How Do You Use Affirmations To Manifest What You Want?

How Do You Use Affirmations To Manifest What You Want

When I first learned about manifestation, it was mind-blowing that I could live by imagination alone.

But I was afraid to believe in it, and for a long time, that stifled my progress. But I did eventually find a simple workaround, and that was using affirmations.

And this is how simple it is.

Take 3 deep breaths, which will temporarily place your brain in a light alpha state. Then close your eyes to deepen the state, and as you do, say the Affirmation in your mind or see it in your imagination.

And how long should you do this exercise? Not long at all, 10 to 15 minutes max.

Why do you keep it so short?

Because the length of time does not make as much of a difference as repetitions over time. You’re in the same situation here as when you use subliminal recordings to try and change your world.

This is a long game, and you need to be able to repeat the process on auto-pilot. So we need to be as efficient as possible. You don’t need a half an hour session when 10 minutes will do just fine.

Affirmations Are Just A Method; What You Want Is The Manifestation

What draws people to using affirmations is that they are quick and easy. Even if you don’t do the three deep breaths (And you absolutely should), the Affirmations will take effect as long as you keep at it.

They don’t work on faith.

They work because you are getting your Unconscious Mind to put its finger on the scales and tip them in your favor. 

Add on to that the fact that the Unconscious mind doesn’t play favorites. It just serves up reality like a short-order cook. So if you know what you want. And you can put it into a phrase. Then, my friend, you can rearrange reality. 

It’s a very straightforward process, and when people understand its simplicity, they jump all in. And that’s wonderful, but sometimes they get lost in the weeds of the method and miss the more significant point. 

This is not about trying to bash your unconscious mind until it cries for mercy and just gives you what you want. 

Don’t turn this into a war saga. Keep it simple. 

Affirmations have been working since Emile Coue’s famous line, “Every single day in every single way, I’m getting better and better.” 

And Mr. Coue’s instructions only called for you to repeat the phrase 20 times. Which works out to less than 7 minutes.   

It was not the method but the results, so keep it simple one goal, one phrase. 

Don’t Confuse Repetition Of Affirmation Sessions With Mindless Repetition Of Phrases

This is a detail that gets mentioned sometimes, but its importance can not be overstressed.

When we say that you need repetition, we mean repeating the entire session again, not necessarily the affirmation phrase itself.

The only purpose for the repetition of a phrase is to lock your mind on what you want. The moment it becomes a mantra chant to you, it loses some of its power.

Note I said some of its power because just repeating a phrase can have some effect.

But the difference is like having a sofa custom-made versus buying a futon from Walmart.

I knew a woman who had no job and no formal education beyond high school. She didn’t even finish the 12th grade.

And yet, she was able to provide for herself and her two kids and her half-sister using affirmations.

But she used them like a mantra chant.

need bills paid,
need bills paid,
need bills paid,
need bills paid,
need bills paid,
need bills paid,
need bills paid,
need bills paid,

And it would work, but just barely.

Part of the problem had to do with her attitude about herself. But the other issue was her chanting like some over-caffeinated parrot.

It doesn’t matter how many times you repeat your phrase. If you are not bringing your feelings into the mix, your results will only be a token of what they could be.

Affirmation To Manifestation Guidelines For Better results

Below are the (7) guidelines you need to keep in mind as you are coming up with your affirmation phrase.

1. Fill Your Mind With the Emotion of being it.

How does the mind feel? Sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not.

What you are doing is using your imagination to think of being doing or having the thing you want. Those thoughts activate the feelings associated with it. So this is all mental.

2. Make your Affirmation Phrase in the Present Tense and make sure you already are or have what you want.

Before you can be it, do it, or have it.  You must already have crossed the finish line of accomplishment.   So in your affirmation phrase, make sure you say it as if it is already done.

3. Avoid using negative language.

I have a different take on this than most people who work and play in mind programming.

Conventional thinking is that you avoid using negative words like (not) and (don’t) because neither your subconscious nor unconscious understands what they mean.

But I think our unconscious and our subconscious are smarter than us by orders of magnitude that would make our collective jaws drop in awe.

It’s just that the subconscious thinks in one direction only. So when you use negative language in your Affirmation, what you are making is a conflict.

At my day job, we would say you just crashed the network.

Everything must flow in the same direction to work correctly. You have, you do, you are that’s it no looking back.

4. Speak your phrase slowly and let the words penetrate your thinking.

Can you think of a time when rushing through something gave you a good outcome? The same thing applies here.

Using affirmations only takes a few minutes. So it’s easy to understand how people may feel the need to rush through the reciting.

But you need to harness that energy while reciting to catch a mental glimpse of the thing you want. So you need to recite the words slowly and keep your mind on the meaning of what you are hearing yourself saying.

 “The Prince of creation talks to himself about himself.” 

Eliphas Levi The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic: A New Translation

5. Keep your Affirmations brief.

To speak the affirmation phrase slow enough and speak it enough times to penetrate, you have to keep it short.   

Make one statement in plain present tense English. 

You should be able to say it in one breath and repeat it in your head while someone else is talking to you. If the phrase passes those two tests, it’s good to use. 

6. Make sure your Affirmation is about you only.

You can only change yourself. 

You can only change yourself. 

You can only change yourself. 

Got it? 

If you bring someone else into the picture, that is a form of influence and or domination. Which is a subject beyond this article.  

7. Recite your Affirmation three times a day.

You do this so that your Affirmation never leaves your mind.

Just when the day seems to take over, and you’re busy with working and living, your timer goes off on your phone. You excuse yourself to your car or your office, or the bathroom.

And then take 2 or 3 minutes to recite and think about your Affirmation.

Then come back to the world with a renewed mindset. Rinse and repeat three times a day, and the Affirmation will happen. 

One more thing. If you can, write your phrase down once a day.

This is an extra step, but it will focus your mind even more on what you want to be, do or have if you get into this habit.

And if you’re coming at this from one of the more esoteric backgrounds, you may feel that writing down a phrase has more significance than I’m giving it.

But that subject is beyond this article. Sufficient to say that what you write down has a tendency to want to come to waking reality.

Related Questions

What to do while you’re waiting on your manifestation?

Do something you love to do. This is the time to find an old hobby you let go of or take up something new.

You want to do this because it gets you out of your own way while you wait.

And it is a positive source of energy. And your hobby could have nothing to do with what you’re wanting. But you will still benefit from it because all the things you want are all tied together.

And remember, Affirmation to manifestation is a long game; you must practice patience.

How many Affirmations can you do at once?

One at a time. 

Unless you know you can steal away 10 minutes a day, 3 times a day every day, then you can look at making a shortlist.  

If that sounds iffy, then stick to one until you prove to yourself that your affirmations are working. 

How can I make sure my affirmations work?

Use Self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis will put you into that state where you know you are in contact with your Unconscious and Subconscious minds. 

It’s easy to learn, and you can do it for free. There’s a very well-put-together professional series on hypnosis called Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days.

And yes, it is really free. 

So if you want that extra assurance with your affirmations along with the many other fun things you can do with self-hypnosis, this could be your opportunity. 

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