How to Harness Subtle Energy Like A Master

How to Harness Energy

Energy is everywhere and in everything. In fact, the Multiverse as we know it is energy in various phases. And this is probably not your first time reading a statement like that.

Because I’ve been reading blogs and videos and going to seminars and online classes for almost two decades, and they all say the same things.

Your body is energy; your thoughts and feelings are energy too.

Yawn… But when we got to the actual work, I was often left feeling like the teaching was lacking.

And yet, I managed with much effort, time, and money to work out some tenets of truth about harnessing and using your energy.

You harness subtle energy by becoming aware of it and adjusting your nervous system to hold stronger currents. Contrary to some opinions on the internet, you don’t store subtle energy, but you transmute and transfer it.

Because the energy in all its forms is only temporary patterns on the way to becoming something else.

Energy is meant to flow through you, and if you relax and let it, you gain the ability to harness it for your purposes.

So in this article, we’re going to show you how the process works.

Your Energy Work Needs Proper The Settings

Before we go any further, you’re going to have to ingrain a process into a habit.

  1. Grounding
  2. Centering
  3. Shielding
GroundingCentering is how you balance your energy or new energy coming into you. It allows you to sense the difference between what’s your energy and what’s from the outside.
CenteringCentering is how you balance your energy or new energy coming into you. It allows you to sense the difference between what’s your energy and what’s from the outside.
ShieldingShielding has more to do with protecting the configuration of your energy pattern than keeping people and things out. You can make a shield around anything; loved ones, pets, your home, car, and so on.

Centering and shielding have a lot in common. You can set up barriers to separate your emotions and thoughts from others in your space.

They both can help you protect yourself from absorbing negative emotions from other people as well.
You can use both to prevent energy leeches from tapping your energy.

And believe it or not, both centering and shielding protect your energy from so-called spirit attacks and other unfriendly events.

As for Grounding, you can think of it as the overall energy environment you’re in at any given time. And your job is to help keep the environment in balance.

The 2 types of Subtle energy methods 

In another article on Energy work exercises, I described the two energy work methods people use in energy work and healing.

If you want a deeper dive, you can jump in here, but for now, let’s just focus on the 2 methods.

Method number 1 is the resonance information theory.

Which says that all the material of the body is made up of moving particles. So, every cell is in motion as a part of an energy wave. So if you can change the frequency or resonance of the wave, you can change the material multiverse, including your bodies.

The other method, number 2, is The life force.

Here energy is viewed as a complete system like the human body. Organs are energy centers or chakras. Circulatory channels are meridians,

You also have an outer energetic skin called the energy field or aura.

According to this method, your energy system has the primary function of harnessing, circulating, and discarding energies as needed for you to live.

Keep in mind these are just methods or ways to see and use subtle energy. They both have their uses, and there are popular systems with both.

Reiki would be in alignment with method 1.
Whereas working with the chakra system is more akin to method #2.

I’ve trained and used both, and although I’m biased towards method 2, that’s personal preference only. The way we use either method is the same.

We use Guided imagery or visualization. Each practitioner then uses their own way of sensing the energy flow from or through them out to the world.

You Begin Building Your Energy With Visualization. 

At first, when you practice Grounding, Centering, and Shielding, you’re not going to feel much. But this is where you get the opportunity to hone your visualization skills.

Seeing and sensing work together. If you ever heard the phrase where attention goes, energy flows. Well, that’s what’s happening here.

There are more than a few techniques you can use for grounding centering and shielding. Google them individually and then use them together one after the other.

What we need to focus on here is the practice of visualization itself.

Creative visualization is a way of using your imagination to form vivid mental images. These images, in turn, change your emotional energy around the subject of the photo (s).

Remember, emotional energy is just The One Energy of the multiverse channeled through e-motion. Aside from using this energy to manifest, you can also use it to harness power through you.

That’s why visualization has been used to create material changes in the body, like healing wounds and reducing pain.

It’s also been used for psychological healing. Such as the work of Dr. Maltz with using self-image visualization.

Visualizing a better Self-image can improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

Visualizing can help with anxiety and sadness and improve the way you feel and function in social settings. As you can see, visualization is more than make-believe. You are actually directing the energy of the multiverse instead.

However, for our purposes here, you use visualization to direct The One Energy to make a safe, sacred space for you to work or play in.

Also, it is not a necessity to see the visualization clearly or even at all. Far too much emphasis is placed on the ‘visual’ part and not enough on the mental side.

