How Does Subtle Energy Work?

In many cultures worldwide, people have been using subtle Energy techniques and practices for thousands of years.

During meditation, many people say they can feel an energetic field moving throughout their bodies. We know that a vast amount of energy exists in the universe and on planet Earth that permeates our bodies and affects our lives every day.

Science has also known about this since the early 1900s. Although its significance has been debated, it is now accepted that there is a human energy field.

But what is a subtle energy field, and how does it work? 

The term “subtle energy” refers to the world of subtle forces that surround and permeate all things. These fields might include, among other energies, electromagnetic radiation, gravitational; magnetism; waves; rotational motion; and/or thermodynamic.

Subtle energies work by surrounding, permeating, and affecting everything around us, including our bodies. 

In fact, they affect everything from our health and well-being to the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Becoming aware of the flow of energy

If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re somewhat familiar with terms like energy worker and Reiki practitioner. 

Maybe you’ve worked with a few or taken some Polarity therapy classes or had some other exciting experiences that made you think.

“Hey, there’s really something to this.”

But there are other ways to become aware of the energy flowing through you. Especially if you become aware of your own energy body and start feeling sensations in different parts of your body. 

You may feel more alive sometimes and less active at other times.” You might also notice that some areas feel more sensitive than others. For example, maybe you’re more physically sensitive just after a big meal, or perhaps more emotionally sensitive when you’re feeling lonely.

This is all energy flowing through your body and just takes a little focus so you can become more aware of it.

This is so important because the energy is already here; you just need to know how to use it. 

Learning how to feel the energy in the human body

Start with the hands. First, put your hands together and rub them briskly until they heat up. 

Next, pull them apart about eighteen inches or so, then slowly bring them together until your hands feel like they are pushing against something sponge-like.

What you’re feeling is your auric field.

Now take an index finger and slowly extend it between your palms for about an inch. Feel the energy in your auric field pushing against the finger. 

You can try this with both hands simultaneously.

The more you practice at this, the further out your field will become. In other words, it will start to feel as if your personal energy field is growing. 

Your personal energy centers are not expanding, but your awareness of them is. There are several energy therapies you can find online to show you how to strengthen and expand your energy body. 

And let’s say you start practicing some of them. Do you know the first thing that will happen as you progress?  You will begin to notice and feel the energy from other people. When this starts to happen, you will find yourself wondering.  

“Why do I feel like that? Suppose it’s an emotional, energetic charge. In that case, you may find yourself feeling happy, sad, angry, horny, or whatever at the oddest times of the day. 

This is not a bad or good thing, but it is definitely something you want to get control of. You are starting to become an energy worker whether you realize it or not. 

But if you do take conscious control, you can use this new ability for your own benefit.

Use Subtle Energy to your advantage

So now we have established that you can feel the flow of energy around you. What can you do with this information?

Well, one of the first things we recommend would be to make sure you are in control of your own energy. And to do that, you must build and charge your auric field.

This is also called biofield energy healing, but it’s not healing so much as it’s restoring and charging your field. 

The vast majority of people living in modern cultures suffer from low energy. Whether it’s phyiscal, emotional, or mental, we can treat them all in the same way.   

You have to balance out the imbalances. And you do energy balancing with specific treatments that use visualization to direct the flow of energy that’s all around you into your body. 

This is what energy medicine is all about. Sounds simple to do, and it is. 

The skill comes in learning how to go into the right state and remain there while doing the Self-Healing Techniques.

Which energy healing practices should you learn?

While Tai Chi and Qigong are familiar to most people, there are many other methods. The majority of these methods are recent inventions. 

But like reiki, they are receiving acceptance in the larger wellness community because the techniques are helping people.   

As you look over these different energetic modalities, keep in mind that all the energetic healing comes from using mental imagery to move and direct the energy already here. 

You are the central flame that causes the reaction but how you use that energy is as varied as the imagination. 

