Do Hypnosis Videos Work on YouTube?

Hypnosis videos are all the rage on YouTube right now. Because they seem to offer a free, low-risk way to start for people interested in experiencing hypnosis and those who want to learn more about the subject.

The question is, do they actually work?

Video hypnosis can work as long as the person watching, or hearing is in the proper condition for a trace to occur.  

This is for YouTube or anywhere else.

Furthermore, this doesn’t need to be a video. The same holds true for audio downloads or just listening to the video.

And if you want to take it further still, you don’t have to be the one watching the video. It could be someone in another room. As long as you’re in earshot, the hypnosis track can work for you.

So it’s not the application of hypnosis we question but the intentions of the hypnotists we want to be sure of. 

There are some fantastic hypnosis videos on YouTube

This article is not about bashing anyone’s page or commenting on trends because I could care less. I’m certainly not against a professional hypnotherapist using YouTube or any other media they can to grow.

And I feel the same way about the Guided meditation crowd too. It’s all mental wellness, and we need them both. 

My concern is with the influencer business model so widespread on YouTube. Everyone is being pushed to adapt to grow their channel and thereby their business. And it’s not just Youtube; it’s the entire online environment. 

It’s almost as if you’re encouraged to grow your own little cult (on their platform, of course)  

You also have to keep in mind the codependent interest both sides have in each other. The video maker needs the audience to make the hypnosis track or meditations for. 

The Social media platform needs the content maker to keep making content and keep the audience engaged on their platform. It’s the dance of self-interest.

And don’t forget about the competition on the platform itself. That’s when people get the bright idea of lacing their videos with overdone Binaural Beats and poorly done subliminal messages. 


There’s a growing number of people out here, myself included, who are sensitive to energies and frequencies. And that overdone garbage does nothing but make you dislike the video.    

But again, this is the environment we are immersed in, so we just have to be careful. Building an online service business is one thing; building a cult is an entirely different critter.  

Are you dealing with an amateur hypnotist?

Now we come to this issue of quality. 

Because as I said at the beginning, you can perform hypnosis in several different ways. But suppose your hypnotic suggestions are not accepted by your subconscious mind. In that case, the reason you’re doing this is not working. 

This is one of the benefits of working with a trained professional. You will have the chance to ask questions in person. During this evaluation, you can also experience what hypnosis is actually like while you’re immersed in it.

This is a definite advantage but not a needed one. Hypnosis can work across any media so long as you have an idea of what you’re after. 

A Lot of amateur work will fall under guided meditation videos.

And there are hundreds of meditations on the web. Again many of these are packed with all kinds of Binaural Beats with the intensity turned up so high I don’t know how they could possibly be helping anyone. 

But there are also very high-quality meditations and sleep meditations out here, but you have to look around. The person making the video does not need to be a certified clinician. Still, they should have some years of experience and can demonstrate it easily. 

They must understand the process of hypnotherapy and its application. 

They should also be willing to answer questions, even if in the comment section. This is important because you want someone who understands the process well enough to help guide you through it. 

Have you considered learning hypnosis on your own? 

You already know that hypnosis will work for you from strangers, so why not from yourself. Why not learn how to make your own tailor-made hypnotic induction and do some homemade personal development. 

You can perform the hypnosis and implant positive suggestions all on your own. And you can even do hypnotherapy at a fraction of the cost by yourself. 

That’s right, you can do hypnotherapy on yourself.

Hypnotherapy is like learning anything else in life; the more you do it, the better you get. But even the newest of a novice can cause a significant change in their life. If they are willing to keep programming themselves with new ideas and experiences and if they have an open mind to change 

Moreover, there are many ways to use hypnosis as therapy that includes:

  • self-hypnotism
  • self-suggestion
  • auto-suggestion
  • autogenic training
  • biofeedback
  • body psychotherapy
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dream analysis
  • emotional freedom technique (EFT)
  • imagery rescripting
  • neuro-linguistic programming NLP
  • self-hypnosis
  • self-help
  • self-improvement
  • self-regression
  • self-therapy
  • subliminal messaging
  • visualization 

As long as you are willing to put forth effort into improving yourself. There really isn’t much stopping you except knowing how to do hypnosis on yourself. 

This is the easy part because there’s a great place to learn the ins and outs of hypnosis and how to do self-hypnosis.   

It’s the Free Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days Course from Hypnosis downloads. 

Once you learn the skill set, you can make your own videos and work on yourself. And I’m willing to bet that you know much better than anyone else what you really need. 

And with some gentle guidance from the professionals, you can make giant leaps in the not too distant future. 

So yes, hypnosis does work on YouTube and everywhere else. This has been proven time and time again. You may find people doing things differently, but ultimately, everyone uses the same basic principles. So go ahead and try it out. Just remember to always practice safe hypnosis.

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