Everything is happening inside your mind, so where are your eyes again? Chances are you have them close, or maybe you’re wearing a sleeping mask to get closer to total blackness ( if so good for you).

And again, I ask, where are your eyes?

Nowhere because you’re not using them is the answer. Everything is going on inside your mind, which isn’t your brain at all. Your brain is a precious piece of firmware that your mind runs, however.

So when you’re visualizing, you are bringing all 5 senses plus emotion into the mix.
This means you should allow your mind to use what sense(s) works best.

When you’re doing the Grounding exercise, maybe you will feel the energy better than seeing the energy going into the Earth. Or maybe in your shielding exercising, you’ll hear a loud locking noise as your energetic shield goes up.

There are so many different ways to do this. But all the techniques involve feeling as if it were so. And I mean both feeling as sensation and feeling as in your emotions.

You will be using these feelings not only to set the sacred space for your work but to actually do your work or play.

you must feel the energy

You Build Subtle Energy By Sensing It First

Here’s a quick exercise you can do to start to feel the energy in your body right now. Take your hands, rub them together for a few seconds, and slowly begin to pull them apart.

Once you have them about 6 inches apart, move them towards each other until they’re about 2 inches apart. You should be feeling one of two different sensations. One is heated, and the other is pressure.

The pressure you feel is that energy environment we mentioned earlier. The heat is how your body is channeling the energy through you. Also, the heat you’re feeling is much more than just radiation.

It’s also thought energy, emotional energy, and intention coming out of you.

But for now, there’s no need to concern yourself with the differences between the different types of energy. Because they are all being sourced from “The One” Energy.

What you want to do is become more attuned to feeling the energy coursing through you. The best practice to start with is a body scan, but we’re going to do it differently.

Body scan meditations are mainly used to relieve muscle groups’ tension as you work your way up or down your body. People have also used them to relax into a guided meditation or even hypnosis.

But today, we’re going to use the technique to build up the energy pathways in your body.

Energy building Body Scan

First, get comfortable. You can either lay down or sit comfortably in a soft chair. Next, take a few (3 or 4) long, deep breaths and close your eyes while doing so.

By now, you should be relaxed but not in a hypnotic or meditative state. In fact, in the beginning, it’s better if you don’t use hypnosis or meditation for this.

Because you want to feel the energy without the need to be in an alternative state.

There is nothing wrong with meditative or alternate states. I use them all the time, but you need to know you can manipulate energy whenever you need it.

Now start at your head or the bottoms of your feet and work your way down or up. Let’s say you started at your head.

Bring your awareness to the top of your head and take a few deep breaths while keeping your attention on the top of your head. You can allow some tension to be released.

Or if the part of your body that you’re aware of is in discomfort, you can say/think to that part of your body.

“The body knows how to relax and ease the discomfort or pain.”

Repeat that phrase a few times until you notice some relief. Now it’s time to expand the energy pathways in that part of your body.

  1. As you’re focusing on that part of your body, take a deeper than average breath.
  2. Feel the energy you’re holding in with your breath rushing to that part of your body your awareness is.
  3. Hold your breath and attention on that area for at least 5 seconds.
  4. Release your breath and attention and let yourself relax for a second or two.

Now repeat this process for every section of your body. Do not get hung up on your chakras. Remember, we are strengthening the entire structure.

So we start at the head then move to the face. Then move to your Neck, down both arms, your upper torso, then your lower torso into your diaphragm above your abdomen.

Now move down to your abdomen, followed by your sexual organs and genitalia. Then work down each leg to the bottoms of your feet. And if you’re feeling up to it, you can also work back the way you came.

The point here is to expand your awareness of subtle energy moving through you. And then expand the inner channels by which they travel.

The excess oxygen and awareness set a condition where more energy comes through you. So if you keep doing this by day 30, you will feel the difference without question.

Dealing With Energetic Blockages

There is a lot of content on the internet about energy blockages, and some of it’s pretty good. But if you want to get to the core of the matter, energy blockages come from two sources.

Fear and anger develop energetic blockages. Because in both cases, anger and fear constrict your energy channels. The constriction doesn’t need to be a complete shunting to cause damage either.

Many people live with a malnutrition energy body, but they have no idea due to mass ignorance. These unfortunate people have been suffering from low energy levels or wondering why they always feel tired.

I will not try to make this article into medical advice but understand that an underfed energy body can lead to severe complications.

