How long does it take to learn hypnosis?

How long does it take to get good at hypnotizing people?

Well, that depends because it’s not an easy thing to master and the level of hypnosis training can vary wildly. Also, in the United States, there is no neutral governing body that accredits a hypnosis certification.

So depending on the state, anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist and open up a hypnotherapy business. 

Furthermore, the states that have licensing requirements are all over the place with how many study hours and varying requirements. While other states don’t seem to care one bit.

And then there are those who simply self-certify without any formal education whatsoever. In other words, there is a huge difference in the quality of hypnosis training across the entire country.

However what you can do and what we advise is learn how to do hypnosis on yourself, at least at first. Because you need to be able to hypnotize yourself before you even think about working with anyone else. 

Is it hard to learn self-hypnosis?

No not at all and you can learn the mechanics right now. So let’s jump into some basic techniques to help you out.

First off you want to start by getting comfortable but not so comfortable that you fall asleep. So make sure you are not lying in your bed as the subconscious mind will equate your exercise with sleeping.    

Now close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose while counting backward from 10 to 1. 

Most people connect counting backward to a downward feeling. So if you want to feel yourself going down a flight of stairs or an elevator to add to the experience go right ahead.

Next, you will do a progressive relaxation exercise. Using mental imagery imagine a relaxing sensation starting at the top of your head and work your way down to the bottom of your feet. 

There is no such thing as hurry up and relax so do not rush through this part.

Let that relaxed sensation rest on your face and shoulders and arms. Let it slowly work its way down each leg to your feet. And you can stop here, but if you really want to take your practice to deeper levels bring your attention back to your face.

Now focus your attention on your scalp and think to yourself relax. 

Next, move down to your forehead and do the same thing. Now move to your eyelids, then your cheeks. Do the same steps for your mouth and throat. 

Now once you’ve done all this your body should be in a rather deep trance-like state. And when the body has an experience, it remembers how to repeat that experience. 

You just need to install a trigger. This will be your first of many post-hypnotic suggestions.

All you need to do is connect the thumb and middle finger of your off-hand together and think to yourself.

“You are now in a state of hypnosis. Remember this state.”

You may want to repeat that statement a few times but don’t blindly chant it like a Mantra. Say it to yourself slowly and deliberately.

Once you’re satisfied with your programming, say to yourself again. 

“You will come back full conscious mind awareness on one, two, three.”

Then snap your fingers 1 to 3 times by your ear and come all the way out. 

And that’s it you just did a form of hypnosis on yourself. How long did that take? Less than an hour. So you can learn self-hypnosis in under an hour. 

But you have to maintain that suggestion by consistently firing off your trigger. Which means you need to be practicing simple steps every day.

Soon you will so familiar with the process of hypnosis that you will be ready to move on to other self-hypnosis techniques.

Self-hypnosis training at home

The practice above is just one of the multiple basic techniques that can get you into a trance-like state but I’m sure you want to know what else you can do with it?

Firstly let me tell you there is nothing wrong with sticking with one method. They are only tools to help you achieve something bigger. So if a practice like the one above is working for you, great keep working with it. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t augment what you’re doing for better results. Because combining a few more basic techniques can give you some powerful results.

One technique that works well is called “auto-suggestion”. This involves using positive suggestions to create new beliefs about yourself. What’s most important here is the acceptance of suggestions.

If you repeatedly give your subconscious mind positive messages that do not conflict with your inner self-image, eventually it will accept them.

Another good tool is visualization.

While auto-suggestion helps change your thoughts, visualization changes your feelings. It allows you to see yourselves as you would like to be or feel.

Visualization also gives you control over your emotions because you can choose how you feel as you imagine your outcome.

Lastly are post-hypnotic suggestions that are used to reinforce any ideas that were programmed during hypnotism. They are very useful for creating habits and changing behaviors.

This may be a bit more advanced because here you would record yourself speaking direct suggestions and Indirect suggestions into a recording to playback while in hypnosis. 

Advanced Self-hypnosis training online

There are a few ways to train yourself to become better at self-hypnosis. Some people prefer learning from books, others prefer video tutorials.

I find a combination of reading, videos, and practicing hypnosis works best. 

To start you may want to pick up a book called A Guide to Trance Land: A Practical Handbook of Ericksonian and Solution-Oriented Hypnosis by Bill O Hanlon.

The book has lots of practical information on how to use hypnosis effectively especially if you’re just starting out. He makes it easy to understand even though it’s written for people going into hypnotherapy.

But the other reason I’m recommending this book is that it’s a good entry into the style of therapy and thinking of Milton H Erickson.

Because it was Dr. Erickson who thought that the subconscious mind or Unconscious had all the answers, solutions, and the path to get there. 

Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.

 Milton H Erickson.

Milton Erikson developed his own unique approach to helping patients overcome their problems through hypnosis. His methods have been proven effective time after time.

In fact, they’ve helped millions of people worldwide. Because his basic techniques were simplified into what we now know as (NLP) Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

But what if you want more than book knowledge? 

What if you need an interactive learning approach where you can learn hypnosis more in-depth and can practice more self-hypnosis techniques. 

In that case, I recommend you give the Free Learn Hypnosis in Five Days course a try.  Speaking as someone who took the course long before I became a Hypnotherapist, the class is excellent.  

It’s worth a few hundred dollars on its own but they have never charged for this class as far as I can remember and I’ve been using their services since 2010.

And if you want to take things a few steps further you can try out their Uncommon Hypnosis Course.

The Uncommon hypnosis course is a paid course at $100.00 USD.

However, this is more like enrolling in an online hypnotherapy school. And the end goal is you becoming a hypnosis practitioner. 

Now, this is where you can move beyond just working on yourself to actually helping other people. 

And you don’t have to stop there either. Because They have an entire curriculum that anyone from novice to .. can learn and benefit from. 

But you don’t need to jump into the deep end of the pool just yet.

Start with the free course and take it as far as you want. These are all paths to learn Hypnosis quickly, efficiently, and without stressing your budget.  

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