Is Guided Meditation Really Meditation?

Is guided meditation really meditation

Guided meditation gets the beginner’s only badge so much that people will often act as if it’s not really meditation. But that viewpoint is both inaccurate and short-sided.

Guided Meditation is Meditation with a guide. You accomplish the same goals, and you go into the same area of your Unconscious Mind.

Also, the guide does not need to be another’s voice. It can be music or a sound indicating when it’s time to move to another phase of the meditation or end to it.

This is not to say that guided meditation doesn’t have its limitations. All meditations have their limitations, but just because you are guided from here to there does not make it false. What this means is Guided meditation is targeted.

Guided meditation, just like hypnosis, has a motive, a destination, and a way to get there. In another article on this site, we get into the differences between hypnosis and meditation.

But for right now, it’s enough to say that guided meditation like hypnosis and pathworking can get as advanced as you need it to be.

Why Do People Think Guided Meditation Is Not As Effective?

First off, we have to deal with attitude and thinking around Guided Meditation. Too often, it’s viewed as a beginner’s practice only, or it’s only for material goals.

You’ll often hear something like if you’re looking for specific short-term goals, choose Guided meditation. But if your goal is spiritual, stay away from guided meditations; they are not spiritual enough. This is 100% hogwash but let’s talk about why.

There are four so-called disadvantages of guided meditation. Let’s look closer to see if these are real impediments to progress.

The first supposed drawback is you cannot learn to listen to your inner mind. The thinking behind this is when there’s an external voice, it overpowers your inner mind, and that it takes a tremendous effort to hear from your inner mind.
This is just not true. It does not take any effort at all.

But with this kind of belief, a guided meditation will just dominate your consciousness to the point that you won’t be able to feel what is going on inside of you.

Seriously this is what so-called experts have said on the subject over the years, and it’s just not true. Guided meditations can never overpower you.

The second so-called drawback is that you may get stuck in your practice.

The assumption here is that Guided meditations can only take you up to a certain point, but then you get stuck there, and you can’t go any further. The experts will claim that if you want to have a genuine spiritual awakening, you need to get past the guided sessions because they can only take you so far.

Again this is a false belief. Because there are numerous guided meditations out there. Many of them work as a part of a system of advancement. So you start out with the foundational exercises and move on from there.

Our third problem is that Guided meditation can become a crutch.

This can become an issue, but you can say the same thing for unguided meditation or Yoga or Reiki, or even hypnosis. The practice starts out as support but ends up becoming a crutch.

With guided meditation, people feel that they need the guide or they won’t get to the level of consciousness they enjoy with the guided process. This can be an issue, but it is an easy one to overcome with practice, and it in no way takes away from guided meditation.

The last so-called drawback is that you can not go deeper.

Since guided meditation is like going in with a plan. This is supposedly the opposite of being open during your meditation. Which results in you only going in so deep. The thinking is that you can not have a real, meaningful experience because you’re listening to a guide.

This is nothing more than personal bias disguised as spiritual teachings. And aside from my personal objections to this kind of ignorance, it’s also a massive disservice to you. Your personal evolution isn’t about what kind of meditation you’re doing.

It’s about progressing the best way for you, and that can include guided meditations if they are working for you.

What is the goal of meditation

What’s The True Goal Of Meditation?

Why do you want to start this practice? Maybe for health reasons or peace of mind reasons which is all well and good but is that the purpose of meditation?

Meditation has two parts.

The first part is using one of many techniques to quiet and rest your mind. The second part is using that state of mind for a definite purpose. The goal of meditation is to develop your inner self.

You’re taking awareness and consciousness and building an inner energetic body to use when you are no longer walking around on Earth.

Other traditions, religions, and philosophies will use different terms and reasonings. Still, you end up doing the same practices, just with different titles. They all boil down to meditation, hypnosis, pathworking, visualization, and some kind of heroic/epic life quest.

Stir it all up into an intelligent system and practice, practice, practice until you hit paydirt.

Meditation is an afterlife investing plan. It pays some dividends while you’re playing the human game, and those dividends are nice.

