Is it possible to remove old hypnotic suggestions?

From the day you were born, other people have been trying to feed you suggestions.

Before you ever heard of hypnosis, mom, dad, and teachers at school were already putting on a hypnosis clinic and pumping you full of post-hypnotic suggestions.

And all throughout your life, someone has been trying to tell you what to do and how to think.
Be it through some kind of hypnotic process. Or with just raw authority and influence, somebody is always trying to inject you with their way of thinking.

And it’s working too because ever since you could remember, it’s been like this.

From classrooms to commercials, you got somebody all up in your mix trying to get you to think their way. The question is can you get rid of all that mental junk?

Unfortunately, there’s no delete button for suggestions.

Once your subconscious mind accepts a hypnotic suggestion, it is impossible to remove it. However, you can replace one suggestion with another. 

Furthermore, suppose the new suggestion is more beneficial than the old one. In that case, eventually, your subconscious will start accepting it as fact.

The key to making the change from harmful to helpful is persistent consistency.

Harmful suggestions hide behind negative emotions

If you want to get rid of the program that isn’t serving you anymore, it is vital to identify the root of the problem. 

Once you identify that set of instructions or beliefs that aren’t working for your highest good anymore, then you can replace them with new thoughts and habits.

But how do you go about finding all the negative hypnotic suggestions you want to replace? The answer lies within yourself. First, you need to recognize when something triggers you to do or think in ways that do not help or serve you. 

Notice we are not just talking about a bad experience with hypnotic techniques. Because you don’t need to see a hypnotherapist to have posthypnotic suggestions installed in your mind.

Some of the most potent hypnosis comes from people you know, love, and trust. And even though they may seem to have your best interest in mind. They might still be injecting you with ideas that are not helping you.

And I’m not saying this is always the case. Because sometimes, we can use that kind of mental programming to our benefit, even if it causes some anxiety.

In another article, I mentioned that the catalyst for me to quit smoking was one sentence from my Anatomy professor. 

I was not in a trance, and he was not trying to convince me because he addressed the entire class. He didn’t need to use his Hypno-voice, and there was already rapport between us. 

So when he said, 

“As long as you continue to smoke cigarettes, you will have trouble with your heart.”

Anatomy Professor

That message went right past my conscious filtering and planted itself in my subconscious mind.  

My professor had no technique per se, but a professional clinical hypnotherapist couldn’t have done a better job.   

Now let’s change the conditions.

Instead of influencing me to quit smoking, what if he used to influence me to stop studying. Because I was a weak student. And because of his rapport with me, I accepted direct suggestions.

What would have happened then?     

Maybe I gave up and lost interest in the healing arts because I felt I was not any good at it. So I accepted the subconscious Post-Hypnotic suggestions of failure.

And once I accepted one version of failure, how long before I began to let that failed feeling seep into other areas of my life? This is why it is essential to find out what those programs are sabotaging you behind your back.

Tracking down harmful Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Firstly, this is not looking for a needle in a haystack. Think bloodhound instead. You’re following the trail of negative thinking and feeling.  

So when you find yourself starting to act out that same pattern of anger or anxiety. Right before you begin to fall down the spiral of reaction and regret.   

Stop for a moment and think, “Now why am I doing, thinking, or feeling this?

This is the first step towards getting rid of these programs. But, first, you have to realize that they are there. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help realize and identify post-hypnotic suggestions hiding behind harmful emotions. 

  1. How did I learn to feel like this?
  2. Who taught me this way of thinking?
  3. Why am I doing things differently now than I did years ago?
  4. Have I ever heard anyone tell me that I’m terrible at something?
  5. Am I afraid of being wrong?
  6. Does fear keep me from taking risks?
  7. Are there any beliefs that I hold onto that prevent me from moving forward?
  8. Do I believe that I don’t deserve good health, love, contentment, and so on?
  9. Is there anything about myself that makes me feel bad?
  10. When someone criticizes me, does it make me want to defend myself?
  11. Did I grow up believing that I wasn’t smart enough?
  12. Was I told by others that I’m stupid?

This is a broad list, but remember that we’re following the path back to the mental suggestion to reverse or nullify it. 

Next, put yourself into a hypnotic trance. Once there, take not more than three negative patterns you discovered about yourself and ask yourself where these thoughts and feelings came from? You don’t need to do a hypnotic induction for this.

Any progressive muscle relaxation technique you find on the internet will do, like this one.

Once you’re in a state of deep relaxation, recall the negative behavior pattern and think, why am I doing this? Chances are you will not hear a voice giving you the entire rundown of what happened to you going all the way back to high school. 

That can happen but not likely. What’s more likely is you will see an image or a scene. This may be from your past, but it can also be a symbolic image. 

Or you may hear something being said to you. For example, I once heard a song lyric as the answer I needed. Whatever it is, write it down. So keep a notebook or your phone handy to jot down any notes. 

Will stopping to write stuff down break the spell?

Will stopping to write stuff down break the spell?

No, stopping to write something down or even using the bathroom will not break the state of relaxation. And you can always take a deep breath or two and relax right back in. 

You can stop here or continue but keep your search under three issues. So now that you have those issues written down, what’s next? 

You can only get rid of a hypnotic suggestion by replacing it with another

You have to replace the harmful mental program with a more helpful one. This isn’t an issue of how powerful the suggestion is, so you don’t need to blast affirmations in your earbuds all day long.

Although that’s not a bad idea. But what you need to first change is how you’re talking with your inner-self. So let’s look at how to change our self-talk.

The best way to change your mental programs on your own is with Self-hypnosis. 

Self-Hypnosis works because it puts you into a relaxed state of mind, allowing you to directly access your subconscious and unconscious mind. This is where change can happen, and it can happen suddenly.

Self-hypnosis is as easy as sleeping, and if you’ve ever had a dream while sleeping, then you know how easy it is to wake up and realize you were dreaming. 

That’s exactly how it feels when you’re using hypnosis on yourself.  

It takes practice, though, and it helps if you learn some basic techniques before trying them out on yourself.

One thing you should avoid is telling yourself “I’ll never” or “Never again.” These phrases are used to create fear and anxiety. They cause us to resist making changes.

Instead, try saying things like: “I choose to…” or “I decide to…” or “now I have the freedom to…” 

These statements allow you to give permission to change without feeling guilty or afraid.

So, where can you learn hypnosis and self-hypnosis?

The effectiveness of hypnosis is only as good as the people who are showing you how.  

And here, you have an advantage because one of the best places to learn hypnosis in less than a week offers their class for free.

It’s called Learn Hypnosis in five days, and I can’t say enough about how this has helped me. 

Even though I became a Certified Hypnotherapist. There was a time when I couldn’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to learn hypnosis professionally.

But fortunately, there was, and through them, I was able to do some self-hypnotherapy. And yes, audio hypnotic procedures do work.

The effects of hypnosis downloads are the same, and the benefits of hypnosis downloads are the same. Hypnosis downloads are valuable tools that help you achieve success faster.

Remember, the point is to replace the negative suggestions with better ones. And the only way to do that is by feeding your subconscious mind with the mind programs you want. 

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