What Are Energy Work Exercises?

What Are Energy Work Exercises

My introduction to Energy Work was by accident.

While I was learning how to meditate and working with my first Guru, I started spontaneously sending bursts of energy to her.

I was shocked, and she was surprised, to say the least.

Since then, I’ve tried multiple energy and healing systems, meditations, hypnosis, energy tools, wishing machines, rituals, and initiations, and anything else that came across my path.

Each system and modality I studied tried to promote itself as the only or the oldest, or the purest.

But the truth is they were all showing different versions of the same kind of techniques.

Energy work exercises use the body to build, store, focus, and direct subtle energy. They are designed to make your body a more finely tuned channel for subtle energy.

All complete systems have 3 basic techniques:

  1. Grounding
  2. Centering
  3. Shielding

Grounding allows you to give and receive energy from the Earth. Centering is how you balance your energy or new energy coming into you.

Shielding has more to do with protecting the configuration of your energy pattern than keeping people and things out.

To better understand the usefulness of doing Energy work exercises, let’s see what they can do for you.

Energy Work Can Restore and Maintain Your Health

You can Work with subtle energy to heal yourself. And this is nothing new. Over 100 cultures around the world use some form of energy work.

Energy work is based on natural principles, which our western culture has labeled as “alternative fringe” or ridiculed as fraudulent.

Or the work was banned like in the case of Wilhelm Wright and his work with orgone energy.

But every parent uses subtle energy when their child gets hurt.

Mom or Dad holds the hurt area or picks up and holds the child. Because there is a form of healing energies in our hands.

And when you’re hurt, you instinctively use your hands to soothe the pain.

We’ve all used these techniques, just not knowingly.

But then techniques like acupuncture were introduced to the west in the ’70s. Then came energy medicine and vibrational medicine.

Then Ayurvedic medicine was introduced. Here energy is known as prana, and practices such as pranayama (breathwork) or asana (posture) yoga helped move and balance the energy throughout the body.

This restores the mind and body because, after breathwork and meditation, people feel better both physically and mentally.

Then it was discovered that the body is electric in nature, and this is still a controversial subject.

However, people like you and me are still using this type of information to help ourselves.

There Are 2 Theories About How Energy Works In The Body

Theory number 1 is the resonance information theory.

This theory says that atoms are made of moving particles with different electrical charges.

And all the material of the body is made of these moving particles. So, every cell is in motion as a part of an energy wave.

Energy work heals because the entire body is made of energy.

A living system like a human body can regulate itself using an internal electro-magnetic field extending throughout the body from the inside out.

According to this theory, your field contains bio information and also responds to external energy.

When your biofield is disrupted over a long period, a disease condition can happen on an energetic level.

This happens because certain kinds of energy waves damage your health by disrupting your energy field.

So if this condition is not balanced out, the disease can manifest in the physical body.

On the other hand, there are also healing frequencies or energy waves that produce beneficial effects.

These Energy fields are electro-magnetic because of their electrical and magnetic properties.

And it has been demonstrated that electro-magnetic fields or waves produce specific biological responses in body tissue.

Chaotic energy waves that may lead to disease are weaker than healthy energy waves.

So when the weaker chaotic wave meets with a healthy organized energy wave or field, the weakest wave will mimic the stronger one.

The chaotic energy will take on the properties of the healthy energy.
This is the type of energy work done by resonance, and resonance can be demonstrated.

Research has shown that electro-magnetic fields can and do stimulate a healing response.

For example, Reiki increases the amount of oxygen
your cells can carry.

Some devices use Electro-magnetic fields to speed the healing of bone fractures and stimulate nerves to decrease chronic pain.

Some people are even using these machines to treat insomnia and mood disorders.

Modern medicine has also noted the effects of electro-magnetic fields and has accepted these energies as integral to the human body.

Most people think of Reiki or healing touch, but you can also include.

  • MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • Ultrasounds
  • EKGs (electro-cardiograms)
  • EEGs (electro-encephalograms)
  • CAT scans (Computerized Axial Tomography)
  • TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

The Lifeforce

The Second Energy Work Theory  

The second theory is The life-force. It describes energy as a complete system like the human body.

This includes organs called energy centers or chakras. Circulatory channels are called meridians, and the outer energetic skin is called the energy field or aura.

When someone comes up behind you, it’s the sensitivity of your energy field that lets you know you’re not alone.

