How to Use Hypnosis on Yourself

Hypnosis can be used to change your life for the better. It is a technique that allows you to relax and focus on a specific goal, but it’s not limited to just goal achievement.

In fact, there are many different reasons why you would want to use hypnosis on yourself. Some of the issues that could be worked on using hypnotherapy are depression, stress, weight loss, etc.

You can use hypnosis to better your health, increase your productivity, and even eliminate unwanted habits. 

Because hypnosis is a mind-control technique where you put yourself into a trance-like state. Then use suggestions to alter your subconscious mind until you believe that you are experiencing an event, reprogramming a behavior, or changing some other part of the self. 

In other words, this is a technique used to change your thoughts and behaviors and thereby change you.

And there are many more benefits to using hypnosis on yourself. So in this article, I’m going to expand on some of the reasons why you should try it out for yourself.

Everything begins with a hypnotic trance

A trance is a deep mental and emotional state involving fascination, amazement, and control.

The use of trance to describe a hypnotic state or events is an old primitive tradition. The ancient Greeks used this word to describe a meditative stupor where people were in a trance-like state. It was also used to refer to the time spent in the ecstatic dancing of the Dionysus.

Then, in the 16th-century, religions and other esoteric groups used trance states in conjunction with magical techniques to achieve spiritual goals.

Today you can use hypnotic trance to improve your habits, behavior as well as bend reality.

 When we talk about hypnosis, we usually think about someone who has been trained by a professional therapist. But anyone can learn how to induce a trance quickly enough. You don’t need special training. 

But before we go further, let me explain something else first:

Hypnotism is energy. Energy exists everywhere around us. We all contain subtle energy within our bodies. This energy flows through our body like electricity flowing through wires, representing the flow of energy throughout our entire being.

When we move our attention from one area of our body to another, we affect the energy flow in those areas. In turn, when we direct our attention towards certain parts of our brain, we activate them.

But in hypnosis, the body is relaxed to the point where even the blood flow through your body is calmer. As a result, there are no interference patterns like bifurcation echos.

So when you focus your mind on a hypnotic suggestion, you are bringing 4 to 6 times the energy you would usually. This is one of the secrets as to how post-hypnotic suggestions get their power.

In fact, this is one of the secrets to hypnosis itself. Your ability to relax completely is how you can draw enough energy to make changes or make anything else you’re doing in trace work. 

Learn a Self-Hypnosis Technique

Now it’s time to learn a way to go into a trance on your own. And here, we are going to use the progressive muscle relaxation technique. 

Do this exercise all the way through and make sure you anchor it at the end as the instruction tell you to do. This method is so valuable because you are relaxing every part of your body on command using your conscious mind. 

This almost falls into the area of bio-feedback because, in essence, that’s what you’re doing. Then once you’re in that relaxed state, you will anchor yourself there so you can go back to that state whenever you need to. 

This method is also used in deep meditation to learn how to have out-of-body experiences. (OOBE) But today, we’re going to use this exercise to assist you in learning how to enter a trance on command. 

The first step is to get comfortable, but not so comfy that you fall asleep.

Don’t lie in bed because the subconscious mind will associate this with sleep.  Breathe slowly through your nose while counting backward. Start at ten and count down to one. 

For most people, counting backward is associated with a feeling of moving Down, like going downstairs. You may want to imagine yourself taking the elevator or walking downstairs to add to the experience.

In the next step, you will perform progressive relaxation exercises. Imagine a relaxing feeling. Start at your head and work your way down to your feet. 

Do not rush through this part because hurrying up and relaxing don’t mix.

Feel the relaxed sensation on your face, shoulders, and arms.

Then, let it gradually reach your feet as it moves down your leg. You can stop here, but if you’d like to take your practice further, go back to your face.

Focus your attention now on your scalp. Think to yourself, relax. Allow that thought to linger in your mind for a few seconds and allow that body part to soften. 

This part of your body will feel like it is being released from a vice grip.  

Next, do the same thing on your forehead.

Then, move on to your eyelids and cheeks.

Lastly, follow the same steps for your mouth and throat. 

After you’ve done all this, your body will be in a trance-like state. Once the body has had a particular experience, it knows how to repeat it. 

You only need to install a trigger. This will be your first of hopefully many post-hypnotic suggestions.

Connect your thumb and index finger on your off-hand and think to yourself.

“You are now in hypnosis. Remember the feeling.” 

This statement should be repeated a few times, but not like a mantra. Instead, repeat it slowly and deliberately to yourself.

Now take a few minutes and enjoy the feeling of hypnosis. Get familiar with it because this is your trance, and they are as unique as your fingerprints. 

Now when you have finished with this trance, say to yourself. 

“I will come back to full conscious awareness on 1, 2, 3….” Then snap your fingers next to your ear several times and come all the way out. 

Congratulations, you just did hypnosis on yourself by yourself. Yes, you followed the instructions, but everyone learns from someone. But now, you can take what you’ve learned and make it your own.

Taking your trance work to a deeper level

The first thing you want to do is (Practice often), and I can’t stress this enough. 

The most powerful force on Earth, your Unconscious mind, is now available to you through hypnosis and suggestion. So the more you practice, the more life-changing your experiences will become. 

Secondly, buy a heavy sleeping mask.

You want to be able to block out all light when it’s time to go into the deep. Take my word on this a 10 dollar sleeping mask can turn into a magic wand on the head of someone deep in hypnosis.

Next, add on a layer of mind programming. This can be a visualization, or you can make a list of affirmations. Also, if you combine these two practices together, their effect is orders of magnitude greater. 

So what you would do is say an affirmation from your list, then take 30 seconds to a minute to feel it as really happening. Then move on to the next item on your list. 

This works for just about everything you can think of. You can also go the traditional hypnosis path and buy some scripts to read to yourself. And yes, hypnotizing yourself to work on yourself with premade hypnosis scripts does work.

But you have to take them seriously which use them often and understand how they work.  

Because you don’t have to study clinical hypnotherapy to help yourself. But you do need to be well versed in hypnosis so that you know how to help yourself.  

That’s why for Self-Hypnosis Training, I recommend taking the Free Learn Hypnosis in 5 Days Course from Hypnosis downloads .com That one course will be all you need to get going. They also have an entire University worth of more advanced courses in hypnotherapy and several libraries worth of hypnosis sessions to download. 

But for now, just try out the course. I’m positive you’ll find it helpful. Meantime keep practicing what you learned today and start practicing Self-hypnosis every day. 

Because it will absolutely help you in almost every facet of your life. 

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