How Does Meditation Activate Your 7 Chakras?

How Does Meditation Activate Your 7 Chakras

There are multiple energy work systems designed to help you regulate the flowing currents in your body. But the Chakra system is one of the oldest and most reliable.

More on that later.

Chakras activation, balancing, tuning, and all other exercises in this vein are meant to put you in better physical alignment. But it’s helpful to be in the right mental space while attempting to align yourself.

Meditation allows your mind to visualize each Chakra more easily. Since chakra activation is a visualization exercise being able to do it in a meditative state puts you in the area of consciousness you want to work in.

The main advantage of being in a meditative state is that balancing your chakras is a mental exercise requiring relaxed concentration. Which is an effect of meditation.

Another thing is that your Chakras are tied to your Endocrine system. So as you balance each Chakra Energy point, you are also working with one of 7 major Glands in your body.

This is why I said the Chakra system is reliable.

The Chakra system In The Multiverse Big Picture

The Chakra system as we know it today is a part of your Lower Etheric body layer. The Lower Etheric is all about power.

Because it’s where you find disciplines like Acupuncture, Reiki, Qigong, Polarity Therapy, etc… As far as you Chakras are concerned, they are nodes on the Lower Etheric body network.

The Lower Etheric has a structure and a semi-rigid form that contains the Etheric fluid, also called “Glandular fluid” by the medical community.

The Etheric/Glandular fluid allows for the transmutation of energy between the physical and subtle bodies.

The etheric fluid goes into every cell of the body. Still, it’s regulated by the glands, which can be adjusted with the chakras.

I go into much more detail about the layers of the body in another article. But to keep this part brief, the Chakra system is pretty low on the scale or close to the body. This is also the reason why it’s so easy to access.

But don’t let the initial ease fool you. You still need to practice locating these centers on your body and then get used to how they feel when you spin them up.

You want to focus on keeping the chakras you are not focusing on revolving. At the same time, your attention is on another energy point.

So if you’re working up your body and you are at the point where you’re activating your throat Chakra. You should also feel the ones below it still going. Even though it’s a mental exercise, the effects are physical.

Your Chakras And Your Glands

Since your most direct connection to your Chakras is through your glands, we made a chart below to show you.

Crown Chakra/SahasraraThe Pituitary Gland. The pituitary gland helps control the functions of other endocrine glands. It is the master controller. Like The adrenal glands, the Pituitary has two parts, an anterior lobe, and a posterior lobe. The anterior lobe makes and releases hormones. The posterior lobe does not produce hormones, but it frees them into circulation.
Third Eye Chakra/AjnaThe pineal gland. The pineal gland is located near the center of the brain and produces the hormone melatonin. Melatonin helps maintain circadian rhythm and regulates your reproductive hormones.
Throat Chakra/VisuddhaThe thyroid gland. Your thyroid regulates your metabolism. Metabolism is how your body breaks down food to then be converted to energy. Your thyroid gland keeps metabolism under control by secreting thyroid hormones. Every single cell in the body depends on your thyroid to manage metabolism.
Heart Chakra/AnahataThe thymus gland. The thymus gland is located behind your sternum between your lungs. Your thymus gland will not function throughout your entire life because it’s only active until puberty. While it’s active, it helps the body protect itself against autoimmunity and produce white T-cells, which protects the body from viruses and infections. But as an adult, your Thymus will start to slowly shrink and become replaced by fatty tissue. Around the age of 75, it is all but fatty tissue.
Solar Plexus/ManipuraThe pancreas. The pancreas maintains your body’s blood glucose balance. (converts food to energy)The pancreas also plays double duty as its an endocrine and exocrine gland. So it secretes hormones into the blood as well as through the ducts of the Exocrine system.
Sacral Chakra/SvadisthanaThe adrenal glands. These are two glands that sit on your kidneys and are made up of w parts. The adrenal cortex is the outer part of the gland. The adrenal medulla is the inner part of the gland. Together they help regulate your body’s metabolism and respond to stress.
Root Chakra/MuladharaThese are the gonads or sex glands.
They are the reproductive glands that produce sex cells (gametes) and sex hormones. In a woman, they are ovaries, and in a man testes.

