Do Creative Visualizations Really Work?

Do creative visualizations really work

There’s an ocean’s worth of content about Creative Visualization floating around the internet. Much of it is about how to do it, or does it work?

We can answer the first part of that question right now.

Visualization works as simple as what you think about tends to come into your life in some form. This, however, doesn’t mean you get just what you want or that the situation can’t go sideways.

Whether things go your way or not depends on 2 factors.

  1. One your self-image
  2. Two how you’re visualizing (your mechanics)

If you want more income but despise the people you work with, you’re creating a conflict. Your efforts will fail.

Or you made a decision to visualize 3 times a day. But you have a full-time job and kids to pick up and feed. How long do you think you can keep up that kind of pace?

This is another type of conflict that will set you up for disappointment when you can’t meet your self-imposed routine.

Resignation and failure are not far behind. Always keep in mind that the goal in any mind exercise is longevity.

Continuous practice makes up for many errors of ignorance. Because what you are doing is honing in on your goal. You are on a journey.

Creative visualization is a skill that takes some practice to feel comfortable with. But we can make it easier to get if you understand how the methods work.

How Does Creative Visualization Affect Your Inner Life?

You are what you think about all day long. You are you because of your thoughts.

The way you look, dress, carry out your life, and feel about it are thoughts. These thoughts then lodge themselves inside your subconscious mind and sooner or later manifest as aspects of the self.

This applies to health, body image, self-esteem and the ability to learn new things. You can also upgrade your brain and even de-age yourself—all by the power of thinking in a certain way (visualizing).

This has been going on since you first came to this Earth. Because of that fact, you have also taken on some thoughts that may not be helpful for you.

And you absolutely have taken in thoughts that were limiting. We all have.

Everybody and their hypnotherapist can help you recall an embarrassing time in your life where a limiting belief was first installed inside your mind.

That’s great, but what about the supporting incidents before and after the one you found? Remember, thoughts operate in a network where there’s one; there’s at least three, maybe more.

And one network of thoughts connects to other networks of ideas, and entire mental communities are formed.
Psychology calls them complexes, but it’s the same thing.

Keep in mind that all of this is going on in the background. Your life, good, not so good, and otherwise, is a mental creation by you automatically.

You are where you are today because of your mind, so you’re visualizing already without doing anything special.

As your mind thinks, your body responds. This has been proven in studies and in real-life experience.

Books like Psycho-Cybernetics and The Silva Mind Control method brought the power of inner visualization into the mainstream.

So now you want to make some changes on purpose. This is as simple as connecting with your subconscious mind with Self-hypnosis and meditation.

And then feeding it the mental image you want to happen. Then rinse and repeat until you hit pay dirt.

  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you want to feel better looking?
  • Do you want access to your inner genius to advance your career?
  • Would you like to remember your dreams?

All of this and 1000 more things you can do have and become through inner visualizing.

And what about dealing with trauma and limitations from the past?

I’m not a psychiatrist, but I strive to be my own healer. And in that capacity, I say again that you can change just about any condition having to do with your self-image.

Because your inner reality is your mind. It works through the thoughts you feed it, which become mental movies that become your personal reality.

But what about everybody else? How do they come into play?

How Creative Visualization Changes Your Outer Life

This can get somewhat controversial because your outer life involves other people. Questions about telepathy and mental influence always come up about this time.

So let’s address it now.

Whatever you put out comes back to you. This is also known as Newton’s 3rd Law of thermodynamics.

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.”

issac newton

This is also covered in the 3 of the 7 laws of Hermetics.

  • The Law of cause and effect
  • The Law of polarity
  • The Law of rhythm

What I’m driving at here is the Multiverse has this give and take thing covered.

But what about the people who seem to get what they want by breaking the Universal laws. I would argue that they don’t get what they want at all. Those people just want us to think they did.

And sometimes they’re very good at getting us to think just that.

But it’s a lie, or else why are these people who are perceived to have so much power, money, fame, a following, etc… are often miserable? Because they are running into another aspect of outer visualization.

When you get what you think you want, you also get everything else that comes with it. In short, you get all the baggage too.

And that’s how you can tell if what you want is real desire or just a sugar high that you’ve been programmed to think you want.

Again the Universe always finds the balance.

Getting your heart’s desire and a flat tire in the same day can happen, but if you really have your heart’s desire, the flat tire doesn’t bother you.

In fact, it could be that the person sent out to repair your tire is the one having a trying day.

But a few words from you trigger a ray of sunshine in their life, and from that moment on, they made a tiny change that day that will cause something extraordinary in their future. And you went on about your merry way without a clue.

