fantasy of an ideal person who does not exist. Perhaps you’ve realized this, which is why you’re reading the article.

But even though you now know that nothing will happen between you and them, you just can’t get over them.

You got yourself stuck in an emotional trap. The pain can be worse than if you got your foot caught in an actual bear trap.

And maybe you’ve been trying to avoid the person because you just can deal with the roller coaster of feelings you suffer through.

But despite your best efforts, you still end up seeking them out. It’s like a sad, painful addiction, but you can’t stop yourself.

Love can be painful. And seeing the one you love can bring on a torrent of emotions.

You can feel love, hate, anger, longing, and suffering all at the same time. The only thing you don’t feel is stable.

And you know this high drama is not suitable for you nor the person you are low-key stalking right now.

You have to let them go. So you can escape from the painful trap you put yourself in.

She/He may be one of the 10 most beautiful people on Earth, but that doesn’t matter. They may have been blessed by the Gods in person, but who cares.

No one is worth the pain you’re putting yourself through. I know it can feel hopeless, but it’s not because you’re stuck in an illusion.

It’s a mental problem, and it needs a mental solution.

And the solution is in the power of your subconscious mind. So we use Hypnosis to help you access your Subconscious.

Your Subconscious has the answer.

Your Subconscious can help you heal, and move on. The Subconscious mind can even point you in the right direction to meet the one who will love you back.

It’s all there, and Hypnosis can be your guide to the whole show. Getting over a crush on someone is not impossible at all.

It just takes some subconscious understanding directed towards your conscious mind and emotions.
Then your feelings become less intense, and you’ll be calmer.

You’ll gain some perspective on why you felt that way to begin with. You will also start to just not think about that person more often.

After that, you can start to connect with other people again.

And after that, you can now move on with your life because you have really let go. But if you’re in the middle of that vicious and cruel love trap and want a way out, the exit is right here.

Hypnosis Can Work In Any Lost Love Situation

In this article, we went over three negative relationship issues.

  1. Breaking up 
  2. Being broken up with
  3. Unreturned affection

Hypnosis can help with all three, but how? Hypnotherapy releases the issues to the subconscious mind.

Your Subconscious mind then retrains your conscious mind. And this happens with no outside effort from you.

This is all unconscious learning (no work involved). To do this, the hypnotist will use positive self-talk to help you move on from the negative situation.

It’s like your mind is stuck in a loop and doesn’t know how to get out, so it just keeps going around in a circle.

Hypnotherapy helps you to dissolve the loop in your mind. Remember, all the power is in your Subconscious, so let it do the heavy lifting for you.

And if you’re on a budget. Or you don’t feel comfortable sharing your raw emotions with a stranger.

No worries because there’s no need for you to leave the house to get the help you need.

Using hypnosis download recordings is a very cost-friendly way of getting help and support in the privacy of your own home.

 But You Need Hypnotic Help Now

If you’re this far down the article and you’re wanting to use Hypnosis to help yourself get back to normality.

Then allow me to make a recommendation. is where you need to go.

Because their work is by far some the best you can buy on the internet. Hypnosis Downloads has been in business since 2003

All of the hypnosis download sessions are created and edited by the founders Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell.

But what makes them different is that they ensure that the psychology behind their work is sensible, researched, and scientifically supported.

Also, aside from the founders making the hypnotic programs personally They have 4 experienced therapists who work on every session.

Since 1995 they have trained over 24,000 people face-to-face.

They’ve served over 600,000 (and counting) self-hypnosis audio sessions and courses. They are the biggest hypnosis download provider in the world.

And they are inexpensive, very inexpensive. So much so that prices haven’t changed since I started using them in 2009. It has always been $14.95 per track, which is just insane.

And on a personal note, in 2009, they helped me avoid several disasters.

They help me quit smoking. They help with my time management issues at work.

And they helped me get over losing a soul mate. Even though I tossed the storybook romance into the fire.

That’s right, it was all my fault.

But using what I learned with hypnosis downloads, I was able to forgive myself and make peace with the past.

So if you need some help with losing love, or letting love go of love, or getting over a love that was never yours, start with Hypnosis Downloads.

I put a few links below to help you get started. You don’t have to wallow in sadness and heartache for the next year.

Get into your subconscious mind and get your life back.

Related Questions

What’s Break Up Hypnosis like?

If you’re going in person or on Zoom, the first thing they will do is the Intake process. Now you must be as open as you can about what’s going on with your situation.

Even if you are a bit cagey, a good hypnotherapist will tease it out of you, but why make them work harder just to help you.

The hypnosis sessions will start with guided relaxation into the tranced state. They may use breathing exercises, guided meditation, or visualization techniques.

This will depend on the style of the therapist and your personality. But the goal is to help you move into a relaxed trance-like state.

So now you are more open to the suggestions of the hypnotist.

After Which, they will give some positive post-hypnotic suggestions and hopefully send you home with an audio recording of the session you just had.

If you’re using hypnosis downloads, what you’re looking for is at least two kinds of tracks.

One recording to deal with the issue directly. And one track to deal with a complimentary issue. That way, you are coming at the problem from more than one angle.

Can Hypnosis make you forget about your ex?

The truth is nothing will stop you from remembering your ex or the relationship.

Hypnosis takes the pain out of the situation by giving you a broader overview so you can see beyond the problem.

This way, you reduce the emotional response to the memories when they pop up.

And then those thoughts will lose their power over you. So you will not forget that person, but you may forget why you cared so much.

Can I use Hypnosis to get my ex back?

No, you can not hypnotize your ex back into your arms.

But some people claim that you can visualize them back. And in that effort, Self-Hypnosis would absolutely help you get into that particular “Mind-Zone.”

Should you try it?

That’s up to you; I don’t press anyone’s morality onto anyone else. But The Awake Mind is not kindergarten.

This is big kids’ school, and sometimes you have to throw a punch or two.

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