Can You Stay Hypnotized For As Long As You Want?

The longest time I’ve been in a hypnotic trance state was for around 5 hours during a dental appointment. From the time I parked at 10:56 am until I sat back in my car at 3:59 pm, I was in varying trance states.

So that’s a few hours but is hours the limit?

There are no limits as to how long you can stay hypnotized. If you know how to use self-hypnosis, you can trance out all day long or at least until you fall asleep.

Usually, the latter happens long before the day ends, and it’s during sleep that hypnosis wears off.

What influences how long you stay awake and in hypnosis will vary depending on age, physical condition, emotional state, and amount of sleep you’ve had recently.

There’s also daily life to contend with. You can’t be in a trance while you’re doing other things like driving, working, or eating. So how long you can remain hypnotized may also depend on outside factors.

But to remain in the trance state, you must work with mental practices to get better accustomed to being immersed in a hypnotic state.

Are you looking for hypnosis or the hypnotic state?

Hypnosis and the hypnotic state or trance are not the same things. Hypnosis is the therapy, and the hypnotic state is the actual alternate reality state where all this positive therapy can happen.

Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that involves communication between a hypnotherapist and the person being hypnotized.

Hypnotherapists use verbal suggestions and other methods to induce their patients into an altered state of consciousness–a hypnotic trance.

On the other hand, the hypnotic state is a specific altered state of consciousness that allows a person to experience things that might not be possible or even seem likely to happen under normal, everyday circumstances.

The hypnotic trance state is the more important of the two.

Hypnosis without trance just turns into decades of time out of your life talk therapy. Thanks, but no thanks, I’ll pass.

So when we’re talking about how long hypnosis can last, keep in mind there’s more than one kind of hypnosis.

As a general rule, the time a hypnotherapy session will last between an hour to 90 minutes. But this has more to do with the Hypnotherapist wanting to pack in more paying clients than anything else.

Don’t get me wrong; a clinical hypnotist would never rush an appointment with a patient. But hypnotherapists get paid by the hour or the session.

So however you want to put it, when you’re dealing with the clinicians, you will always be on someone else’s clock.

So if you want to get into the multi-hour hypnosis marathon, you’re going to have to do that on your own.

 Improve your mental control by learning self-hypnosis

From the moment I learned Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, all I could think of was how helpful classes like these would be for everyone.

Learning hypnosis in a class setting and working on solving multiple personal issues would put you in a trance for hours at a time.

In just a few days or weeks, the hypnotic state would feel like an alternate but natural state of being.

Unfortunately, we haven’t opened that school just yet, but you can still practice self-hypnosis independently.

Learning how to hypnotize yourself and then making it a daily practice is how your mind knows to stay in a hypnotic state for as long as you like.

Now that you know how the question then becomes, why do you want to do this? I don’t mean the hypnosis part. I’m talking about the hypnotic state.

Does it do you any good to go into the hypnotic state for extended periods?

Yes, it absolutely does.

The headspace of the hypnotic state is one of the most potent mental states to cultivate. Few have learned to master it, but if you can, then you have a gateway to your inner-self.

And don’t let yourself become intimidated because mastery is simple with self-hypnosis.

The benefits and power of the hypnotic state

The hypnotic state has positive benefits like:
• reducing the impact of sensations.
• improving your ability to remember events that happened during your time in the hypnotic state.
• improving your ability to control your emotional reaction to stressful situations.
• helping you tune out distractions.
• lowering your heart rate, calming yourself, and becoming self-hypnotized in a stressful situation.

Those are just some of the benefits of the hypnotic state that you can gain with using self-hypnosis. A hypnotic state is also a form of heightened awareness where your senses become more receptive to changes.

You can use this peaceful mental space to tune out distractions or focus on a particular thing in your environment. Furthermore, you can draw on your inner resources to solve problems and deal with difficult situations.

And if you need to do some problem solving, doing it in the hypnotic state is a great way to deal with the situation in a constructive way.

Because you can get enough distance away from negative emotional responses and find a solution with a calm mindset.

How long do the benefits of the hypnotic state last?

Remember, we are not talking about hypnosis, just the trance state. We can even think of it as meditation because, in truth, it has all the hallmarks of meditation without dogma.

Fortunately, the effects of the hypnotic trance state don’t just go away once the hypnotic session is over. Like meditation, the effects are cumulative, and to all knowledge and experience, the benefits do not fade.

You will, however, become accustomed to the feelings and sensations while in that state until it becomes normalized.

Once you reach this plateau, you can now put this level of consciousness to work for you on a more expanded basis.

Like when I hypnotized myself to go to the dentist. The trance wasn’t just for me but my dentist and his assistance. They were all hovering over my mouth, so they were all up in my auric cloud.

How could they not be influenced?

And I wanted to make sure his work and working hands all went smooth, and the procedure was a success (which it was) The applications for this ability are endless. 

  • How about while on a date?
  • How about during a Job interview?
  • Do you need to have a serious, not so enjoyable conversation with someone? 
  • Wouldn’t it be better if you could control the mood of the room while you’re talking? 

Well, you can do just that with just a little bit of practice, less than 30 minutes a day.

And if you don’t know how to do Self-hypnosis, no worries, we got you covered. You can learn self-hypnosis for free and in less than a week.

You will learn about one of the most remarkable things in the free course: how to deepen your trance. Deepening is also helpful for extending the trance.

Going back to my dentist story, I was continuously deepening and re-hypnotizing myself and the room over and over again. Like I said before, the applications for this skill are a varied as your imagination.

Because once you learn how to stay hypnotized for long periods, you will be able to use this skill for so many different things. Along with indirectly influencing so many situations and people that you’ll think you found the secret weapon.

At least that’s how I feel about it.

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