This is how the Multiverse works.

It takes all the possibilities to arrange a life situation for you in the most efficient way possible. There is no waste in the Multiverse unless we make a mess of things.

We can make a great life or great life messes because we have considerable influence on the outside world. What you want to do is to wield that influence on purpose.

The nice part is that you can use the same visualization techniques for outer change that you would use for inner transformation.

This is not discussed in scientific studies. Their focus is on the nervous system, pain management, and sports performance.

Anything beyond that is voodoo, they think. But skeptical hangups are not our problem.

The kind of visualization you use to see yourself thinner is the same kind you use to see yourself in love, wealthy, and famous. It all works the same.

The only limits are the limitations of your thinking.

Dealing With a Faulty Self-Image While Visualizing

Dealing With a Faulty Self-Image While Visualizing

True story…

A man was in the middle of a light hypnosis session. And the practitioner asked the man to describe his life 3 years into the future.

The Gentleman said he could see his family living well in a big house with the best of everything. He went on like this for a minute or so.

But when he was finished, the practitioner asked him if he saw himself in his mental image?

The Gentleman replied no, he didn’t see himself. To that, the practitioner asked, “What happened? Did you get the heart attack, and they got the money?”

That got a laugh out of the Gentleman. However, the point remains that if we don’t deal with our self-image, we run the risk of chaotic results.

So in dealing with the outer world, you have to remember that first, you’re the center of the Universe, and second everything you is from the perspective of joy.

I know it’s popular to say from a perspective of love, but let’s be honest, you don’t feel love for everyone you know.

Nor should you be made to feel that if you don’t think loving thoughts all day long, the sky will cave in on you. That’s just not true. Neither is loving everyone every moment of every day.

You will not feel like loving everyone all the time, but you can feel joy all the time, which is more authentic. And if you come at your outer visualizations with joy, then even when you miscalculate a bit, you can laugh it off.

You can then enjoy what’s in front of you while you readjust your aim to what you really want.

As I said earlier in this article, creative visualization is a skill. Sometimes, you may miss the bullseye by a few inches.

That’s ok too, you can have fun with the 85%. Because what you’ll find is that the visualized result is spot on, but it’s not what you expected. Or Your visualization mechanics are off.

For instance, some years ago, I wanted $600.00 cash.

I kept reading blogs and seeing videos telling me I could manifest money, so why not.

Anyways I got busy working on my visualization.

I saw myself depositing $600.00 cash into the ATM from my car. And I stayed with that meditation for about a week and a half.

Then one day while running some errands, I stopped by my mom’s house and she asked me to do her a favor. About 40 minutes later, I found myself sitting at a drive-through ATM in my car depositing $600.00 cash.

Except it wasn’t my money. The realization hit me as I was feeding cash into the machine, and I almost dropped her money laughing so hard.

I made the same mistake I’ve heard others make over and over again. I got the mechanics wrong. The money should come to me, not go away from me.

I corrected that mistake, and a few weeks later, I received a letter from The Vanguard Group.

They informed me about a retirement account from an old job I had forgotten about and what did I want to do with my measly $1100.00 dollars? Remember, Devils and Angels all live in the details.

So keep your self-image high. Focus on what you really want and remember proper visualizing mechanics.

What Are The Limits To Visualizing?

Let’s move forward in time a few months.

You pick up a technique or two, and now you got them down cold. You have a way to visualize so that you are seeing some real results.

You may start to feel a little more invincible, but what are the limits to this? To be perfectly honest, no one knows.

There’s a lot out here about self-imposed limitations. And there are Terabytes of content out here telling you what your limitations ought to be.

“Yes, you can visualize all you want but don’t be silly; it’s not magic”..bla bla bla

Those are the same people who need to quote a few dozen scientists over their own experience, so they know it’s real.

But I say screw that noise!

Nothing outranks your personal experience. The only limitation I’ve found so far is my own level of impossibility. It acts as a wall, but it’s not impenetrable. We just have to work away over, around, through, or under it.

The biggest obstacle, however, will be other people and their opinions. Make no mistake, the dogma crowd is here too.

Don’t think too big; you should start out more realistic.

Bullcrap… be as unrealistic as your self-image will allow you and avoid limiting sheeple at all costs.

The real limit of visualization is the limits you place on it. So don’t let other people recognize their limitations inside of you.

Because if you let them put you in a box, that box will become your tomb.

How Can Visualizing Become Dangerous?

Visualizing is dangerous when you’re not the one in control.

This is, unfortunately, the state of a majority of people. They are pulled here and there by the wills of others that dominate their lives.