Your focus will be on clearing any blockages by releasing fear and anger. This is best done with a weekly exercise to see and feel the negative emotions leaving your body. There are two ways you can do this.

The first way is doing it yourself.

Get yourself in a comfortable place where you have about 20 minutes to spare. Now you want to put yourself into an alternative state using meditation or self-hypnosis.

Next, do your Grounding Centering and Shielding exercise. Now take 3 adverse events from your past, and you’re going to release them one at a time.

Take the first event and feel its memory inside of you. Then see and feel it rise up out of you and dissolve into thin air. Now that it’s dissolved, you can find the negative emotion behind it.

Take your time and feel it out. Once you’ve identified the emotion, see it also rising out of you and dissolving into thin air.

After the event and emotion charging it are cleared out, you should have some leftover energy remaining. You’ll feel it humming through you, so there will be no doubt.

Feel that new energy coming back into you. I like to picture it rolling up my arm and into my chest. But see/feel the energy moving into you however you like.

Repeat this process for the following two adverse events, and by the end, you should be pretty charged up for the next few days.

You want to do this practice once a week indefinitely. Yes, it’s that important. Because to maintain a balanced energy body, you must keep the channels and pathways as open as possible.

The other way of doing this is with a guided exercise.

The best one I can recommend is a part of the Hemi-Sync Gateway program. Their release and recharge exercise is very similar to the process I described above.

The Gateway program comes in 6 parts or levels. Still, the release program is on level one because it’s an important exercise to get familiar with early on.

After you start clearing your energy blockages, you may notice that you had more subtle energy available. It was there all the time; it just wasn’t flowing correctly.

9 Ways To Keep Your High Energy Current Flowing

If you’ve been doing the body scan, exercise daily or as close to daily as you can get. And if you’ve been doing the release and recharge exercise weekly as well, your energy body will be highly charged. It’s now crucial that you keep it at a high level.

Below are 9 best practices to keep vibrations high above the noise.

Set multiple alarms on your phoneSo that throughout your day, you can just stop and quickly take stock of how you’ve been using your energy. Use 30 seconds to close your eyes and go inward. If you’re feeling anything negative, see it dissolve into the air above and let the remaining energy back into you.
Bring your attention to your heartTake deep Inhalations and exhale while feeling energy and as much love emotion for yourself as you can move through your heart. Recognize that you’re inhaling and exhaling the power of the multiverse, and it’s supporting you like a backrest. Feel the energy flowing out of you and surrounding you on all sides. Breathe the energy into any place in your body that feels stuck or weak.
Quick recharge for work or lunch breakBring your awareness to your breath. Now guide your focus into the core of the body. Feel subtle channels running from the base of the spine to the heart. Take 5 to 10 big deep breaths while feeling and seeing subtle channels of energy running through your body from your core through the crown of the head and the bottoms of your feet.
Let your attention flow from your heart to your crown and then back again. Become aware of your gathering energy moving through your inner channels.
Free yourself of negativityBeing down or around negative people lowers your energy. So when you become aware of negativity within yourself, stop and release it at once. If you’re around negative people, find a way to change the subject, or if you can’t, then exhale out the negativity quietly with your breath until you can get away.
Create morning ritualsIf you start your mornings energetic, it will carry you throughout your day. When you start your mornings, do all your exercises as soon as you wake up. 
Doing so will develop a center of power you can tap into any time for whatever you need.
Gratitude is one of the most Positive emotions you can emanateWhen you are grateful, the resonance you are vibrating is higher than any negative emotion can reach. Gratitude also brings us back into the present moment and away from any negative thinking.
Run away from gossipGossip is worse than time-wasting (which it is). Gossip has the added disadvantage of carrying critical negative energy behind it. You’re always focusing on how wrong or bad someone is. So your focus on criticism comes out of you as you’re speaking it. Or it’s going into you as you are hearing it. Either way, it drains your energy.
Feel happiness, joy, and love as often as you can
Joy, love, and happiness are not conditions on something or a happening. They are emotions, and you can express them right now. Together they can propel your energy beyond any adverse situation. It may take an effort and even more effort to pause negative emotions, but it can be done.  
Vibrate the phrase ohmThis is a well-worn practice because it works. Breath in deep with your nose count to 3 and then slowly vibrate the tone ohmmm until you feel most of your breath leaving your body. Repeat the process until you feel charged. (the charge will most likely start in your head)

Is Guided Meditation Less Effective Than Unguided Meditation?

