How to use hypnosis to get what you really want

Many people find it challenging to obtain what they want in life, whether it’s a job, a romantic interest, or anything else. As a result, they find themselves stuck in a rut for what can be years or decades even. 

And if you’re in that downward spiral, is there a way for you to climb out?  

Yes, there is a way out. 

There’s a way you can get past obstacles and get what you want, and it’s by using hypnosis. 

The key is connecting with your subconscious mind and reprogramming negative behaviors, beliefs, and even rearranging the living hologram we call reality.

The power of your Subconscious can be harnessed using hypnotic trance and some self-hypnosis techniques. While in that state, shift your focus from what you do not want in life to what you desire. 

With consistent repetition of positive affirmations and hypnosis sessions, you can learn how to maintain a positive mindset to achieve your goals.

You don’t have to just sit there while your life goes by in a stream of negative thoughts and unhelpful behavior patterns. With the process of hypnosis, you can turn things around, and you can start today. 

The Subconscious Your invisible partner

Your subconscious mind is responsible for how you think, feel, and behave. In addition, it is responsible for the physical manifestations of your body, such as your body weight and skin tone. 

It also controls how you drive your car, when you wake up in the morning, and what you eat each day. This is where all of our habits live, and without them, we would be totally lost. 

The most important part of the subconscious mind is that it remembers our past actions and results. 

The Subconscious doesn’t forget. 

Your subconscious mind collects massive amounts of data and stores it for future use. Every time you interact with the outside world, your subconscious mind records it but makes no judgments about the situation. 

It is designed to keep you safe, but you can override it as many people do every day. 

Making progress by reprograming the Subconscious Mind with positive suggestions

The Subconscious is one of the most potent parts of a human being. With the proper technique, you can reprogram how you think and act in all situations.

Reprogramming your Subconscious will help release negative beliefs about yourself so that you can achieve more positive results in life. It will also help release negative body images to lose weight, feel comfortable with your body and look at yourself as beautiful and wanted instead of undesirable. 

The best way to reprogram the subconscious mind is with a hypnotic suggestion, and It is essential to do it at least once a day. This will start the creating of new thoughts that lead to new habits forming in your mind. 

Suppose you create a habit of using hypnosis or self-hypnosis every day. In that case, you can release those negative patterns holding you back.

You can also work on achieving what you want.


Using your Unconscious Mind in hypnosis to get what you want

Now it’s time we take a path not much traveled in hypnotherapy. And that is how to bend reality with your unconscious mind.

Do you want your boss to give you a pay rise? Do you want a lover who is otherwise committed to being with you exclusively?

This is the area of getting others to help you get what you want. So your personal subconscious mind is limited here. So you need to call in back up, and that’s the Unconscious mind. 

Because we all act on unconscious thoughts. This is how we dream, create art and remember things from long ago with crystal clarity. 

When our conscious mind does not know what it wants or where to start, it may tap into the Subconscious for help instead of going in circles trying to figure out the problem.  

Conscious, Subconscious, and The Unconscious what’s the difference? 

Some parts of the mind are definitely conscious and can be accessed as long as you know how.

The Subconscious holds all our memories and controls all the automated processes like breathing and waste, energy transmutation, and waste disposal. We usually never consciously access this mind, but it is crucial to living out your daily life.  

The unconscious is different because it comprises a collection of knowledge and imagery that each person is born with and that all humans share as a result of ancestral experience. 

While humans may not be aware of the thoughts and images are stored in their collective unconscious, it is believed that the psyche can access the collective unconscious in times of crisis.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.

Carl G Jung

But there’s more to it than Jungian psychology. Furthermore, you don’t need a crisis to engage your unconscious. 

This is where hypnosis comes in 

It allows you to quiet the conscious mind and reach the Subconscious directly. From there, you can launch off into the deep of your Unconscious.

It goes like so: 

Conscious mind day-to-day life in real-time. Can influence through thought-inspired action.

The subconscious mind controls all automated functions and behavior and manages everything to do with your personal reality/life.

The Unconscious Mind is the back office of the living hologram called reality. This is where all possible life outcomes are stored a lot, like you hear people talk about putting data in the cloud. 

Except within the cloud of your unconscious, its entire realities and alternate realities are being stored.

And how do you get to the place that the manifestation crowds wax poetically about? You use hypnosis, or in this case, you want to learn some self-hypnosis.

Remember the Subconscious is for personal reality

This is behavior editing, mood generating, and internal automated processes. This is also where your inner-self lives. 

The Unconscious mind is everything else and everywhere else. So if you want to change the living hologram, it’s to the unconscious you go, but if you’re going to change yourself, it’s the Subconscious you need to tap into. 

Even though the difference may be subtle in some cases, hypnosis doesn’t require attention to either; it only requires that you focus on your intention.

When you’re in a trance, you are already plugged into the Subconscious. So if what you’re wanting to change or improve involves other people, then that thought form is passed to your Unconscious. 

It knows what to do from there. All you have to do is maintain the intention. 

The form of hypnosis you do (self-hypnosis, clinical hypnosis ect…) is not as important as maintaining the intention with repetition. But what if you don’t know a thing about hypnosis or where to begin. If this is you,

I can’t think of a better place to start than with The Free Learn Hypnosis in Five Days Course from Hypnosis Downloads. They have some of the best material on the internet to date. 

But no matter what you choose, it’s all the same trance-like state that leads to the same areas of the mind. So it is what you do when you get there that’s important. 

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