But the improved health and emotional well-being are nice to have side effects that come with you working on yourself. And then those side effects trickle down to other areas of your waking life, like dealing with situations at work better because you’re coming from a place that’s more heart-centered.

This is a beautiful outcome, but it’s not the purpose of meditation.

Meditating builds up more energy on the inner planes of existence than it ever will in the waking world. That’s why it seems so passive from the outside. All the drama is going on inside your mind, which is far more than your brain.

You have an entire inner life which is (I’m just going to come out and say it) way more interesting than this waking life that seems to hold all of your attention.

But if you ever had a lucid or near lucid dream, you already know the truth in what I just said.
Those dreams that seem 100% authentic are real, and they are just the tip of the Galactic size iceberg of your Unconscious Mind.

Your Unconscious Mind or (The All) as we like to call it is the fountain spring where all realities come from. Meditation, among other practices like visualization, etc…are doorways to that inner reality.

That’s meditation’s purpose, an afterlife workout session. Maybe now you can understand why proponents of the meditative arts are so ambiguous as to the why of meditation and start talking about stress levels and blood pressure instead.

That’s easier than saying, “When you die, you’re going to want as much access to as much inner energy as you can stuff into your being.” Not that sexy, is it?

Selling productivity with 2 fifteen minute meditations makes a much better sales page. It doesn’t matter why you think you are doing meditation; your inner self will still be stirred to action.

The challenge is to stay at it long enough for the seeds you’re planting (even in ignorance) to take root. This is where Guided meditation can really shine.

Does Guided Meditation Meet The Goals Of Meditation?

The answer is yes. Now let’s dig into the why and how.

Guided meditation is an excellent place for beginners to start. This is because you can benefit from almost any scenario you find yourself in.

So if you prefer to go it alone, you can and still not feel like you’re by yourself out there. If you can take classes, you can meet people and share your experiences with a group.

Positive reinforcement from the group can make a big difference in staying with meditation long term. Meditating with others in person or online also increases the intensity of your meditation.

Which can also inspire you to continue during those times when you just don’t feel like doing a meditation that day.
This is how you build a Meditation Habit. Because meditation can be frustrating when you’re first starting out, you need consistency if you want the benefits.

And to stay consistent, you’re going to want every advantage you can get to stay with it long term.
Guided meditation can be one of your main tools.

Let’s say you found a guided meditation you want to start with. It lasts about 21 minutes, and you’re able to do a session twice a day. That’s around 50 minutes out of your day.

And you know that during those 50 minutes that you are building your inner energy guaranteed. So each time you sit or lay with your guided meditation, you are getting better and better. With that knowledge in mind, do you think you’ll have more motivation to keep going?

Of course, you will. This leads to the other significant advantage of guided meditation. You will have step-by-step instructions.

When you’re meditating, you must know what you want to do and how to get there once you go into the silence. If you don’t control your imagination during meditation, your vision will absolutely control you. This is doubly so for a beginner.

If you’re just starting out, chances are you have an Army’s worth of thoughts, and some of them will war with you just like an Army if you try to get rid of them. The part of your mind that wants to quit this meditation stuff and go do something else will pull out all the stops to get you to stop.

So you’re going to need a path to follow and a guide to help you get there the first few hundred times.
Because there is no getting around the need for repetition and focus concentration.

And guided meditation helps with all of this. Because Guided Meditation allows you to follow a set of instructions and takes you into the depths of your inner mind the same way over and over again.

A well-designed meditation will allow for time for your mind to wander all over like sheep with no shepherd. But also will have the structure in the instructions to keep your course.

People often prefer guided meditation just for this reason.

It can be a safe space where they can get lost in their inner explorations without getting so lost they lose the point of their session. Guided meditation prevents that from happening by giving you structure and flexibility.

Why You Want To Stick With Guided Meditation Instead

Practice meditators can meditate for up to 10 hours or more a day.

That may sound like overkill to you, it sure does to me, but I’ve also done something very similar with 3 guided meditations on repeat. But what’s the point to all this?

