What Are The 7 Layers Of The Subtle Body?

What Are The 7 Layers Of The Subtle Body?

Everything in our Universe is moving energy, and that includes you and me.

You look and feel stable enough, but in reality, your physical body, along with everyone else’s bodies are vibrating and moving at all times on all levels down the microscopic.

But there’s even more to you than a physical body.

Beyond the physical, you have an aura, and beyond that are 6 other subtle bodies. These subtle bodies are perceived as electromagnetic fields that extend completely around the physical body.

And this is true enough as far as we are concerned standing here on Earth. But our story didn’t begin on Earth.

So in this article, we will approach The seven layers of the body from the top down. This is how your Unconscious mind sees reality.

Subtle Bodies Are Not Earth-bound

We can’t speak about our subtle bodies without at least mentioning that all seven layers exist on 1 of 3 Great Planes of existence.

The Spiritual PlaneCasual Body
Celestial Body
Upper Etheric Body
The Astral PlaneAstral Body
The Energetic PlaneMental Body
Emotional Body
Lower Etheric body
Great Planes Of Existence

There’s no need to memorize this table; just keep in mind that as you move through the Subtle Bodies, you’re moving through the planes as well.

As we move through the layers, you may notice some terms like Causal Body and Celestial Body or Astral Body not in the order you may have seen them in other places.

That’s ok just remember, we are looking at our existence from the 1000 miles/Kilometers up to get a more holistic point of view.

Your Casual Body Is The Architect

Your existence begins with the Causal Body.

This is the mental or mind level of all of your spiritual bodies. This is the big you just after “you” stepped through the void into Spacetime.

The Causal Body is the Genesis of one’s Higher-self in this reality.

This is why the causal body is thought of as the soul. Because it contains the blueprint of all the other lower bodies and the knowledge in addition to that.

The causal body is the total you, it is also the part of you that reincarnates.

After each life, the causal body retains the information and experience of that life. It then transfers that into raw energy material for the next life.

So when people connect to their past lives through hypnosis, for example, it always goes through their causal body.

The Causal Body is the ultimate goal for any budding practitioner. All wisdom, understanding, love, and power are within this layer.

Not to mention your own personal Deity.

On the Physical level, the Causal body extends 30 to 45 inches from the body. It is seen as golden and Egg-shaped in appearance.

It is the energy source that runs along the spine, transferring energy throughout your entire physical body, not just your chakras.

Now that you know where you really come from let’s move down the ladder and see what happens next.

Your Celestial Body Is The Cup

If the Causal Body has all the information, Your Celestial Body is where it’s all housed.

Your Celestial Body holds the essence of the Casual like a container. It’s also the emotional Genesis of the subtle bodies.

And this is because The Celestial Body is like a home away from home for the Causal Body.

Your Higher-Self or Causal Body needed someplace to stay when it landed here in Spacetime. So the celestial body is what is used to hold and connect everything to everything else.

And that includes you and me to the Divine, so we are indeed one in this sense. Or you can say we are all in this together because, in actuality, we are.

In some esoteric traditions, The Celestial is a realm separated into two parts. The Super Celestial Immensity and within that is the smaller Celestial Immensity.

They are perceived as the symbol of two intersecting circles, also called The Ring Pass Not.

The point was made clear to the student. The heavens, The Earth, and Paradise are all inside the rings of Spacetime.

This is one of the big secrets, by the way. No one really goes anywhere. The entire goal of Waking up and ascension is trying to break out of the rings.

On the physical level, the celestial body extends 24 to 32 inches from the body. It is seen as an egg-shaped part golden part Mother of Pearl color that glows because it is the Container that holds all the energy.

Your Upper Etheric Body The Wheel Of Fortune

Now we are coming down into a more personal space. The Etheric Body is the Total Template for you and every possibility of your life.

Your Upper Etheric Body is the doorway between higher consciousness and its lower counterparts. It is situated on the bottom level of the Spiritual plane.

