Is Self-hypnosis Safe For You Online?

Self-hypnosis has been around for a long time, and it’s a simple technique that allows you to relax and focus your mind while in a hypnotic trance.

There are different ways of doing self-hypnosis, including guided imagery, positive visualization, and meditation. 

People have used hypnotherapeutic techniques to improve their health, overcome unhelpful mind patterns on the subconscious level, and improve their lives.

And people have learned and practiced in just about every medium you could think of. 

But what about online? We’re talking more than just hypnosis videos on YouTube. 

Because you have courses and apps for your phone too. Then there are free downloads and terabytes of pirated hypnosis audios and videos floating around. 

We already know it works but is it safe? 

Online hypnosis is both safe and effective because it works on the same principles that traditional hypnosis does. In other words, there is no real difference between the two.  

The only thing that changes is how you access them. 

So it doesn’t matter if you’re using a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone. As long as the practitioner knows what they are doing, you will benefit from the sessions. 

Positive suggestions are great for your mental health

In hypnosis and self-hypnosis, positive hypnotic suggestions and affirmations can drastically change your mental state and life.  

Hypnotherapists use the power of suggestion to help clients reach their highest potential, conquer their fears, and correct unhelpful patterns.

The first time you see a hypnotherapist, they usually send you home with a recording of the session to listen to at night. This version of hypnotherapy treatment will support the in-office treatment.

But your supportive treatment is the recording of the live session. And its effects on you are the same as the live session, correct? 

So what’s the difference between that and hypnosis online? 

It’s all about using the correct language with your subconscious mind while in a trance-like state. It’s your state of consciousness that matters most. You can reach that state through a recording or online just as well as in person. 

With this in mind, you can use the hypnotic process online and incorporate suggestions and post-hypnotic suggestions into just about any medium to help improve your overall wellbeing.  

The key is to give yourself the right words and to listen to them repeatedly. You can do this by repeating positive phrases to yourself in the mirror, on a recording, or youtube videos online.

For online therapy to work best, use experienced practitioners 

As I said above, doing a hypnotic induction online is a safe and straightforward practice. It can be an effective method to help you initiate some fundamental positive changes in your life. 

But you must be working with someone or some group that knows what they are doing.

They do not need to be clinical hypnotherapists. Because even guided meditations can lead to you doing more advanced hypnotherapy techniques. 

An excellent example of this is The Gateway experience from the Monroe Institute.

The Monroe Institute uses a patten version of binaural beats called Hemi-sync.

And with their audio technology, they can take you from your everyday waking consciousness into a profoundly deep trance and back again during a 30-minute lunch break. 

That’s a valuable tool to have in your mental arsenal, no doubt about it, and I’ve been a fan of Hemi-sync since 2009.

The Monroe Institute is not a hypnotherapy organization, but the effectiveness of their work speaks volumes to their skill.

This is our point. Whether you’re doing this online or working with someone, or recording yourself, you need to have a good understanding of how your mental processes operate.    

Because you need to keep your goal in mind throughout the session. Part of what makes a hypnosis session work so well is giving your message or request directly to your subconscious mind. A person in trance just has a more direct connection due to the conscious mind not interfering. 

And you don’t need to be in the most profound trance for this to connect to happen, but you do need to know when you are deep enough to do some personal therapy.

Your trance-like state can lead to personal powers

Disclaimer we do not advise trying to break the laws of physics and nature. 

Author’s Note

You begin with changing your mindset health for the better. You do this by using online hypnosis treatment in the form of downloads.

This is the time for plugging holes in your game, and for this, I would recommend you start with hypnosis downloads from a reputable site.

My recommendation is here. But no matter who you use, over the next 90 days, you can start to see some fantastic results for issues dealing with negative thinking.

Like learning how to control your levels of stress. And learning how to overcome anxiety & depression. 

And being able to achieve a level of deep relaxation over a period of time has a wide range of helpful effects. One of them is the ability to get a better night’s sleep. 

Next, you want to use this hypnotized feeling to influence the events in your life.

Leave all the Manifestation, Law of Attraction, Transurfing talk on the shelf for the moment.

Let’s focus on probabilities instead.  

Because you will never have complete control of the outcome, but all you need is a firm idea of what you want. 

Then back that idea up with daily visualizations or affirmations or recorded hypnosis, and over time let the probability work in your favor.   

Next, rinse, repeat, and expand. 

Now go back to the hypnosis downloads and pick another round of recordings to download. But now, you can keep doing your daily probability influencer as you progress. 

Your expansion will happen as you get more of what you’re influencing for and as you knock out more personal issues with your downloaded hypnotic programs.   

You will begin to move from needs to wants. Then one day, you will want something, and either mentally or physically, you’ll point at it and think to yourself. 

We’re doing that.

And the determination you feel towards that thing you want will be so strong and pure it can’t help but happen. 

That’s when you know you’ve expanded. 


Learn Self-Hypnosis Technique online

Knowing how to hypnotize yourself is the best way to go. Even if you’re using downloads and seeing a professional clinical hypnotherapist. You can still aid the process by going into trace beforehand.

In fact, some professionals will show their clients how to do self-hypnosis. 

But you don’t need to see and pay a hypnotist to learn how to hypnosis on yourself. You can learn at home for free, and you can start right now.

I’m talking about the Learn Hypnosis in 5 days course from hypnosis downloads.

This is a professional-grade free course from a group of experienced therapists who have been actively working in the field for decades. 

And they don’t hide the best part, of course, behind a paywall. So you get the entire method plus and good understanding of what you’re doing and how it works.

All this material is online and has been since I found them back in 2010. Online hypnosis is safe, and it works even if you’re on a budget.

People are using this kind of therapy to better themselves every day. Nothing is stopping you from doing the same thing. So identify where you’d like to improve, then find an area that interests you most. 

Add on some audio hypnosis from a quality site, and over the next 180 days or so, watch your life improve.  

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