Many so-called guided meditations are actually full-blown courses in mentalism like The Gateway Experience. These sessions are more impactful when you use them repetitively.

Practice makes perfecting. So it may be impractical to meditate every day for hours at a time if you don’t give up beforehand.

But suppose you are working with a series of meditations. In that case, it will help you greatly to start from the beginning and redo the entire series every now and again.

Take a Saturday every month and a half and make it into your own personal retreat. From Sunrise to after Sunset, you go back to back on each guided meditation. Aside from having more intense dreams that night, you’ll also give your practice a nice boost.

Meditation works on your brain the same way working out increases your muscle tone and mass. So while you can turn a guided meditation into a crutch, the practice itself will never return a null result.

Do you know how long it takes to become an expert at “something”? It takes 10,000 hours. Now divide that number by a typical workweek of 40 hours.

That’s 250 weeks or 4.8 years. So if you practice a set of Guided meditations like a job, it would take you almost 5 years to become a pro.

What about an hour a day of practice? This is the goal of most meditators, and many struggled to maintain it.

1 hour per day multiplied by a year is 365 hours. Divide 10,000 hours by 365 hours, and you will become a pro in 27.3 years.

So before you let some well-meaning expert talk you into jumping into the supposed deep end of the pool. Make sure you’re proficient with what you are already practicing.

Also, I think we need to point out that you don’t have to listen to the same Guided meditation. You can add on others.

You can work on inner issues; you can ask questions of your inner mind. And as meditation has become more popular, there are more teachers all over the Internet. This gives you a larger and larger circle of teachers to connect with and grow from.

And don’t ignore the growing number of meditation apps like headspace. They are a great tool to use, especially if you’re at work or on the go but need to do a meditation.

There’s no need to lock yourself into one style, one teacher, or even one type of guided meditation. Try one with or without music or binaural beats. There is no wrong way to do it except to not try at all

As you progress, you will discover what works best for you. Once you know for yourself, it will give you the confidence to try even more.

Staying with guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Is Also Pathworking

If you never heard of pathworking, allow me to introduce you.

Initially, the process was for astrally/mentally projecting through and into the Kabalistic Tree of Life paths. That’s how I first learned about it and practiced for a few years.

From a Kabbalistic point of view, you did this to gain information, get instructions, and possibly to meet entities. If those entities found favor in you, then you could ask favors of them.

In our modern era, however, we have discovered that pathworking is, in reality, a visualized

Some more traditional occultists now refer to the original concept as “kabbalistic pathworking” to denote the difference.

But traditions aside, what we are dealing with here is a highly advanced mentalized system of practice that leads you all the way through your Unconscious Mind. And this system is, at its core are guided meditations along with a bunch of visualizations, prayers, etc…

This work aimed to change your brain chemistry and nervous system to perceive and interact with other realms of reality.

So you could, when the time comes, live and thrive in these other realities. Because one of those other realities is going to be your new home.

Your second life is born through you; no matter what religion or path you follow, they all end there. Which means you have a direct effect on your next life.

Pathworking is a way to guide those efforts by mentally working in and on those other realms. Pathworking is practice training and role-playing, all bunched together in one package.

And if you work with a complete system like the Kabalistic tree of life over time, the effects are life-changing.

Keep in mind this is all Guided meditation. You are being taken on a trip. While you’re on your journey, you are going through doorways and living scenarios.

You’re being taken back in time or up to the 3rd heaven. You’re dealing with the dwellers on the threshold or trying to get past the Guardians. You may meet different aspects of your inner self. You will have run-ins with your shadow side.

In other words, a lot is going on during a pathworking epic, and again I remind you this is guided meditation. Some will disagree, but if you look at the mechanics behind both, they are one and the same.

I wanted to highlight that all the misconceptions about Guided meditation have to be untrue for pathworking to work.

  • It’s not just for beginners.
  • You do not need to get stuck.
  • The guided will not dominate your inner mind.
  • Guided meditation is no more of a spiritual crutch than any other practice.
  • And in Guided meditation, you can go as deep as you want.