Fourteen vibrational medicine protocols 

 Grounding Technique (GHT)/Clearing Technique (CT)Clears out energy blockages in the body at the physical, emotional, and mental levels. This is a highly effective technique for clearing any area in your life that is causing you trouble. It can also be used to clear an auric field after it has been cleared with other techniques to boost the effectiveness of the GHT or CT when done after other GHT or CT treatments. After clearing, you should work on balancing any imbalances again with your chosen practice routine.
The Healing Hands Technique (HHT)A powerful mental and emotional healing technique that clears any emotional blocks. This makes it possible to focus on a particular issue for a more extended period. Suppose a person cannot complete this technique. In that case, they can still benefit from going into the state of being after the HHT has been completed.
The Self-Healing Technique (SHT)A powerful general self-healing technique used by all of the earlier methods when combined with other procedures such as CT/GHT or HHT. Someone who has been cleared of physical illness may find it easier to draw on their energy from another source, such as an angelic being or a kundalini energy current. This is not the same as energetic healing. The mental processes can also lift a person into a higher state of consciousness at will. The general feeling that comes with it may be suitable if one is seeking self-healing.
Aura Cleanse Technique (AC)Used to clear blocked energies from the aura for things such as illnesses, accidents, and emotional blocks.
Kundalini Technique (KT)A healing technique that can lift a person into a higher state of consciousness at will. It can also open a person’s heart chakra and align the chakras with healing emotional and mental issues. 
The Mahasacharit Bhava Bhava Technique (MBB)A powerful relaxation technique similar to the HHT also works to clear energy blockages from the aura. 
The Vibration Technique (VT)Used to help connect with the higher self, angels, and the universe. It can be used to improve intuition and clear emotional blockages.
The Healing Flame Technique (HFT)A powerful emotional and mental healing technique that can help alleviate any emotional and cognitive issues. It also works on clearing any physical illness in the body when done with the HHT or SHT. However, it may take longer to clear disease in the body when combined with this technique.
The Heart Opening Technique (HOT)Used to open more parts of the heart chakra of the body through energy. It is similar to the HHT in that it can be used on any part of the body. However, it is more specifically focused on affecting the heart. 
The Crystal Palace Technique (CPT)A mind/body technique that can be used with other energy healing techniques to reinforce their effectiveness for an even more significant result. You can also use it to clear blockages from your auric field and aura. This is especially helpful in healing any emotional issues you may have in your life.
The Sun God Technique (SGT)A powerful healing technique that can clear away any blockages in the body, aura, or chakras, especially if you are an empath.
The Color Energy Healing Technique (CEH)An advanced form of energy healing that can be used with SHT, HHT, CT, MFT, GHT, VT, HOT, AC, KT, and others to help heal various ailments of the body and auric field.  
The Universal Energy Technique (UET)A powerful healing technique is used to help open the heart chakra of your body. It is related to the KT, but not exactly the same. It can be used to mobilize a form of universal energy accessible throughout space and time, which can be accessed for any purpose. This is a very advanced healing technique that should only be used by people who have been cleared of physical, emotional, and mental issues utilizing any number of other energy healing techniques.
The Universal Energy Healing Technique (UEH)This technique is related to the UET. It can be used for healing or psychic and spiritual development. It is a powerful technique that comes from the universe. It should only be used by someone who has mastered all of the abovementioned methods in this section of energy healing techniques. This technique also requires a person to have an open space-time connection with the universe and access to universal energy. 

As you can see, the range of alternative healing methods and practices is far and wide. And this list is only a few of the more popular techniques. But what you’ll notice with this list is that all these protocols require two things.

  1. They all rely on some form of visualization.
  2. They all require you to go into an alternate state of consciousness.

So once you get past all the different styles and types, you’ll see that it’s all the same process.

Visualization and alternate states are all you need

Yes, you can simplify all the work into visualizing while in a trance-like state. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do healing or building up your light body. You could even be practicing some manifestation techniques; the same principles apply. 

Trance + Visualization = success  

And for working with, building up, focusing, and directing subtle energy, trance, and guided imagery are what you need.

To start with, you need to learn self-hypnosis. And you can pick up this lifelong skill for free right here. Don’t underestimate the power of hypnosis. 

You may not be able to manifest a double income increase in your life right now. 

But by using hypnosis for a few months, you can pad up your checking account like a stuffed animal. As for visualization, there are books and more books and videos upon videos telling you how to do it.  

However, I have found that hypnosis is the best way to learn how to visualize. So if you have USD 15.00, that’s right, you can learn an intuitive way to naturally visualize now for fifteen dollars. 

While it’s not my product, I’ve used it and it works great. Also, if you combine it with the “Getting Lucky sessions,” you’re going to experience some exciting turn of events over the next few weeks/months.

But whatever you decide to do, get self-hypnosis under your belt and get into the practice of visualization energy flowing in and out of you. 

Do nothing else but those two things and you will experience noticeable benefits in your energy levels. 

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