Does Your Mind(s) Control You?

The 4 Types

The lack of control you have over your mind can be demonstrated quickly enough.

Just try to change a habit because you feel like it or because it will be helpful.

You know how that usually ends. You failed before you began, But why?

Why does it seem like you’re not always the one making the choices in your life?

Because you are not in total control of your mind.

Your mind controls you. Because your thoughts are not your own. You can choose ideas, reject them, or be ruled by them, but you can never own them.

And yet your thoughts have command over you at every moment of your life.

Is this a bad thing? No, it’s a human thing, and if you want to use your mind instead of being its tool, you’re going to want to keep reading.

Your Thoughts Do Not Belong To You

Have you ever noticed when you spend a lot of time around someone, you began to pick up some of their mannerisms?

I caught onto this over the years of dealing with people. If you’re in harmony with someone, you may find yourself using one of their sayings or even using their thought process to solve a problem.

This happens often enough that people don’t pay much attention. But I’ve always wondered if I can pick up someone else’s thoughts. Where did that person first get their ideas from?

And if they got their thoughts from someone else, then who did they get their ideas from? And what about the person before that and the person before that?

There’s even a meditation you can do to mimic a minor form of enlightenment.

And the meditation is all based around asking yourself why are you thinking the thoughts you’re having?

But outside of that exercise, trying to chase down the origin of your thoughts can become a time-eater because you’ll never find the beginning of the thought or idea.

And things can quickly deteriorate into you chasing your mental tail around and getting nowhere. Because thoughts don’t come from anyone.

Thoughts exist on their own out in the ether until a human being plugs one of them into their mind as if it was their thought. But if it’s not your thought or their thought, who’s doing the thinking?

Well, you are using the thoughts in your mind, but that’s not thinking as you know it. It would be more accurate to say you are being thoughted.

Thoughts exist on their own like a software application. Then you download them into your mind, and your mind runs them like a program.

Let’s put this in context.

Every thought, past, present, and future already exist.
Every possibility is an actuality, even if it’s just a fantasy to you.
Everything is real because everything was a thought before it became a thing.

Also, remember that the thought is still thought after thingness. And while we’re on the subject, thoughts are things too. What this all means to you is that is the land of thoughts is a world unto itself. Thoughts are not yours.

When we get an idea, it comes prepackaged with solutions and workarounds already backed in. Our working out a problem or learning a new skill is, in reality, unfolding knowledge we already have.

In another article on this site, I wrote about getting more permanent results with Subliminal Recordings. In that article, I went over your subconscious mind and the 3 paths of reception.

But those distinctions of auditory, visual and kinesthetic are just the channels of least resistance for thought to lodge itself inside your mind.

So now that you understand thoughts are their own reality, the next issue is how do they get lodged inside your mind? And just precisely, what is your mind?

Your Mind Is A Lagoon, But Your Unconscious Is The Ocean.

Your brain is often confused with your mind, but they are different.

The mind is what makes a raw thought and adds your personality to it. Your mind is the part of the Multiverse that’s you. And your mind was thought into existence by the Multiverse.

The occultist of old would say the Multiverse is the Big King and your mind is the Little King.

Your brain, along with your solar plexus and heart, is where the mind places the thoughts. Some people like to refer to the brain as a radio or a computer.

So your brain is not your mind but the bio-machinery your mind uses.

Your mind is closer to who you are outside your body. Because the Multiverse is mental. The Multiverse is the mind.

So do thoughts come from the Multiverse? Yes, they do. But let’s clear up some misconceptions with the language before we go on.

The Multiverse

  • The All
  • The Absolute
  • The imagination
  • The Unconscious Mind
  • The Universe

These are all speaking about the same thing—the unknowable reality behind all appearance and thought.

Ideas thought, actions, emotions, and everything else come from the Multiverse.
And you’re swimming in it right now.

Thoughts act like the wind that pushes you here and there. Add onto that your mind never stops moving.

No matter what you are doing, your mind fills you with a flood of thoughts about whatever is happening. The thought flood never stops. Even while you’re sleeping, you’re thinking.

Your mind is designed to flow thoughts through it and process what it thinks are related to you. But what is your Mind? Your mind is the part of you freed from your body.

Your mind has 3 parts.

  1. The Subconscious
  2. The Superconscious
  3. The Unconscious

They act as one to make your life on Earth flow seamlessly, but within their own realm, there are worlds upon worlds.