Best Way To Build Subtle Energy For The Postmodern Mind

First off, here’s a quickie to get you started. It’s called How to Use Hypnosis to Increase Your Energy Levels. This session uses hypnosis to give you an energy boost that is natural and steady throughout the day.

I have and will continue to advocate Hypnosis downloads because their content is superb. Beyond that, you will want to pick up a simple system to do and easy to learn.

And for that, I have two options for you.

Option 1 The Gateway Experience.

I can not say enough about the Gateway programs.

They were my first steps into a metaphysical world that I still have a hard time describing. All of the titles like meditation or spirituality won’t fit into the philosophy neatly.

A student of theirs once called it the closest you’ll get to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts in real life, and I have to agree.

Even if you have never in your life had anything close to feeling energy inside and around you. The Gateway program will open you up and then open you to new levels.

And I can speak on this from experience because I was Mr. Spare Me Story and Show Me Your Proof. And guess what they did.

I have another article here where I go into more details on Binaural beats if you’re interested. But it was The Monroe Institute’s Gateway experience that started it all for me back in 2007.

After that, I was hooked on the idea of expanding realities, other worlds, and that I had a natural energy body that I manipulate. It was one thing to watch videos talking about it and something else altogether to feel it for yourself.

So if you want to go all-in, The Gateway Experience is for you.

Option 2 Activate your light body in 7 days (Udemy Course)

As I said, I was hooked on the metaphysical.

So I dived in headfirst and started reading every esoteric/occult book I could find. I Learned Hypnotherapy. I learned Reiki.

I joined a few groups and did all kinds of exercises, rituals, and practices and found myself all mixed up in that beautiful esoteric sauce.

10 years later, I began to make my own content and got involved with being a teacher and guide. That led to an experiment to see if I could help people in the same way that The Gateway Experience helped me.

My experiment was successful and took it to the next level, which is the Udemy course. Activate your light body in a week.

This course is in the same Range as Gateway’s Level I Program Discovery. And I’m biased here, I know, but the quality is also on par with Gateway’s program. The big difference is the price.

The Gateway experience is close to $100.00 per program, and there are 6 programs.

The Udemy course is more price-friendly because I let Udemy determine the price, usually under $20.00 If you’re fortunate, you can even catch it on sale.

The course has been online for a few years, so you check out the reviews; there’s a bunch of them. There’s even an advanced course.

I’m not trying to sell you on either path; both are good, and if you choose the Gateway Experience, you can’t go wrong there.

My udemy course was a labor of love. I’ve been more than repaid for my efforts just by knowing that other people can do what I can and I can help them get there.

That’s too damn cool. I’m putting them here because these are the only two complete energy work systems that are not tied to some ancient tradition we westerns barely understand.

Nor does it require you to see the world in the eyes of whatever dogma’s being promoted.

All you need is the ability to promote your own energy and work on your own well-being. If you begin down that path and keep your intentions. Your inner wisdom will be your best guide.

Related Questions

What are the Main Energy channels?

There are three channels.

The left is also known as the Moon Channel. The Moon channel begins at the Root Chakra and goes up through the left side of the body, crossing into the temple and terminating on the right side of your brain.

The center is also known as the Middle Path. It goes from the base of the spine straight up the spine to your crown chakra.

The right channel, also called the Sun channel, travels up the body’s right side from your root chakra, terminating in your left temple.

There are terabytes of content on what they are supposedly used for and how you can manipulate your channels. Still, the best price you can do is one that keeps all the channels open wide and flowing freely.

Where are the Main Energy Centers?

  • Your throat Chakra 
  • Your Solar plexus Chakra
  • Your Root Chakra 

These are your direct power converters, and it makes sense when seeing how we use them. 

  • Throat = Speak
  • Solar plexus = Food 
  • Root = Sex

Why do you say we shouldn’t use alternate states for subtle energy harnessing but then promote Binaural beat courses? 

When you’re first trying to feel and move energy in your body, you should try it without any tools. So that way you know what it feels like and second you know you are not fooling yourself.

Also, you need to see that you can work with your energy anytime. There may be a situation where you don’t have time to go into Focus 12 or Zone 3 or whatever mental triggers you have to charge yourself.

In those times, it’s good to know you can still lay hands on someone in need and offer aid. And once you know that you know, you can use alternate states all day long. I’m a big fan of them but always remember the power comes through you, not the alternate states.

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