Pathworking uses the techniques of Guided meditation, but they called it something else. This is fine by me because their practitioners get the benefits and personal growth, and that’s all that counts.

Keeping the true goal of meditation in mind pathworking is an excellent example of advanced guided meditation.

Practical Advance To Guided Meditation

How deep do you want to dive in? Depending on your response, I have one of three options for you to try.

The first is a few one-off guided meditations from Hypnosis downloads. I’ve mentioned them before on this site, and that’s because their work is so thorough.

Whenever you want to make some kind of mental change, I would always start with hypnosis downloads first. They may have a few complete courses on meditation, but these are a great place to engrain some inner programming.

Guided Meditation Session
Banish Unwanted Thoughts During Meditation
Train Yourself in Mindfulness Meditation
Bring Mindfulness Into Your Everyday Life
How to Increase Your Meditation Motivation
Enjoy a Yoga Nidra Created by Hypnosis

Next on the list is my Udemy Class on Light body activation and energy healing. This is my course, so I’m biased, but the class has been out for a few years now, and reviews are on Udemy for everyone to see.

I’ll let those reviews speak to my course’s quality.

But all my meditations are interactive, like pathworking. We take you deep into your own inner mind and show you how to activate the subtle energy in your own body.

Lastly is the Gateway experience from The Monroe Institute. If you want to feel how deep a guided meditation can be. The gateway experience is what you want.

My Udemy course will introduce you to some real-life magic, but It’s the work of the Monroe Institute that will take you all the way in.

Using Guided meditation can take you from a relaxed meditative state to a full-on Out Of Body Experience, and there’s still enough discovery left for a lifetime of exploration.

The Monroe experience and, my own work shows that Guided meditation is far from just a beginner’s thing.

You have the fundamentals of making a mental learning curriculum that could be enjoyable and interesting to use. Not to mention that if you’re willing to learn Self-hypnosis, which you can learn for free here.

If you know self-hypnosis, you can make and record your own guided meditations. Because pathworking books are plenty on Amazon and various other sites online.

And I stress Self-hypnosis because, in our view, hypnosis and meditation are one and the same. So if you can go into meditation while already being in a deepened alternate state, you can just imagine how intense your experience can become.

The purpose of meditation is to equip you for the next life. It’s just a tool along with visualization and hypnosis, and pathworking. It doesn’t matter in which order you use them or if you ever move on from guided meditation.

Those experts who are promoting this type of nonsense are suffering from their own ignorant bias. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap.

Their limitations do not need to become yours. Because humans are not machines, we are individuals tied together.

You have choices and options, and if you want to dive into your inner mind, No One on this Earth has the authority to tell you how. Guided meditation in all its forms and add ons is the safest, sure-fire way to progress along the inner path.

But I can only describe so much the rest is up to you to discover for yourself.

Related Questions 

 Why can’t I do both types of meditation? 

Nothing is stopping you from doing both Guided and unguided meditation. In fact, once you’ve been at this for a while, chances are you will want to mix it up a bit.

I am not anti-Unguided meditation, but I see so many people struggle to maintain a daily practice independently.

These people would benefit very much from using a guide. Still, they think that’s cheating or something, so they continue to keep trying and struggling.

Do I really have to learn Self-hypnosis to do my own Guided Meditation?

No, of course not, but boy does it help.

I know my opinion that meditation and hypnosis are the same upsets some people. Still, even if you are one of those people, you have to admit that the two have a lot in common.

It’s a fact that your hypnotic state will not interfere with your meditation—just the opposite.

And any tool that can aid me in orders of magnitude in what I’m trying to do is worth learning and using regularly.

Are all esoteric and occult practices really hypnosis, meditation, and visualization? 

They all start out that way, but from there, who knows. Remember, these techniques are just a means to an end. If your goal is chatting up disembodied spirits, so be it.

Just make sure you know what you are doing if you’re going to start doing ceremonies in Latin and chanting barbarous names. Because when the entities show up, they’re not going to be interested in chit-chat.

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