This overview is not a substitute for serious study. And if you are looking for study material that goes beyond a limiting scientific point of view, you can start with Glands – Our Invisible Guardians By M.W. Kapp
Get the kindle version.

How do I Know If One Of My Chakras Is Imbalanced?

There are Chakra balancing tests on the internet like this one.

Each Chakra has a unique set of symptoms that you can use to gauge whether or not your chakras are (over or under) active. Once you notice these symptoms, you can start focusing on the ones you need to balance first.  

But here’s the issue the test above is pretty good, but there are a few other quizzes you can take that may give you a different answer. 

Also, keep in mind things like your polarity.  If you’re left-handed like me, many of the symptoms, signs, and treatments even are reversed.  This makes the one size, one test fits all approach problematic. 

So how can you know which ones need work? My approach is slightly different because the best way to tell if you are out of sorts with your energy is by using it. 

Here we want to do a body scan of all 7 areas and feel for the areas that are weaker or more intense.  Take note of which in your meditation and give each the same small amount of time. 

And at the end of the session, you visualize yourself bringing each chakra energy point down to a baseline. The reason you’re doing this is to verify which energy point is over or underactive.

Then at the end, you place them all on the same level. If you keep doing this daily, you will, over time, bring all your Chakras center into the same range. 

Yes, it is that simple to balance out your energy.  

Thymus And The Heart Chakra

Thymus And The Heart Chakra, What’s The Point?

You may have noticed that the Gland belonging to the Heart Chakra is a non-working organ by the time you’re an adult. So if there’s not a working Thymus, what’s the point?

We can look into the heart-centered spiritual paths for the clue. And thankfully, we have places like the Heartmath Institute.

It was their work that helped unlock the question. HeartMath technology is a way to improve emotional states by learning how to enter into a state of coherence.

This is a physiological state of harmony in your thinking and feeling.

Your Heart/Brain Connection

The heart sends more signals to the brain than you may think. In fact, the heart talks to the brain much more than the brain to the heart. Also, the signals from the heart have a severe effect on your brain and its function.

Everything from emotional responses to higher thinking abilities, the brain and the heart is actually in a relationship.
The effects of heart and brain activity have been researched for over half a century, so we know that the heart Chakra has an important role.

The Heartmath’s institute’s exercise to reach coherence can be found in any esoteric order where they form a magical chain. Or any heart-centered path like that of Gérard Encausse (also called Papus), founder of the Modern Martinist Order.

You can try this for yourself. Focus on your Heart, Chakra, or just your heart. While doing this, think the most loving thoughts you can conceive.

It’s just like a meditation when you feel yourself falling into random or negative thinking; stop and bring yourself back to your loving thought.

If you can do this for 10 minutes a day, you will enter coherence. It will be little moments at first, but you will know it when you experience it.

There’s no mistaking that light, blissful feeling like your world is wonderful for no particular reason. You’re just happy to be. But wait, what about the non-working vanishing thymus?

The non-working Thymus disappearing gland is the reason why the energy from that Chakra gets spread all over you like an energetic eggshell. Don’t mistake this for the aura because this energy forms around it.

But your Auric field is strengthened by the heart path no matter what method you practice. I learned it after I was initiated onto a specific path. You can learn it through HeartMath.

The way is not essential, but Heart-centered paths and meditations are among the best sure-fire ways of personal spiritual advancement.

What Kind Of Meditation Should I Do?

For Chakra balancing, I’m a fan of body scanning. Anyone can learn it, and you can spend as much or as little time working through your body.

Also, we have all done some kind of body scan before. Even if all you did was stop in the middle of what you were doing to feel, you were starting to have a headache.

You’ve done it when someone asked you how you are feeling?

For Chakra meditation, you can start with five-minute mindfulness meditation. Then take a few deep breaths and hold the state. Then began to scan your body to the first Chakra energy center.

