Can You Use Self-Hypnosis to Manifest What You Want?

Hypnotic trance is among the best and most effective tools you can use to manifest what you want. 

You don’t need any special skills, abilities, or expensive training, only a willingness to learn a method and repeat it until you succeed.

The power of self-hypnosis goes way beyond manifesting; it can also help you heal faster, increase your focus and even find out who you really are.

Yet, despite its effectiveness and simplicity, many people still aren’t familiar with its usage.

So in this article, we’re going to show you how you can use hypnotic trance as rocket fuel to get you what you really want.

To achieve a goal, you have to will it. 

You have to believe it is possible because the desire alone is not enough.

Your will or imagination is where you make it feel as if it’s real. This is the secret sauce. 

If you genuinely want something, you have to believe that it’s real. You need to be willing to make it happen inside your mind and then assume there’s at least a possibility it can come true.

Self-hypnosis removes the physical body’s tension, which allows you more energy to use your subconscious mind as a medium through which you can attain your intentions.

Manifestation needs your conscious mind to work

The idea may appear counterintuitive to that of the hypnotic trance but keep reading because we’re going to tie it all together.

Relaxation is a hallmark of any hypnotic process, along with dissociation and the use of suggestion. But for what you’re looking for with bending reality, the relationship between the three is a bit different.

The big disruptor is your conscious mind.

Usually, in hypnosis, you want to get your conscious thinking mind out the way because the goal is getting your premade mental program into your subconscious mind.

However, this time it’s your conscious mind that’s going in to do the handoff. And the handoff can be in the form of positive suggestions or affirmations or even total immersion visualizations.

The same setup needs to be in place. 

The first thing needed is relaxation to the point where you lose immediate awareness of your body. After that, disassociation from known reality becomes possible. And then the installation of your positive suggestions.

Again the suggestion can be in any form that affects your subconscious mind.

The other benefit of this process is the ability to modify your belief system

If you’re using hypnosis for manifestation and reality-bending, then you’re in the life-changing business. Understand this is not exactly the same as the personal development business. 

Although you may be after the same things like more money. Or more time with family and the people you really care about.  Better health is a big one, and recently, mental health has become just as precious of a commodity.

Subconscious reprogramming is required for all of this.

On your manifestation journey, you will absolutely need to do some inner-self work. If for any other reason, we all have negative beliefs, we must rid ourselves of them. 

But aiming for a dream life (there’s more than one) requires the help, friendship, business, and love of other people. This is where the Unconscious mind comes to our aid. 

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re using positive thinking, positive affirmations, or whatever it is you are doing.

Behind the scenes, you are tapping into the same unconscious mind. A hypnosis session allows you to leave the gravity weight and tension of your body behind so you can focus more of your mind on what you want to happen. 

Manifestation uses your imagination to give an image or a visualization to the unconscious mind. If done enough times with enough power, that image will crystalize into known reality.

So to get the power of emotion and mind to move the needle, you need to be fully immersed in your mental creation. To do that, you need to be as un-aware of your body and daily life as possible during your sessions. 

 A powerful hypnosis program can get you to that point

Just to make sure we’re all together here, let’s do a quick recap.

Hypnosis is an effective tool for the manifestation process. It allows you to achieve the three conditions necessary to move a thought into a thing.

  • Relaxing the body out of awareness
  • Dissociation of the conscious mind 
  • Full immersion Mental programming 

Now let’s look more closely at the mental programming part. 

Getting to a deep level of consciousness with hypnosis is a skill that needs to be learned, but it’s a pretty straightforward process to pick up.

You don’t need to have any special skills or training. You can even use audio recordings of progressive muscle relaxation exercises to get you started. 

But the mastering of manifestation needs you to consciously add the mental program. 

Most people use their imagination with guided imagery. The techniques have different names and steps to do, but it ends up being the same thing.  And the results are positive but varied.  

Much depends on the beliefs you are carrying around and the inner self-image you’ve built up over the years. This is why I said earlier that you’ll need to work on your self-image; we all do. 

But still, you need to get the wheels of change moving too. 

So can you do both? Yes, you can.

The mind is so flexible that you can make complex changes with your subconscious mind. 

And at the same time, you can also ask your unconscious mind to rearrange the living hologram we all inhabit. 

How do you start a daily manifestation routine?

First, learn Self-hypnosis.

Second, practice putting yourself into a trance over and over again. You want to get to the point where you know exactly how you feel going into and coming out of hypnosis.

Now you’re ready to add the mind programming, and this part is where you have to pick a method that agrees with your temperament. 

You may not be a visual person, and in that case, audio suggestions may work better. You may not have a clear idea of precisely what you want. This usually happens because you want and need so many things you get lost trying to decide where to begin. 

In this situation, a more holistic approach might work better. This is where you see yourself with the end result. 

It’s like the ending of a good story where the hero (you) goes home with the prize, the princess/prince, and a big ole bag of gold. 

(I advised you to start out with the holistic approach) 

Because if you read this far then, you’re seriously looking to use your mind to change your world. Unfortunately, there’s about a terabyte’s worth of negative thinking you could do without lodge inside your mind.

Trust me on this. You don’t know what you don’t know.

So when you’re first starting out to change your world, it’s best to take a step back and let the unconscious and subconscious minds be your guide.

The only two questions you need to ask yourself are;

Can you practice sessions daily? 

Can you maintain the routine?

If you can, great. But if you can’t, are you prepared to make the needed changes to make the time and space available for you? 

Manifestation requires some discipline and routine, but change is more than possible if you’re willing to make time for it.

Remember, discipline is just about making time to practice. 

Achieving your success lies in changing your thoughts from limiting beliefs to empowering ones.

Then maintain that empowered condition until your change occurs.

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