Does The Subconscious Mind Create Reality?

For over a century now, therapists have been deeply interested in the function of the subconscious mind. 

And it has been generally accepted that our thoughts and feelings can be repressed from conscious awareness into subconscious memory and then return later in an altered form. 

That process can play havoc on your perception of reality. Which can cause you to make unwise decisions based on unhelpful subconscious patterns

But is there more to this than just your perceptions of what’s real? 

Can we take the idea a step further?

Can the subconscious alter reality itself as well as influence perception?  

Your Subconscious mind does not change or rearrange reality but only your perception of it. This is a subtle but critical difference.  

You can also change self-limiting beliefs to the point where you are living an entirely new reality. Still, nothing physically has changed except you. 

Add on to that the fact that your inner subconscious is the control center for your personal existence. 

Because the subconscious or inner mind is that part of the psyche that houses everything that we do not consciously think about or deal with. 

It makes up more than half of your personality and regulates your behavior. It stores your memories, desires, and emotions. It’s often called “The hidden observer” that knows and keeps all information about you.

So it’s easy to see how we would think that our subconscious creates reality, but this is not the case. 

Reality creation starts and ends inside the unconscious mind

In another article on this site, we talk about the seven layers of the Subtle body. 

We’re not going to get into the details here, but we want to draw your attention to the Mental realm below. 

The three planes and Seven realms of existence. 

The Energetic Plane

The etheric realm

The emotional realm 

The mental realm (Home of the Upper Etheric AKA The Unconscious Mind

The Astral Plane

The astral realm

The Spiritual Plane       

The etheric realm

The celestial realm

 The etheric realm

The mental realm is the place of the Upper Etheric body, also called The Unconscious Mind. 

This is not to be confused with (The Etheric realm) on the Spiritual Plane in our list above.

Also, don’t let the term (bodies) throw you off either. These are not bodies in the sense we usually use. They are bodies in the sense that a (body of work) is a body. 

And the reason we’re getting into the details is so you can see just where reality comes into being. 

Reality is constructed on The Energetic Plane within the Unconscious mind.

Your Unconscious holds all the creative potential. Your subconscious takes that potential and arranges it into a gazillion different possibilities, which become life experiences.

This is how the subconscious mind creates so-called reality. It pulls it from a template of already preconceived outcomes. 

This is what’s mistakenly called The Law of Attraction. It should be called The Law of Tilted Probability. 

Manifest reality or change your perceptions?

Now that you know there’s a difference between manifesting another reality (The Unconscious Mind) and changed perception (The Subconscious Mind), which one is better? 

That depends on your situation, but I would advise you to begin with finding any negative beliefs in your mind. You can use your conscious mind for this too. Think about whatever it is you want or need to change. 

Now take a piece of paper or your phone and do this free association exercise. 

First, write down all the thoughts that come to mind about the situation you want to change. Do not rush through this; be as thorough as you can.

Next, circle or highlight all the negative terms you see and write them on a separate list. This will be the list of attributes you want to improve in a holistic way using your subconscious. 

So we’re talking more than positive thinking.

You will need to update the subconscious associations that are causing you adverse outcomes. Fortunately, there’s a tool that you can use to do the heavy lifting of subconscious belief upgrading.

It’s called hypnosis. 

The majority of content on The Awake Mind is about you using your mind to help yourself. And we’re intense advocates of learning and using self-hypnosis for that reason. 

But there are times when you need some outside help. 

If you feel like you need to change your reality, I’m willing to bet that you also need to change your mindset. And I’m sure there’s some negative thinking that’s pulling you down. 

So take the list you made, head over to this website, and start matching problems with solutions.  And while you’re at, take a look at the prices for their services.

Where else on Earth can you quit smoking for less than $15.00?

So through Downloaded hypnosis, you will be able to handle about 80% of your habit mind.

You don’t need to dissolve all negative patterns in your life to make some significant changes. You just need to drop enough mental baggage so you can rise. 

There are no safety belts on the Energetic Plane

Most times, people are pretty satisfied with perception changing on the subconscious level. 

And why not? 

Upgrading your subconscious inner self can help you achieve life goals, unlock your creative mind, bring new love into your life, and more money in your bank account.  

The potential upside is incredible. And yet, you can still find yourself in a situation where you want more. 

Usually, this (more) is a significant enterprise that involves other people to make anything happen.

When you find yourself in the needing help from other people business, it’s time to move into The Energetic Plane.

Jayson quote

This is where you Manifest because it’s here where your inner-self is tied directly to all the other-selves. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the “We’re all one” talk before, but it’s on the Energetic plane that you get to experience the realness of being one. 

And since you’re all one and everyone one all at the same time, if you can manage to hold a thought in that space long enough for it to fly off on its own, then that thought will manifest.

It’s elementary, but getting to that point in the unconscious or energetic plane can be tricky. 

Note Tricky is not complicated; it’s particular.

What you have to do here is get into a particular state of consciousness. And you can start out with learning Self-hypnosis to get you there. 

But once you’re in that space, it’s going to be up to you to navigate where you want to go.        

Of course, there are plenty of schools and sects and cults who will tell what you need to do with your mind and its abilities. Some sects and their philosophies are engaging, with some parts being beneficial on a personal level.  

But in my experience, all of them are confining to some degree or another. 

And here on The Awake Mind website, we promote free-living and thinking. So how about we continue this conversation on YouTube. 

I think you’ll find this video rather insightful. 

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