It doesn’t matter if you start from the Crown or the Root; just pick a direction and do all 7 centers. Just remember, Chakras are perceived as whirling pools of energy, so in your mind, spin them up clockwise unless you’re left-handed.

And in that case, you may want to spin them up counter-clockwise. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what you discover.

Once you picked a starting point, spin up each Chakra and hold it in that spun-up position for a minute or two. Then move on to the next one.

As you finish one, just move on; don’t spin it down again until your finish. Never forget this real mental energy you are manipulating; you want to keep the flow open and moving.

When you’re ready to close the exercise go back through each Chakra and see them slowing down their spinning because a counterforce is going in the other direction.

When you feel it stop, move on to the next center until you have done all seven.

An alternative to meditation

In this article, I focused on meditation, but I have to give an honorable mention to self-hypnosis.

Because so many people have issues starting and maintaining a regular meditation practice. The last thing you need is to get tripped up at the beginning. So Self-Hypnosis is an excellent permanent work-round.

You get all the benefits of meditation with the added bonus of almost effortless practice. And just like with meditation, the more you do it, the deeper you go, and the more effective your practice becomes.

So if you want to learn that way instead of meditation, then you would be best served by taking the
Learn hypnosis in 5 days Free course from Hypnosis downloads.

They also have great material on the site overall, but the course is 100% free. The class shows you how to do self-hypnosis along with hypnosis in general.

Seriously you can’t find much better content on the internet, free or paid.

Do Chakra Colors And Patterns Matter? 

This is going to sound non-committal, but the answer is both. Just speaking in terms of pure mental science, no, it doesn’t matter at all.

You can make up your own model of an energy system for the physical body. Several people have already done it and written books about it too.

This is because all energy is the same thing, and we’ve known this since Hermes Trismegistus penned the Emerald Tablet.

But energy models like Chakras have been used by millions of people for hundreds if not thousands of years. This methodology has been used, tested, and proven over and over again.

When you’re working with something this well used, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it. Because even if it’s incorrect, the system has proven itself in its performance.

It’s hard to argue with results.

Related Questions

If Chakra meditation is just a visualization, do I really need to do them?

Yes, you should. Mental doesn’t mean it’s not real. There is natural energy flowing through you right now. That energy is in some places blocked or overactive or not working as it should.

One of the best ways to stay on top of this energy system is by regularly tuning ourselves. As I said in the article, you don’t have to use the 7 Chakra system; it’s just handy.

But you should use some type of energy balancing system even if you make it up on your own.

What about crystals, stones, and other spiritual hardware?

Always remember that you are the operating power. The crystals, stones, smudge sticks, and the rest all work because you are engaging with them.

Suppose your amethyst is just sitting there on the ledge. In that case, its usefulness is severely limited compared to holding it and drawing energy from the purple quartz.

Can they help you? Absolutely but they only work as advertised if you work with them.

An excellent place to begin is getting your favorite stones or ones that catch your eye and meditate with them. You do this by laying them on each chakra center on your body and scanning which one feels best.

You can even do an all one type of stone day.

  • Monday Tiger’s Eye
  • Tuesday Rose Quartz
  • Wednesday Hematite

So on and so on. You’re going to have to experiment to see what feels right but have fun with it.

If the Chakra system is in the lower Etheric, does that mean it’s not essential?

In your life experience, your energy body is vital. It governs your health and how you perceive your reality. It is also your body once you leave here.

I can’t say how long you have it after you leave the mortal realm but keeping it healthy and strong is always a good idea. As I covered in another article, the lower etheric body is also a power converter that steps the Etheric into the physical.

So its role is vitally important. Not to mention this lesser version of the upper Etheric is the place where we practice. We are learning how to handle ourselves here in the Lower Etheric. Here you can only manifest one or two at a time.

Whereas in the Upper Etheric, you can get all your manifestations all at once. That could be a great or terrible thing, depending on your level of control. So the need to step it down by orders of magnitude is what the Lower Etheric is all about.

We are all learning here, and it’s all-important.

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