Does Self-hypnosis Really Work?

While not fully understood, the benefits of hypnosis have been enjoyed for centuries to treat a wide variety of conditions. It’s been used to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, addictions, phobias, and even overcome bad habits.

And then there’s Self-Hypnosis which is suppose to be just as effective but is it? Does self-hypnosis really work? And if it does, is it as effective as regular hypnosis?

In this article, I’ll answer these questions and give you a few tips on using self-hypnosis effectively.

Self-hypnosis is a proven technique, and that can help you with many common challenges. The practice is an effective tool used to calm, relax, focus, and relieve stress.

In addition, self-hypnosis can also help you address performance issues, behavior modification, and better sleep. While hypnotizing yourself may seem strange, it is actually a natural state of mind we go into many times a day. 

By encouraging your conscious mind to relax and wander freely, you gain access to your subconscious mind. With direct access to your subconscious, you can make changes inside your mind that can positively affect your world. 

A better understanding of hypnotic procedures

So you know this isn’t magic, but what exactly is it? 

Self-hypnosis is a state of focused concentration and relaxation, often accompanied by a physical, mental, and emotional release. People who practice self-hypnosis as part of a therapeutic exercise will experience more profound states of consciousness as their practice progresses.

The critical distinction between self-hypnosis techniques and hypnotherapy sessions is that the individual puts themselves into a trance-like state without help from a hypnotherapist. 

The state itself is the same, and its effects are the same, but two questions remain. 

Can you do deep hypnosis on yourself? 

Can you help yourself as well as a hypnotherapist? 

To both questions, I’m going to give a qualified yes to. And the reason is the same for both questions. It all comes down to practice. 

The reason why it’s essential to understand this is that Self-hypnosis is used in two distinct areas. 


Spiritual practices 

Our primary concern in this article is Self-help, but we can categorize deep hypnosis in both buckets. And the way to improve to a pro-level is with repetition. Because that’s what the professionals do to up their skills set. 

What they also do is research and experiment, and here you have an advantage of sorts. Because you are only concerned with yourself. You don’t have 20 clients you have to help this week. It’s just you. 

This is why I can say yes, your work can reach a clinical hypnosis level because you are working on yourself. 

As long as you’re honest with yourself and practice daily. You can have a more powerful effect on your own well-being than anyone else, therapist, or whoever.

Always remember all hypnosis is self-hypnosis    

Keep it simple get to the subconscious mind

The other reason I know you can do just as good of a job on yourself as anyone else is no matter whos doing the therapy, the brain behind the scene is the subconscious mind.

You just have to get to it undisturbed by your conscious thinking. This is why you are putting yourself into a trance-like state. So that you can use positive suggestions and later on install post-hypnotic suggestions for future use. 

This can be as easy as having a regular talk with your inner self while in a trance, or you can get super detailed and record a script for yourself.  

And even with the script, there is no need to get fancy with background music and such. Just read it as if you were talking to your best friend.

Also, it’s easy to put yourself into a hypnotic state with a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. Your Subconscious mind is not picky about the how and hypnotherapist don’t have a secret formula to take your there either. 

What they have is experience, but you can become the expert on you.

In fact, you already are; all you need is repeated contact with your inner-self. Then, through the growing connection with your subconscious and later unconscious mind, you will find an inner path to help yourself.  

Using the intelligence of the inner mind is my favorite form of hypnotherapy.

Because neither you nor the therapist has to guess at anything. The inner self already has the answer. Or, in case of a request, your subconscious mind will already know the way to bring the change about.

Self-hypnosis is just as effective as clinical hypnosis

While in most cases, clinical hypnosis will have the advantage of experience and expertise over the self-hypnosis practitioner. To improve your quality of life, you do not have to become a hypnotherapist.

I know this because it’s what I did. Years before I took any training in hypnotherapy, I was using hypnosis on myself. 

I was able to quit smoking, stop being chronically late for work. In addition, I successfully dealt with a few social hangups I really needed to overcome. 

Becoming a certified hypnotherapist can run anywhere from $3000.00 to 5000.00 dollars. Unfortunately, I didn’t have disposable income at the time, so I made do with what I had. 

I read a lot of old books and scanned the internet. Then, later on, I began to do guided meditations for myself and some friends, then a former youtube I used to have. 

After that, I put up some courses on Udemy, which are still very popular.

Keep in mind I wasn’t a hypnotherapist yet. Still, I’d been studying about and experiment with hypnotic states for over ten years by that time. 

When I finally attended classes on hypnosis, it was great. I recommend that anyone who is interested and can attend a live class do it. And what I learned in hypnotherapy just solidified what I was already doing for the last decade-plus.   

This is why I know hypnotizing yourself works because I was able to use it that way. Because unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to take a class or even see a hypnotherapist at the time. 

But I needed to make some changes in my life ASAP, and time was not going to wait for me to get a raise at work. 

The benefits of hypnotherapy are not just for the clinicians and those who can afford it. 

Anyone willing to just practice changing their brain with hypnosis for about 20 to 30 minutes. And if you continue with this method at least once a day, you will experience some profound positive changes in your world.  

I can guarantee that. 

How can I learn Self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis doesn’t require a class or some kind of treatment from a hypnotherapist.

In fact, you don’t need to see anyone either in person or online. It can be learned from an audio recording or ebook. Yes, you can attend workshops that teach the principles of self-hypnosis if there is one around. 

My old school used to put on Hypno-clinics where they’d show people the basics of hypnosis. These seminars and workshops are excellent when you can find them. 

But problems aren’t always nice enough to pick a convenient time. That fantastic workshop that could have helped won’t be back until next year.

But you need help this weekend. So what do you do?  

You do what you can that works. In my situation, I found hypnosis downloads and went at it as if my life depended on it. Seeing how I was on the verge of getting fired and smoking a pack and a half of cigarettes a day life depending may not have been an exaggeration.   

Over a decade (and counting) later, the non-smoking, extremely punctual, and socially non-awkward me is telling you that it is more than possible to improve your life. 

And you can start right where you are. 

However, you’ll first need to understand hypnosis before you can use it on yourself. Finding experienced practitioners online is a great place to begin learning. I use and recommend hypnosis downloads for a few reasons. 

  • They’re highly budget-friendly.
  • Their sessions are quick.
  • There are over 1200 hypnosis sessions to choose from.
  • Their work is high quality, and they update their sessions to keep up with the times. 
  • And they will teach you hypnosis for free. That’s right, an entirely free course called Learn Hypnosis in 5 days. 

This course will give you an understanding of what you’re doing, how hypnosis works, and how to work on yourself.

From there, you can begin to guide your mind where you want to go. Which will lead to your life improving on any front you wish to or need it to. 

You can change your life through these techniques, and there’s no need to pay thousands of dollars to do so. Learn everything you can about the hypnotic process first. Then, make sure you understand precisely what you are doing to control your own subconscious mind. 

Then start small and build upon your successes. Add on visualization techniques to create mental images that trigger specific behaviors.

Be patient and persistent and practice every single day, then keep on practicing. 

Self-hypnosis is a pleasurable experience so enjoy it daily. Don’t even concern yourself with what you’re trying to improve or change, and without you noticing, your suggestion will take hold, and your change will happen.

It can work just that easily, but you have to start the process. 

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