According to this theory, your energy system’s primary function is to harness, circulate, and discard energies as needed to live.

And we are using energies that are the raw stuff of life. They surround, permeate, and manifest everything in our world.

The belief in a primary life-force energy has been part of the philosophy of life and health in Eastern cultures for thousands of years.

In Japan, it’s known as “ki,”
in India, it’s called “prana.”
in China, they call it “chi” or sometimes (qi)

The Chinese also discovered that Chi has its own circulatory system. This is separate from your blood even though the 2 systems are intertwined.

The ancient Chinese maintained that the movement of your Chi influenced the flow of your blood.

But what influences the flow of your Chi? Answer; The intention of your mind, which they called (Yi)

There is a secondary way of moving your Chi with conscious breathing (breathwork).

So Chi or qi is a psycho-physiological force connecting the flow of breath, blood, and inner thoughts.

In addition to the Chinese energy system outlined above, I have personally worked with a very similar energy system that uses audio technology to achieve the same results.

To be healthy here, you must have a healthy energy system. 

Because energy influences all the other bodily systems. So everything that happens affects it one way or another.

This is not always bad or good because sometimes the energy can be neutral or so weak it barely registers.  

What causes damage to your energy system is Injury, illness, trauma, depression, and anger that is not dissipated into the ether.

To heal, we use specific techniques in combination with our conscious intentions directing our energy.

Therapies using life force energy to heal will focus on cleaning out, balancing, and repairing the energy system.

Healing techniques have been passed down through oral tradition, sacred texts, and more traditional Master apprentice relationships. 

But modern methods like Hemi-Sync come from a synthesis of the older techniques, experimentation, and research.

Other techniques being used include 

  • Therapeutic Touch
  • Reiki 
  • acupressure 
  • craniosacral therapy
  • Qi-gong 
  • Healing Touch

“As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”

Harrington Emerson

So which energy theory is correct? They are both valid. I can’t even say which one is better. 

I’ve used both, and although I would lean towards the 2nd theory, that’s my personal prejudice. 

You are going to have to experiment on your own.  

14 Different Types of Energy Work Exercises You Can Work With  

There are so many different approaches to energy work going back through the ages. They come from different cultures and traditions.

This is just an overview, but if you see a method you really like, that’s a clue, and you should follow it.

Mindfulness & ConsciousnessMindfulness is a tool to guide you back to your center and to invite healing, inner knowledge, energy, and awareness to your being. 
Ritual Work
A ritual is usually a ceremony to impregnate its participants with new energy. This is done in the hopes that a permanent seedling will grow inside you and your body.  
Journaling can help you connect your mental space to the material and release excess energy into the ether.
Crystal Healing
Crystals carry strong, energetic frequencies. Placing them on energy centers like your chakras or feeling tense can help balance your energy centers. 
Aura Work
Auras are bubbles of energy and light that can expand and contract, protect and project when needed. Energy work exercises for Auras are plentiful. One of my favorites is the Gateway experience by the makers of  Hemi-sync. 
Breath Work & Bodywork
These practices are to access, move, align, and balance your life force energy and thus align the whole you. 
QigongAn ancient Chinese healing technique used to cleanse, cultivate, and strengthen a person’s qi energy. 
According to Chinese medicine, your feet, palms, and ears are all energy centers. These centers are connected by meridians to other parts of the body.  When those energy centers are stimulated, they can improve energy circulation and rejuvenate areas in the body.
Reiki Healing
A gentle healing modality that works with universal life force energy and touch to restore the body’s innate ability to rebalance itself. 
Jin Shin Jyutsu
Jin Shin Jyutsu is a bodywork technique that balances life force energy. The practitioner uses their hands like car battery jumper cables to restart and restore the energy field. 
Therapeutic touch
Therapeutic touch, or TT, is used by practitioners to sense your body’s energy levels. If the therapist finds an area where energy is not flowing, they will move their hands in a motion known as “unruffling.” Unruffling will continue until they no longer detect a blockage.
Somatic Healing
Somatic healing is a form of holistic healing. It works between the connections of the mind, memories, and negative energies caught in the autonomic nervous system and affects the physical body.  
SmudgingSmudging, or burning sage, helps clear negative energy out by burning herbs and using the smoke to clear a space.  The smoke acts as a magnet and draws negative energy to it. Then it carries out through vents, open windows, open doors, and so on.
You can also use it to cleanse cars, offices, rooms, and entire homes.   
EFT stands for (emotional freedom technique). It involves repeatedly tapping various acupressure energy points on the body in a specific pattern to ease stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

What Energy Work Exercise Can I Do Right Now?

