How to Use Hypnosis For Problem-Solving

Hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques and the power of suggestion to successfully overcome many problems such as phobias, addictions, pain management, stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety disorders, depression, and more.

But what about problem-solving? Can you use hypnosis to help you out of a long, complex situation? 

You can use hypnosis for creative problem solving because it connects you with your subconscious and unconscious minds where all the solutions are. 

We already know the answers are not in your conscious thinking. In fact, overthinking can have a negative effect. Because creative problem solving is one of those abilities that cannot be forced. The more you try, the worse your problem-solving abilities get.

Modern research backs this up: the more stressed you are and the more time constraint you are under, the poorer you are at coming up with innovative solutions to issues.

The mind is the ultimate problem solver. It’s just that, unfortunately, we don’t have the best communication lines between our conscious and unconscious minds. 

But during hypnosis, you can improve your ability to communicate with your subconscious mind by going into a deep trance-like state. Hence, you relax and have direct access to your inner-self. 

Once there, you can ask for solutions and ideas that you could not think up with your conscious mind. But when your inner-self responds, it is as if you knew all along.

You may wonder why you didn’t think of that solution before because it seems so obvious. But only your subconscious and unconscious minds were aware of it, and that’s how this process works.

Problem-Solving Therapy is the area of the Unconscious Mind

In hypnosis, you’ll find yourself in either one of two areas.

You will either be in the Subconscious or the Unconscious. Often the differences between the two are glossed over, but for this article and to improve your problem-solving skills, you need to understand what they are. 

Your Subconscious mind is an amalgamation of thoughts, memories, feelings, and experiences that reside deep within you. It’s the part of your brain that controls all those things we do without thinking about them – like breathing or walking. It also helps us make decisions based on our emotions and past experience.

The subconscious can be a powerful tool in helping solve problems, but it has its limits. 

For one, the subconscious only deals with you on a personal level. It’s not ignorant of the world around you, and your subconscious can be a great aid in helping you navigate this realm. 

But its influence beyond your auric field is weak. 

The Unconscious mind, on the other hand, deals with things from the point of the collective consciousness of all human beings. So it’s a shared storehouse of information that can often be accessed if you know how to.

The unconscious mind also holds all the individual life outcomes stored locally in the Subconscious minds of all humans who ever excited or could exist. And since all reality is an agreed-upon living hologram, it’s to the Unconscious mind that you go to rearrange it.

That includes creative solutions to holographic reality problems.  

So, while the subconscious is only linked to you personally, the unconscious connects everyone and everything and is the foundation of reality itself. 

So how does one access the Unconscious mind? How can it be used to better your life and solve problems? 

Use Self-hypnosis with some practical guidelines

1 Use self-hypnosis or any other relaxation techniques you may know.

2 Connect with the unconscious mind

3 Wait until you feel relaxed enough to receive answers.

4 Deliver the problem question or issue to the unconscious, then wait for a response.

5 Ask clarifying questions if you need a better understanding of what you are receiving.

6 Once you have received clear guidance from the Unconscious mind, take action accordingly.

7 For all future issues, repeat steps 1 through 6 until you reach a resolution.

This is an overview, and as you can see, besides knowing hypnosis, there is no other special technique to do. It’s not about doing anything. Here it is about your intention. 

Because there is not a number or address to type in to get to your unconscious mind. You just have to think about who you are talking to and hold that thought while you ask the question in your mind. 

I know it sounds like skipping and chewing gum simultaneously, but I promise you that’s not the case. Actually, you’ll find yourself getting more focused instead. 

Because in hypnosis, you are in a profoundly relaxed state. Which means you are using far less energy than usual. This is when people supposedly nod off, but that’s not what you are doing.

You’re dipping in and out of your Unconscious Mind

Some people call this clicking out because you’re not asleep. For example, if someone spoke to you, you would respond immediately. Also, when a hypnosis session ends, you come right out of it. Even if you are in the deepest of trance, you pop right out.

Because you are not in the midst of sleep but in your own unconscious mind. 

The same unconscious that creates and recreates reality. And now you are deliberately communing with it within yourself.  

Still with me? Good.

Now just think of what you can do with that natural side effect of being in a profound state of trance? 

It would go like this…

First, you go into a nice deep trance. Then you take the question, and you make it into a symbol. I like to use a baseball but do whatever you feel. 

Now take your question or issue and visualize yourself writing it on your symbol or stamp it there. Or just see the words appear on your symbol.

Then launch it into your unconscious. You can pull out the imaginary field artillery if you like. Personally, I either throw the baseball out into the void, or I use a bat and swing like I am trying to hit a grand slam home run.  

Then you wait to see if you get a reply. If nothing happens, don’t be surprised. You will usually get your answer/resolution within 48 hours, but sometimes it can be instant too. 

And just to be thorough, we’re going to repeat that same question at least once but no more than two more times. Lastly, end the trance and go about your day. If you didn’t get a response or a knowing feeling, all that means is you will get your answer later. So keep your attention and conscious mind turned up. 

But you don’t know hypnosis or Self-hypnosis, so what now?

Learning hypnosis and self-hypnosis is key to making Problem-Solving Therapy work for you. 

Think about it you can have a systematic approach to handle every single problem and complex situation that may arise. And you’ll be pulling resolutions from the most intelligent, most powerful being in the cosmos. 

All you need is a path to trance land. And I can’t think of a better place to start than the Free Learn Hypnosis in Five Days from Hypnosis downloads. 

Their work is some of the best on the internet. 

Not only do I recommend them, but I’ve used their products since 2010. So I’m also a loyal and happy customer. But I’m not asking you to buy anything. Self-hypnosis can be taught for free and should be, in my opinion.

And Mark and Roger at Hypnosis downloads are some of the best in the field. 

Not to mention that once you learn how to hypnotize yourself, you will not have direct access to your subconscious and unconscious minds. That alone is worth your time.  

But the ability to solve your issues like a wise zen master is pretty cool too.  

And with hypnosis, you can have both.

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