And because of this, we live in a dangerous over-polluted world where masses of people live in abject poverty when riches abound.

We live on an Earth where half the world is starving even though one of many large countries could feed the entire population.

And we told what groups are good or bad depending on who’s thoughts take hold in our minds. Wars have begun this way. Terrorists thrive off of thoughts of hate penetrating an unsuspecting mind.

When someone in authority abuses their position of power, what gives them the justification in their mind? It’s an image of them deserving the right to abuse their victim because they are the better person or race or richer.

That’s visualization, is it not? So the danger is us.

Our ignorance and fear of the other and unknown can make life into a prison sentence. Because we are making heavens and hells every single day.

And then your leaders and influencers are pushing you to occupy whatever mental construct they think is the real reality.

Didn’t I just describe 90% of YouTube?

So what can you do? You can adopt two mental constructs of your own.

  1. There are no limitations to the self.
  2. I live in a safe Multiverse.

Note this does not mean that there are no limitations or that the Multiverse can’t be dangerous. But what you are emanating is that You live in a safe Multiverse, and there are no limitations for your-self.

Safety is in a free and independent mind that knows how to act in the mental Multiverse (Visualization).

Best Visualization Practices Optimizing Your Time

First, you need self-hypnosis.

Because you need to go into the state of consciousness that lets you have direct access to your subconscious mind. Meditation can get you there, too, but most people will find Hypnosis easier and less baggage.

But where and how can you learn self-hypnosis?

You can learn a few ways, but my recommendation is free, and the content is as good as anything you will on the internet. It’s called Learn Hypnosis in five days From Hypnosis

They go over Hypnosis in detail and show you how to do Self-Hypnosis.

It’s some of the best work in the field. The content is well researched and professionally done. And yes, they have programs, hypnosis tracks, hypnosis scripts, and even courses, and they are very budget-friendly.

But “The Learn Hypnosis In Five Days” class is free, and at no cost, you can pick up a skill for life.

Next, use subliminal recordings as reinforcement.

They don’t have to be a direct match to what you’re visualizing. You may find that you get good results from tracks related to what you want.

Remember, thoughts work in networks, so feel free to add some supporting mental pillars.

And lastly, mix it up.

If you try a half an hour visualization two or three times, a day chances are you will get bored and give up long before you see any progress.

This happens a lot.

People think they will go on all cylinders every time, and it just doesn’t work like that. Attention and interest wax and wanes when you are working on a long-term goal.

So you need both passive time and active time. Active time is a visualization, and passive time is a short mantra meditation Emile Coue style or a subliminal recording, etc…

The difference is that you are more on automatic pilot and active time; you’re flying the visualization during the passive time.

This back and forth is the most useful method to maintain long-term interest and allows for course correction.

Because if you are missing something during your active time, it will come up as an idea or inspiration during your passive time. So it all works together.

But remember, no matter what or how you do your visualizations, you are the center of your Multiverse, and you visualize from a place of joy.

Related Questions

How can I elevate my self-image?

For the next 30 days, treat everyone you meet in person or remote like the most VIP person in the world.

For the next 30 days, treat yourself like the most precious investment that was ever made.

Somewhere around day 21 or so, you will know what path you should take or something new to learn, etc…

Follow that idea because it’s your next step. Elevating your self-image is rebuilding your ideal of what’s possible. This is both on an inner and outer level.

The 30-day treatment is a way to jumpstart the process. But if you keep treating others great and yourself priceless, it will do wonders for your life.

And if you don’t get any new ideas, 21 days keep going. By that time, you’re seeing some luck coming your way because of the positive energy you’re sending out.

Enjoy it; your inspiration will come shortly.

How can I improve my visualization skills?

Your best 90/10 option is The hypnosis download for visualization. Think of it as a vitamin supplement for your mind. Next is just good old practice. But keep it interesting.

If you’re somewhere (like work) and would rather be home, visualize the drive home. If you ate a meal recently, visualized what it tastes like.

The opportunities are endless. Just make sure you engage as many senses as you can. The more realistic it feels, the more effective it will be.

Also, if you keep up your casual visualizing of the things you like during the day. You will build a center of power you can then use on more important issues for you.

Can the mass mind overcome my visualization? 

No, unless you let them inside.

There’s a saying if you’re going to trick the Devil, don’t give him advance notice. No talking about your hopes. This is the big mistake people make with the public.

What you want and what you’re doing to make it happen is your domain. Until you invite other people’s opinions into it.

Billions upon billions of probabilities can dance on pinheads as you’re moved into your mental creation. The mass mind can not stop this. You just have to let it happen.

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