Your subconscious mind is mainly concerned with your current life situation. How you feel about your looks to how much money is in your bank account. It all has to do with your subconscious mind.

This is also where you go during 90% of all Hypnosis to work on yourself.

Next is your Superconscious. This is the Higher Self. The Superconscious is where you find the theme of all the lives you have will or could experience. Your higher self is also more directly connected to the Multiverse. So this the realm of so-called alternate realities.

Note; we are not talking about all alternate realities but the ones most closely related to your life right now. Remember, the Multiverse is immense.

Your Superconscious is also where you’re aiming to go when you leave this Earth.

Finally, there’s The Unconscious, and as I mentioned above, the Unconscious is The All. It’s everything and everywhere. It is the stuff in which we live and move and have our existence.

In another article I wrote on The 7 Layers of the Body. I describe The Causal Body as the mind level of all of your spiritual bodies.

It is the You of You just after you came through the void into Space and time. The Causal Body is the Genesis of your Higher-self, so it’s Your higher self’s Higher-self.

And yet all that happens within the Unconscious, and it’s happening for everyone, animals and Aliens included.

It can not be overstated how enormous The Unconscious is. It’s so immense that there is no way you could consciously navigate your way around.

But this is what your Subconscious is for.

Your Subconscious is Artificial Intelligence

The Subconscious was once thought of as the repository of repressed emotions and trauma. But it’s now being seen, for it is. Your Subconscious mind is artificial intelligence.

It’s a goal-seeking, survival-maintaining, mental computer that can learn. And it acts as a bridge to both your higher self and The Unconscious mind.

This is why it’s tied to your conscious mind because it uses the Subconscious to interface to the larger reality. My website focuses on Hypnosis and meditation to access the larger reality. Still, it’s all done through the Subconscious Mind.

You always go through the Subconscious first. Even in lucid dreaming and Astral projection, you start out in the Subconscious. It’s the launchpad.

It also has the perfect copy of your body’s pattern so it can self-heal. It stores every bit of information that comes to you or through you.

And if you know how to access it correctly, The Subconscious can be a gold mine of information. But a few lines earlier, I also said that it was a goal-seeking machine too.

Well, that’s a gift and a burden. Because the subconscious mind never stops either. For the most part, that’s a good thing. Just think about your heartbeat and the automatic breathing you’re doing right now.

Or how about the inner workings of your digestive system, which is pure alchemy inside your body.

The Subconscious governs all those processes along with your entire body. But it doesn’t stop there. This goal-achieving mechanism influences your conscious mind too.

Its primary responsibility is to keep you safe and to keep your life as regular as you know it. But what if you want to make some significant changes in your life?

The subconscious mind will often block those changes because it’s not a part of your usual regular routine. That’s when you use self-hypnosis to give your Subconscious a new self-image to process, but it must process something.

This is a burden because you must always give it something to do. You must still be working towards something. If not, you run the risk of falling into habits that will lead to unhappiness, unfulfillment, and possibly a shortened life span.

This is why so-called high achievers achieve.

They figured out that if you don’t keep busy managing your subconscious mind, it will control you. You have to continuously be updating the software and renewing your mind.

Choose thou thy work, for all souls must labor,
never be free from the pathway of Light.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

So the Subconscious helps you navigate the deep ocean of your unconscious mind. It’s an almost entirely automated intelligence that manages all the complex systems of your living life.

But it doesn’t make choices for you. As powerful as your subconscious mind is, it is also 100% passive. You have to direct it, and you do it with repetitive thought.

Conscious Mind Action-Pick The Thoughts To Plug Into Your Mind

Since the thoughts you once thought were yours, aren’t yours after all. That means you’re not obligated to keep them.

Your mind controls you, but it doesn’t care what control you choose. Thoughts that lead to the good life are no better or worse than thoughts that lead to life failures.

Your Unconscious, your superconscious, and your Subconscious doesn’t care.

Only your conscious mind, which is on the cutting edge of the Subconscious, cares. The conscious mind is the I or I am of you.

I once heard it described as a curious cat sitting on the window ledge looking out at the world. But no matter how you think of your conscious mind, its primary responsibility is being the (I like or do not like) part of you.

It’s the part of you that makes choices. When someone asks you what you want, it’s the conscious mind that replies. And it’s the conscious mind that decides what thoughts you will entertain which carry you into the life you now know.

