Does Your TV Hypnotize You?

For the majority of people, television and Youtube is their favorite pastime.

Aside from being bombarded with commercials, all you have to do is press a button to watch Netflix, Hulu, or good old Youtube as you relax for the evening and drop off to sleep.

And many people report living out a portion of what was playing on television before they went to sleep.

But can television and YouTube have a more profound influence on you even while you’re awake? In other words, can these devices hypnotize you without you having a clue?

The answer is they do so every day.

Within seconds of watching TV, your subconscious enters a hypnotic trance state. Your Brainwaves go into the (Alpha state) which is associated with meditation and deep relaxation.

This is induced by screen flicker and, to a lesser extent, the audio frequencies coming from the television, laptop, tablet, iPad, etc…

But the technical answer is not good enough, is it? You want to know if people are actively using your favorite pastime to passively control you.

People are hypnotized every day without realizing it through television and YouTube

Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool.

It’s the part of your mind that enables you to perform actions without being aware of them or thinking about what you’re doing.

This can be very useful and necessary. Indeed you would not survive long without your subconscious keeping all the complex systems of your body, mind, and emotions in harmony.

But your subconscious can also be a hazardous tool. Because if you’re not aware of your thinking, you can get lost in thought and become unproductive.

Also, being distracted by your thoughts and losing track of reality can lead to all sorts of negative consequences.

Now enter television and Youtube. What do you think their number one job is?

Keeping as many eyeballs on the screen as long as possible unless it’s one of the products they’re selling, then it’s ok to tear your eyes away.

But you better come right back.

This is the first layer of manipulation sales and marketing. It may be distasteful short-sided, and shallow as all get out but overall, not evil, just salesly.

The next layer is where things start to turn towards the negative.

Because this is where people are active, using techniques to influence your subconscious to accomplish their own ends.

Unfortunately, these methods work with much success.

You can’t critically analyze information, you receive when you are in a hypnotic trance state because your conscious filters have been turned off.

Furthermore, watching television prevents you from thinking because data is flooding into your head. So you have no time to think about what you’re watching.

It’s all very well organized. You get bombarded with a string of images. The background music prevents you from thinking about what information is being presented to you.

The political arena is a prime example. The news media is another, as is YouTube. Together they make a 24 hour non-stop Trance zone.

You’re being hypnotically programmed and don’t even know it!

Television, internet, radio, movies, music, news, magazines, and books are chock full of suggestions, most of which pass right by your conscious awareness. 

You’re being put into a state where your mind is more impressionable to suggestion because your conscious filters have been turned off.

You’re not thinking critically anymore because your brain doesn’t have time for critical analysis and soon forgets that skill. 

Over time and repetition, you’ll believe whatever information is presented to you. 

And even if you don’t believe, you’ll still go along with all the programmed sheep just so you don’t get trampled by the herd. 

You may be wondering if you can be hypnotized against your will?

That’s an interesting question, and it’s been debated over the years.  Some claim that you can’t be hypnotized through TV or YouTube against your will.

However, I think that there’s one crucial factor that everyone seems to be overlooking.

The power of repetition. Repetition will make a drop of water cut through a stone. 

The power of repetition also works with the mind and hypnotic suggestions. The more you hear the words, ideas, or suggestions, the more likely they will be accepted.

This works in person, over the phone, through radio, and through text messages. So why not the television and Youtube? 

There’s a reason why commercials and politics repeat simple phrases over and over again. 

I’m not saying that you can be hypnotized through TV or YouTube against your will. However, I am saying that you can be influenced by repeating simple words, phrases, and ideas.

How to disable the hypnotic effects on television and YouTube

Clearly, something must be done for you to remedy this situation, but what do you do? 

You have to counter the hypnotic suggestion somehow, but how? 

  1. Check your feelings when you watch TV/YouTube or your favorite TV series. For many people, they get an unnatural high from watching TV or the Internet. If you find yourself feeling more intense than you think, you should turn it off and go for a walk. 
  2. Use your personal values as your guidance system. It’s essential to know your own values and to use them as a guide. If you start to feel agitated, distracted, or frustrated by a commercial, video, etc.. turn it off and do something else. 
  3. It’s essential to keep your mind at peace so you can move forward. Don’t watch any shows or subscribe to any Youtube channels that contradict your values. 
  4. Taking regular breaks from social media is necessary. One particular study found that it can help you get a better night’s sleep, have more productive days, and reduce anxiety. The study is for teens, but we all know plenty of 30 and over adults who have the same problem. 
  5. Don’t watch TV or Youtube at night. After a long day’s work, too much TV or Youtube before bedtime is likely to have an indirect and unintended effect on your mind. Turn off the television and internet at least 30 minutes before going to sleep so that your mind can relax and avoid undue influences. 
  6. Try going on a TV and Internet fast for one day out of the week. Naturally, you will feel more relaxed and more focused on the present. 
  7. Become a reader. Not an audiobook or kindle reader either. We’re talking real books you can hold in your hands. If you read aloud to yourself, you will enter the “Watching Your Mind” state. This is an active state where the mind is open to positive and negative thoughts—a handy skill to cultivate. 
  8. Exercise. Believe it or not, exercise helps you distract your mind from any TV or internet distractions and actually increases your attention span and focus concentration.  
  9. Start a blog or youtube channel yourself. If watching Youtube can make your mind dull, creating videos has the opposite effect. You will notice that you can focus more attentively because of the creative concentration you need to create videos.  
  10. Work on some of those bucket list goals you’ve been meaning to get around to. Visit the Grand Canyon, take that cooking class you’ve been meaning to try out, or learn how to surf. You’ll be surprised how little you’ll miss that television and videos once you’re out of the house living more.
  11. Download some brain games for your phone and play them whenever you reach for the phone instead of checking a news feed.
  12. Learn how to meditate. Meditation is the quickest and easiest way to build up your personal power against a suggestion. I mention it here at the end because most people don’t know how to meditate. However, if you want to learn a way to meditate, that’s simple and does not require you to follow someone and buy multiple courses. The link below is for you.

Mindfulness In Your Everyday Life

Ultimately you have to know when and how to turn off the outside noise. That’s where meditation and Self-hypnosis can help.

Yes, Self-hypnosis can be your best tool for personal mind control. Because it allows you to dictate what comes in and out of your mind.

You will have the ability to stop your world and go into the stillness. You can also work on other issues while you’re in that state. The same methods used on you for another’s gain, you can use on yourself for your benefit.

So yes, television and many videos on the internet come with ulterior motives, but you don’t have to accept them. Now that you have information to help you take back some control of your mind don’t hesitate.

Cut the controllers off at the knees.

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