Is Your Subconscious Mind Your God?

The subconscious mind is a fantastic thing. This is the part of our mind that controls emotion, memory, thoughts, and feelings. It also can create habits and patterns.

The subconscious is one of the most essential entities in the human experience. 

Without it, you couldn’t function properly, and eventually, your body would shut down, and you would die rather quickly. 

However, does it go beyond preserving your physical health? Is your subconscious mind the source of your life? 

Is the subconscious mind a God?  

Technically speaking, your subconscious mind is more akin to the holy spirit than God or a God. 

As understood in popular culture, God would be the unconscious mind, with the subconscious as a conduit between your conscious mind and The Unconscious.

So, you are dealing with a three-way relationship that results in individual consciousness.

Conscious awareness

The Subconscious mind

The Unconscious mind 

Keep in mind that these areas all blend into each other. Also, they’re colored by the perception of your conscious thinking at the time.  

That’s why intuition is such a personal experience even when you’re spot-on correct.

You were still seeing existence from your point of view. But, in fact, all of reality is only your point of view. 

So God and the Godhead could really be the interplay between your three minds. 

But let’s keep digging before you make a decision. 

A road map of human consciousness

As we just mentioned, the human mind is connected to the Subconscious mind and the unconscious mind. 

So it’s like a linked chain. 

The conscious mind moves by way of unconscious processes. 

On this website, we use hypnosis and meditation to make it move on purpose, but whether you understand our methods, another’s, or none at all, the mind is still moving.

Your mind never stops moving. 

This movement of the mind can activate the subconscious. The subconscious has the power to utterly change your life. This is why some people add on God-like attributes to it. 

But the subconscious is not a God. 

For one, it’s too docile. You can program the subconscious, and Gods are not programmable by humans. Your subconscious also does not have self-will. This is non started as far as the God question is concerned. 

So as we said above, your subconscious mind is like the helper mentioned by Christ in the New Testament. 

Conversely, your unconscious mind represents the Universal Mind, and if there are human-divine(s) you would find them here. 

This is also the area of the collective consciousness and all experiences of humanity in existence.

So is the total human consciousness a God? Yes, in the process of becoming or being born. This is all happening inside the deeper mind that we all share.

If The Universe is mental, then your mental life is where you’ll find the Devine

God lives inside your mind. In fact, within hermeticism, God, as they understood it, was called “The All.”

So when we say unconscious, it amounts to the same thing; that is all and everything.

And since everything was and still remains in your mind, be it in manifest reality or not, where would you find God?

That’s right inside your own mind. Or, if you prefer the Hermetic point of view, we are inside God right now. From the cradle to the grave, we never left the mind of God.

We are a creation like a book is a creation because we are all a part of God’s imagination. 

Jayson’s quote

So what role does your subconscious play? First, your subconscious takes care of your safety and is the conduit to your unconscious mind. 

In hypnosis and meditation, you enter the realm of the subconscious mind first. From there, you expand out or in depending, but you meet the same Unconscious. 

Human consciousness is the whole system working together. These ideas get messy for people because, in reality, we are talking about the same (one) thing, consciousness.  

But it’s our lack of awareness that leads us to need labels and tags to describe what any one of us could explore on our own but doesn’t.

So we have relied on names and titles to show us something that we should have learned how to investigate for ourselves back in grade school. 

But that’s not this reality yet. So in the meantime, you can start where you are today. 

Ask your Subconscious if it’s a God

Yes, you can ask directly. Inquiring is an option for you, and perhaps the best one. Not only because you’ll have an answer to your question, but getting to that point will require you to pick up a few skills. 

The good news is that this is not hard to do, and the even better news is we can give to the how-to right now.

The process goes as follows. 

Learn self-hypnosis 

Practice self-hypnosis for a few weeks 

Incorporate visualization technique

Combine learning into an exercise

First, you learn Self-Hypnosis.

This is a skill that anyone can understand without much practice. It requires no special equipment or training. You don’t even need to know anything else to start with, and you can start here with an advanced level of training for free.

Next, you’re going to need to practice for a bit.

You’re not looking to become a Hypno-master just yet. Besides, that will come naturally with time. At present, what you want is to be able to feel yourself going in and out of trance states as it’s happening. But, of course, everyone’s trance feels different, so get to know yours.  

You want to demystify this state in your own mind, and the only to do that is by repetition.

So once you learn a self-hypnosis technique, practice it three times a day for 21 days straight. Each session should be between 10 but no more than 15 minutes long. Altogether that’s 63 repetitions, and it’s enough for you to be both comfortable and familiar with your own trance state.

Once you are familiar with your hypnotic state, it’s time to add on some basic visualizations.   

Visualization or guided imagery is a skill that can be used alone or with hypnosis. But either way, creative visualization is a powerful tool you can use to rearrange the living hologram you exist in.  

You can use it to overcome your fears, worry, stress, and other similar blocks that you think might stop you from moving forward in life.

And with all that, you may want to jump right in and start picturing yourself achieving all your goals in life.

But this is where so many people fail. You have to be able to visualize yourself walking to the front door before you cash that million-dollar check.

So start where you are.

Move your imaginary self all-around your home. If you’re doing a practice session at work, visualize yourself walking out to your car or the break room.  

Back home in the evening, see and feel yourself walking around outside your home. Interact with your visualized environment as much as you can. 

Look at things closely. Touch and pick up objects, feel yourself walking on the floor or ground. Touch the walls, turn the lights on and off. 

If you’re imagining you are outside, hear the sounds, traffic and cars, and the sound of birds in the trees. Fully immerse yourself into the experience as much as you can.

Chances are you may struggle with this at the beginning, especially if you allowed your imagination to become a passive observer over the years. 

But you can activate it in a short period of time to stick with the protocol of three times a day. And continue your visualizations for ten days.

That’s another 30 repetitions on top of the first 63. 

Remember, this is all needed preparation, and if you followed the template, this shouldn’t have taken longer than 31 days.

Now that you have the information, let’s put it together

First, put yourself into a trance. In fact, you can repeat your hypnosis technique a few times back to back. In this way, you will reach a deeper level of hypnosis.

Then see yourself somewhere you feel comfortable and positive. Make sure you pick this place before you begin. 

Now, remember why you’re here. You’re here because you need answers to critical questions. 

So take your question and either see it flying away from you or see it on something like a ball. Then throw it or kick it or my favorite (Make it baseball and knock it out the ballpark)  

Once the question is out there, all you need to do is wait. Your answer may not come right away or even in that session, but it will come, and you will know it. 

This could be in a dream or a thought, or you could see it on the back of a bumper sticker in traffic. The point is when it comes to your awareness, you will know it.

And what will you do when you hear from an aspect of God answering your question? It’s something to consider, don’t you think? 

Also, you can use this method for any other issue you need help with. But if you want to install a subconscious wise advisor inside your mind, try this session I used a few years ago. 

Because you can cultivate intuition like a flower and talk to the Devine directly. And I’m sure you’ll benefit from the experience.  

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