You don’t control your mind, but you choose the kind of control you are engaged with.

You can also choose to change your mind and go in another direction. So really, the Conscious mind is like the CEO of the enterprise. But two things to remember.

First, you have to know what you want or want to do or want to become. Second, you have to be able to hold the thought you want long enough for the Multiverse to move.

Without these two abilities, your Subconscious Mind will go on autopilot. It’s then influenced by a mixture of the Unconscious, Superconscious, and the Mass-Mind of other people.

This will make your mind and the rest of you go off and do whatever. Your life then becomes a statistical probability. Look around you, isn’t that what you’re seeing?

If you like the results, then good for you. But the majority reading this are experiencing some good, some not so good, and life is pretty much average.

However, you’re not making your choices, but you’re letting other people and forces choose for you. So it’s mission-critical that you know what you want or want to do or want to become.

The second ability is knowing how to keep your focus on the thoughts you want to experience. This is as simple as thought repetition with feeling. You just have to continue with your focus day after day.

And it sounds simple, but it’s the day-to-day effort that makes most people quit before seeing any results. Here is where you need a plan, timetables, and a schedule to stick to.

How To Reset Your Mind

What happens when you try to break a habit? Usually, you get really good at disappointing yourself.

Even if something’s bad for your health, you just can’t stop doing it. You find yourself repeating the same unhelpful habits over and over again. Then you get fed up, then comes the promise.

This time you’re going to finish what you started, write that book, start that business, meditate every day, or whatever it is.

And then what happens after that? Failure and then repeat the process of repeating the same promises to yourself again a few months later? We know the big picture is you don’t control your mind; you own your choices.

So you need to reset your thinking and choose a better way, but you’re not sure how.

Did you know you can enlist your mind to step in and help as your friend and advocate? This goes for your Subconscious and Superconscious, but you have to initiate the process by making a choice to change.

Then that choice has to be maintained and fueled by your conscious mind. You have to hold the intention knowing that your minds will respond even if you have no idea of how it’s going to happen.

This is not hard work because all you’re doing is gently pointing your minds in the right direction with your intention. I’ve also found it helpful when what you want to do aligns with your Superconscious.

And getting into alignment is easy; you just asked while in your meditation or Self-hypnosis session.

You can’t lie to your Subconscious or superconscious minds.

Jayson’s quote

So be honest, be authentic and ask for what you want in harmony with your higher self.
That’s all you need to do.

You may find that hard to believe. I know I did when I first learned about how our minds work, but it’s true. Keep in mind that you’re dealing with the subconscious first, and your Subconscious works in cycles and patterns.

And as I said earlier, this is not hard work but its study, long-game work. You’re looking at 21 days of mind programming at the bare minimum with 90 days as an average and 300 days on the other extreme.

So if you’re not motivated and don’t have a working plan, chances are you will fail before you see some success. A working plan is as simple as two to three mind programming sessions a day using meditation or self-hypnosis.

Check your progress in 21,66 and then 90 days. After 90 days, see where you are and adjust as needed.

Getting and keeping the motivation to see your plan through (especially in the beginning) requires you to choose something you WANT.

That’s right, your first mind program should be a selfish personal desire. Something you keep coming back to because you want it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a car, a toy, or you want to be someone’s human toy. My only caution is not to single out one person. (unless it’s a job interview or a date)

A Genuine Desire Keeps You Motivated 

Remember why you’re doing this. The Multiverse you live in is all mind. Your minds control you, your life, and they are always going.

However, you can choose the direction your mind (s) take, but your conscious mind has to stay on course.

This is a process that will never stop. Your only choice is if you are doing the choosing and picking or not. So unless you introduced mental programs to your subconscious mind, it will run on automatic default.

Sometimes you win, but too often, you will find yourself settling for what you can get.

And you will continuously find yourself fighting a losing battle against mediocrity and probabilities. You will continue to struggle to change your beliefs and behaviors.

Is that what you want? Because unless you remodel your self-image, that’s what happens.

What we Become Maxwell Maltz

Remaking Your Self-Image Will Solve Both Problems

Dr. Maxwell Maltz was not the first person to write about working with your self-image.  But his understanding and ability to explain what and how to improve it was unmatched in the last century. 