1st practice mindful breathing. You want to do this to become aware of the energy moving in and out of your body.

For the next few weeks, take 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes at some other time in the day and just breathe deeply in and out.

You want slow, mindful breathing and pay close attention to your body. We’re not looking for anything to happen; you just want to get to know your body’s baseline energy.

After about a week into doing this, I want you to add on humming as you breathe out. In the Gateway experience, it’s called resonance tuning.

  1. You take a deep breathe in with your nose.
  2. Hold your breath for just a few seconds.
  3. Blow the breath out with your lips pursed together and hum like brrrrrrrr….. 

After you do that a few times, your body will buzz all over, but it will also buzz more intensely in one area over all others.

Mine is in my head, but I have a friend, and hers is in her stomach.
Everyone is different, but wherever you feel it most is your center of personal power.

From that point on, I would suggest you want to give that area more focus time during these exercises.

And as you keep going, extend your time. 10 minutes then 15, then whatever you want.

From there, you may want to look into Reiki, or if you got 10,000.00 dollars laying around, you could try Polarity Therapy.

You can also try my personal favorite, “The Gateway Experience.” But no matter what, make sure you’re keeping your body active and moving.

Walking, Exercise, yoga, whatever fits your temperament. This is about keeping your energy from getting stagnant.

Also, water is critical to help remove toxins and stagnant energy from your body.

Auras Energy Work And The 7 layers

One more thing. You do not live in a vacuum. There is an entire multiverse that you exist in, and that multiverse is the source of all energy.

If you want to get up to your eyeballs in detail, you’re in luck because I wrote an article on The 7 Layers of Existence too.

However, for this article, we’re going to keep it brief. All you need to know is that you can understand all of your existence from within your auric field.

Because it consists of 7 layers or subtle bodies.

This means your physical, mental, and spiritual condition will be reflected in the layers of your aura.

This also means that whatever energy work you are doing will be colored by your aura’s configuration on whatever day/time you are working in.

Some say the Moon phases and planetary alignments will have an effect too. But these are areas of a craft that I’m only a novice at.

What I am sure of is that you are going to do some more digging than just this article.

And no matter what path you decide to take and whatever energy work system you work with, it must have the time to penetrate all 7 layers.

If you start a practice, you have to give it enough time to work through your whole auric field.

21 days is an excellent start but consider it a seedling that just sprouted. You need to water it and keep it growing.

Like I said above, I’m a fan of the second theory because that’s how I learned all this in the beginning.
And if you just want to get started, check out The Gateway Experience.

It is a complete and balanced energy work system without any fluff. You go from 0 to full-body energy fields and floating energy bars in a few weeks.

I would almost recommend anyone born in the US or westernized culture who’s serious about learning energy work to start there.

Related Questions 

Isn’t your diet important in energy work?

Yes, it is, but here’s the thing. We are not machines, not even on the physical level.

What my body needs. What other people may need and your body needs will be as individual as we all are.

And this is an area you will have to dig into and get lost in the weeds. You have to welcome the experimental process; it’s your best friend.

What’s the difference between Energy work and Spiritual Healing? 

Energy work uses energy systems to clear balance and charge. Healing can happen as an effect of the balancing process.

Professional energy workers develop their skills to perceive energy and energy fields. Then they use practiced techniques to work with this energy.

Spiritual healing is Divine agents and energies working through you to bring healing. The healing power of prayer is a prime example.

Spiritual healing can also be going beyond the illness to the spirit and healing issues. These experiences are sacred and usually very emotional.

What if Energy work is really just a placebo?

I think most of us in this field have had that question inside our minds at least once or maybe a few dozen times.

And yes, some of the healing benefits people feel may come from the so-called placebo effect.
The brain convinces the body that a particular treatment will work, and it does.

If this is true, it gives a lot more weight to the work of people like Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Joseph Murphy.

We could also be looking at a new type of therapy where energy healing is a contractual relationship between two people, therapist, and client.

They come together to agree that the client is well again and engage in energy work and intention again and again until the client is well.

We can go off on many different angles with this idea, but the point to keep in mind is that our minds just maybe directing the entire show.

“All is mind; the universe is mental.”

The Kybalion

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