Do you talk during hypnosis? And If So What Are You Saying?

Hypnosis might seem like a state of sleep or unconsciousness, and therefore, some believe that talking should not be impossible.

“How can you talk if you’re in a sleep-like state?

That’s a good question because it would seem like you shouldn’t be able to talk while hypnotized. 

But you can talk during hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a verbal kind of therapy, and sometimes you must respond to the hypnotist.  

The communication is not limited to words either. Hypnotherapists have used finger signals for years to communicate with clients.

Some people can’t seem to verbally communicate with their therapist while in hypnosis. They just don’t talk and remain silent. That’s quite all right as well.

What’s important is that you’re able to respond in some way by giving verbal or non-verbal cues when you need to. Your hypnotist/guide should know the best way to communicate with you. 

That’s what the intake form is used for when you first visit a hypnotherapist. Your therapist will use the information and the initial interview to gauge how best to use hypnotherapy with you.

But there’s another question that many people have about all this talking while in a trance.

Are you aware during hypnosis?

It is a myth that a hypnotized person is unconscious or asleep. Some people can’t communicate verbally with their therapists/guide while in hypnosis, but this doesn’t mean they’re unaware. 

People who are hypnotized may feel detached from their surroundings, but they can be aware of what’s going on around them if they choose to pay attention.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that there’s always inner dialogue going on during hypnosis. Even people who can’t talk during hypnosis are thinking. 

They may be thinking in images, sounds, or feelings. They may be reliving a past experience and/or fantasy. 

In fact, part of the reason why some people can’t talk is that they don’t have the words to describe the vast inner world they just found themselves in. 

Also, even if you can’t talk, you’re still aware and observing everything going on.

Once the door to hypnosis is opened, you don’t have to close it off and tuck it away until it’s therapy time again. 

Suppose your awareness is active during the trance session with the hypnotist/guide. In that case, that is a sign for you to move forward into a bigger, fuller world of self-discovery.

So you can talk during hypnosis because you bring your awareness to the session. But this leads to yet another question. 

Are you aware of what happens during hypnosis? Do you remember it?

You can forget what takes place while one is under hypnosis, just as you can forget the events of everyday waking life.

That’s not surprising, but in hypnosis, we have another dynamic element.  You are both sitting or lying somewhere here in waking reality and wholly immersed in your inner world.  

We call this the internal/external experience.

On the external, you’re sitting and talking with your guide or perhaps lying down on the couch. 

In the internal, you are experiencing whatever it is that shows up during hypnosis. 

These experiences can range from a soothing ocean wave washing over you to seeing magnificent colors and shapes. 

The internal/external experience can be used in other ways as well. Still, my point here is that there’s no way you will remember even half of what’s happening. 

If you believe your hypnotist/guide knows more than you do about what is happening inside your dual realities, think again.

Here’s why:

Within your inner reality, you are experiencing some of the most profound, most primal forces of nature, including; those that created the physical universe.  

They are living dynamic, and even the most gifted empath can only guess what’s going inside another being. 

Are The Four Stages of Hypnosis Related to Magick? The hypnotist or guide is going off one of several mind models used in therapy over the decades. 

  • One such model is known as “The Identity Model” or simply “The Identity.” 
  • Another one is known as the “Compartmentalization Model” or simply “The Compartments.” 
  • Still another model is known as “The Multilevel Model” or simply “The Levels.”

These models have their uses and have helped many over the years, but they do not allow us to understand your inner world one bit. 

They are just ways for us to help you guide your inner mind to a hopeful solution.  

In hypnosis, your mind is working very differently than it does in everyday reality. 

You are accessing parts of yourself that are not ordinarily available to you – neither consciously nor unconsciously. 

To put it another way, you ask your unconscious mind to do something for your conscious mind.

This is why all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. No matter what the hypnotherapist is saying, you are the one who has to put it into action. So while you’re carrying out the suggestions you are being given, don’t you think there is an inner conversation going on? 

Absolutely communication and conversation are happening at lightning speed.

Next question, do you think for this internal communication to happen, you have to be aware? 

A hypnotherapist will point out that you don’t have to be aware of hypnosis to work, which is true. You can be so-called unconscious, and hypnosis is still effective. 

But even then, there is communication between the hypnotist you and your inner self. So someone/something is aware. 

You have to hear what the hypnotist says then respond to it internally. 

And if you two are working through some issues, chances are you will be responding with hand or finger signals or even verbally. 

I’ve also seen situations where people went back and forth from finger responses to talking. Hypnosis is a fun yet dynamic process, and you have to follow the client’s lead at times. 

So even after you bring someone out of trance and they are one of the ones who doesn’t remember a thing, there was still an awareness on some level. 

The hypnotic trance is not a sleeping state even if you go unconscious.

You can talk and respond. Even if you are not aware of everything going on, you are aware of yourself and as much of your inner reality as you can handle. 

And yes, you can remember what happens while you are in hypnosis as well. 

This all speaks to there being multiple layers of the self. Awareness of the self is always happening, and consciousness or awareness may still be happening simultaneously. 

So it’s like you can be in a trance and talking to yourself at the same time. 

In any case, you must understand that there is communication/conversation between the person hypnotized and their inner self. 

As well as between the hypnotist and the inner self of the person being hypnotized. 

There is always communication no matter what. 

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