“It is no exaggeration to say that every human being is hypnotized to some extent either by ideas he/she has uncritically accepted from others or ideas he has repeated to himself or convinced himself are true. These negative ideas have exactly the same effect upon our behavior as the negative ideas implanted into the mind of a hypnotized subject by a professional hypnotist.”

Maxwell Maltz, Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life

The quote above describes the mass mind of humanity 100%. It is this horde of groupthink that you must guard your Subconscious against at the onset.

Once you program your subconscious mind long enough, it will start protecting you instead.

But what two long-game problems will self-image programming solve?

First, it gives your Subconscious and Superconscious something to work on in the long term.

Secondly, it gives your conscious mind a target to focus on in the long term.

Remember, the Conscious mind is on the cutting bleeding edge pointing the direction. If it knows where it’s going, all the other minds will follow without hesitation.

This is why working on the self-image is so powerful. It automatically brings all the minds together around a common goal. So how do you work on your self-image?

The four Thank you(s)

First, you start with a small list. Remember what I said about the stick-to-it-ness of a selfish desire? Well, let’s do four this time.

Picture it as a wheel.

The four thank you(s)

You’re going to need 4 things you really want, and don’t get timid either. So if you want a bag of cash and a weekend that a Porn Star would envy; put it on your list.

Now that you have the four wants write each as one statement that’s a thankyou.
Thank you for (blank —) OR I appreciate the (blank—)

At this point, you got your 4 thank you statements.

Now you need to ask yourself a question and take some time answering it. The question is if you had all 4 things you wanted, what would that look and feel like? The answer to that question is your new self-Image.

Once you have the thank you(s) and your new self-image now, it’s time to program.

If you’re a regular meditator, you simply place yourself in meditation 3 times a day for about 10 minutes but no more than 15 max.

Once you’re in your meditation, start your timer and then go over your 4 thank you statements in your mind. Bring as much feeling into it as you can.

After you recite the thank yous in your mind, think of what you would be doing and feeling if you had all four of your desires right now.

There’s an argument as to whether you should see yourself living the self-image like watching yourself on screen or making-believe like you live it out in your imagination. I say do both.

If you’re in the middle of meditation or Self-hypnosis, chances are you will be zoning in and out anyways. Which is a good thing because that’s a sign of the connection.

Since that’s the case, why not use that natural state of consciousness to program both ways. Just alternate as you go in and out. It works.

But what if you don’t know how to meditate?

If you’ve never meditated before or you didn’t care for what you were shown. Then I have a recommendation for you that is free and as good as any meditation you will find.

It’s called Learn Hypnosis in five days From Hypnosis

They go over Hypnosis in detail and show you how to do Self-Hypnosis. It’s some of the best content on Hypnosis on the internet.

Their work is well researched and professionally done. They have over 1000 hypnosis programs, tracks, hypnosis scripts, and courses too.

And they are all budget-friendly which is something you will appreciate if you go deeper into mental programming.

But “The Learn Hypnosis In Five Days” class is free. So at no cost, you can pick up a skill that you absolutely need in a few days.

Beyond adding on a routine still, the rest is repeat programming at least twice a day, three times if you can fit it in. Repeat the process every day for 90 days and see where you are.

This method works for needs just as well as for desires but getting some early wins will show how it works for you. Then you can move to bigger goals. This is your job as CEO of your mind (s).

You don’t control them, but they need you to choose the path they will take you on. I know this can be a lot of planning, but your happiness, peace of mind, and inner power are well worth the effort.

Besides, once you get the hang of it, I think you will enjoy the process because I know you will want the results.

Related Questions 

Is desire the only motivation?

No, there is also pain and necessity. Like, If we don’t pay this mortgage, we will be homeless. Pain can be physical or emotional. But both are potent motivators too, but fantasy fulfillment is way more fun.

Why should I do all this when I can just think positive?

You can not think positively without a new self-image to harness positive thoughts. You can hold an ideal of you to be and let that reality come into focus.

But the random “today will be a good day” will more than likely not work. It may even backfire if you’re going in the opposite direction of your self-image.

How do you know when one of your mind (s) is trying to control you?

When you want to say no, but you end up saying yes.
When you try to ignore your natural impulses.
When you have to continually check your online devices for feedback. (i.e., social media)
When you feel the need to control someone else.

These are just a few examples of when one of your minds is running away with you. But a good rule to keep in mind is that whenever you feel fear or anger, one of your minds is out of control. Take a few minutes to see your new self-image and bring yourself back into balance.

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