Does Hypnosis Work The First Time?

Can hypnosis work instantly or at least in the first session? Because you got a problem that needs a resolution now.

So can one trip to the hypnotist solve your issue?

On average, hypnosis usually starts working deep into the subconscious mind after 3-5 sessions.

However, it’s not uncommon for some of the nagging symptoms of the problem you’re dealing with to dissipate after the first session.

Some people will say this is hypnosis working instantly and but actually, it’s more like instant relief.

Your mind, body, emotions, or expanded self was ready to let some or all of the symptoms go. That’s why you’re seeking out a hypnotherapist in the first place. It’s the mind, body, and expanded self telling itself it’s time for a change.

So you might be ready to stop smoking after one hypnosis session. Still, it could take several for your body to actually successfully quit.

Or if you have a headache, hypnosis might make the headache go away instantly, or so it seems. But it’s not hypnosis working immediately.

Getting your nervous system to temporarily reconfigure the symptoms and provide relief does not solve why you have the headache in the first place.

Usually, there’s something else happening in the background. Something like “I feel stressed.” “I need to change my diet.” “I need more exercise etc.

Your self-esteem can spike during the hypnotic session. You realize how good you feel about yourself as your mind begins to accept positive affirmations.

This is a beautiful feeling, but it will take time for “lasting change” to occur in your subconscious mind.

Use hypnosis to tackle the symptom first, then move on to the root issue(s)

Sticking with our headache scenario, let’s say you get instant relief after hypnosis. The subconscious mind has heard the suggestion to make the headache go away, and it’s doing just that. 

But in a few hours, because you still have the same stressor(s) in your life, you may experience another headache.

So you need more than relief from headaches but an actual root resolution so this doesn’t happen again. Luckily you can use hypnosis to find the root reasons and deal with them accordingly. 

So during the second session, your Hypnotherapist takes you into a more intense hypnotic state, and from there, you two find the underlying causes for your headaches. 

As it turns out, your dealing with a lot of stress in your life. That stress then leads to pleasure eating and a lack of moment (exercise). 

And after some time, you start having bad headaches. Maybe you have a couple of other bodily issues that aren’t as annoying as the headaches (yet), but they are all connected.    

Now you and your hypnotist can map out an action plan that may take a few weeks, but the solution is permanent.  

So in this way, you get instant relief and a long-term solution. 

Using Hypnosis as a Grand Strategy

An article on hypnosis working the first time may be an odd place to mention overarching life plans, but actually, this the perfect time to look at the bigger picture.

Your superconscious mind is where all your life outcomes are stored good, bad, great, and crazy it’s all inside the expanded self.

But it’s you working with your subconscious mind that steers your life in a way where you lock on to a particular life outcome.

You do this by working on your self-image.

In other articles, I’ve talked about the importance of working on your self-image. But for now, let’s look at your self-image as the virtual game board. This is where your Grand Strategy is being played out.

Relieving an issue even immediately in one visit is just one move. This can be very good and great for you at the current time. However, chances are that issue you overcame was tied to a network of other problems.

Sooner or later, another kind of manifestation of a similar nature will pop up, and off you go to the hypnotist again.

And chances are you and them can take care of that problem too. The effectiveness of the process is not the issue.

I’m not even arguing against immediate results because they do happen. But what we have to make sure is that we are not falling into reactionary hamster wheel mode.

I’ve seen it happen.

You could spend the next 2 to 5 years spiking down issues with hypnosis like a volleyball player, and you’re still not as further ahead in your life the way you want to be.

You know why?

No Grand Strategy, so they ended up not working with their self-image or, worst, fighting against it. I said your self-image is the game board because it is your reality.

And I don’t just mean some abstract idea. No! The Self-image penetrates the mind, emotions, body, and the so-called waking world too.

And its potential of power is equal on all planes, although the reaction time is slower in the physical realm.

This is why you can use the hypnotic process for something like chronic tardiness, and it will seem to work instantly.

“What do you know ole “Bob” can show up for work on time after all.” But that tactic, applicable as it is, may not address why Bob was late in the first place.

The determining factor is who paid for the session, Bob or Bob’s employer.

Suppose Bob doesn’t at least face the underlying reason for his chronic lateness. In that case, that root cause will manifest somewhere else in Bob’s life and most likely to his detriment.

The point is if you need to use hypnosis for something quick, chances are it is only a plateau of a much bigger mountain.

So once you start climbing, you need to have at least a general plan of where you are going.

This brings us back again to your Self-image.

Mix in Self Hypnosis for a long term Strategy 

If you want immediate results, you must go to a professional hypnotherapist. They have the experience and means to analyze your situation and help you get the results you’re looking for.

However, in this hypnotherapist opinion, learning hypnosis for yourself is the way to go. This is for long-term and short-term outcomes.

Use Self-hypnosis on long-term goals at first because that’s the best path to take when you are first starting out.

The reason for this is even unskillful hypnosis will work if you do it enough times. So long-term goals are more forgiving in that respect.

Once you find your comfort zone with it, you can do more rapid, immediate things.

Remember, hypnosis is more than just self-improvement. The personal development path is just a doorway to deeper levels of (you) that existed before time and continues after your time on Earth is over.

But I digress.

My point is self-hypnosis is a must-have for self-image mountain climbing. Just the ability to go into the hypnotic state has benefits all on its own.

And if you can add some affirmations or even try recording hypnosis scripts for yourself, oh boy, you just might become dangerous. But dangerous or no you will become faster at what you do, and the results will reflect that.

In fact, you could do a mix of slow and quick. However, you will have to work with your Hypnotherapist for this plan to work.

They will be more than happy to help and advised. You want to make a list of things you want to work on and split it between you and the hypnotist.

Your hypnotist will work on rapid hypnosis while you’re in session, and meanwhile, you will work on more long-term but supportive issues. The effect of both of you and them working on your Self-image is almost transcendental.

Of course, you don’t need a hypnotherapist. You can work with self-hypnosis all on your own.

Just keep in mind the result will be fast, but they may not be immediate. However, you can shorten the learning curve if someone shows you how.

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