You can think of it as the doorway a skydiver jumps out of. Except with Upper Etheric, you can learn how to jump back in too.

Because it links the individual consciousness with the higher self.

  • So your Causal Body has all the knowledge.
  • Your Celestial Body is the Container that holds all eternity.
  • And now you’re at the door of The Upper Etheric looking down.

But before you jump, you have to decide which reality you want to land in.

Because the Upper Etheric body also serves as the template for your energy that exists in alternate realities.

You as a king, lover, poet, prisoner, writer, and Ruler of The World! They are all stored here in The Upper Etheric.

When you are trying to manifest something in your imagination or with an affirmation or whatever your preferred method is.

It’s the Upper Etheric Body that you are aiming for.

Have you ever woke up from sleep, and for about a minute or so, you see your walls covered in fine grid lines?

Well, that’s the Upper Etheric you’re seeing, and chances are you just came back from doing some life editing.

And on the physical level, the Upper Etheric Body extends about 18 to 24 inches from the body. And it is seen as a grid-like structure of fine lines.

Your Astral Body Is For Local Traffic Only

Your Astral body stays local. Where the Upper Etheric had every possible outcome for your existence.  The Astral has every possible path for your life currently. 

From your Higher-self’s point of view, it’s more like mixing up a piece of itself in a Centillion (that’s a 1 with 303 zeros behind it) different combinations until it strikes gold.

The astral body acts as a bridge between you, everyone else, and the Upper Etheric.

You could even say the Astral Body is your laptop and The Upper Etheric is the Internet.

Because The Astral body transcends physical reality. That’s what we call the out of body experiences (OOBE’s).

And even though you may astral project and never leave your own head, there is a connector to the Upper Etheric if you can find it.

The astral body is also where sex and desire come into being. It arranges and rearranges karmic patterns, past lives, genetic information, and physical body memories, including disease, into the current life.

The astral body extends one foot from the physical body and is seen as a fluid moving rainbow. And since it is closely tied to the emotional body it will often reflect the same colors.

Your Mental Body And Consciousness

The Mental body is associated with the mind.

  • Conscious
  • Subconscious 
  • Unconscious

Many in the new age/metaphysical crowd will think that this is all there is. And when you read books like The Kybalion, it’s easy to see why.

“All is mind, the Universe is mental by way of The All.”

The Kybalion

That quote gets misquoted and misunderstood often.

But what it’s trying to tell us is that the whole of the Universe only exists on the Energetic Plane.

And this is where the mind is. The Mental Body is the mind, and it’s all things bound to Physical reality.

This is where the 4 Fundamental forces of physics lives.ravitational force

  1. Gravitational force
  2. Electromagnetic force
  3. Strong Nuclear force
  4. Weak Nuclear force

This is also where you access your imagination and your memory.

And since this is the mental body, all thinking and thoughts and thought-forms are developed and stored here.

On the Physical level, The Mental body extends 3 to 8 inches from the body. It is perceived as an actual body, yellowish in color.

People have reported seeing it expand and brighten the more intense someone is thinking.

Your Emotional Body The Way of the Heart

As its name implies, your emotional body is the place where emotions blossom. But it’s not the source of emotions.

Remember, it’s your Celestial Body that is the Genesis of all emotions. So you could if you knew how to follow your highest feelings back to Your Celestial Body.

And then you can, in a real way, sit at the right hand of God. This was the fundamental idea behind religion.

Because in its most real sense, religion is re-linking with your divine self. And it was done with emotion

(The Heart Path)

But emotions left uncontrolled in this reality can also turn chaotic.

The Emotional body can lead you to glory or to the pettiest sad little life you could possibly imagine.

In fact, you don’t need to imagine anything.

Just go on any popular social media site. You will see little internet tyrants displaying their petty emotional body to the whole world.

But your Emotional Body is how you connect to Your Celestial Body directly. It’s a lifeline.

This is why when we are in love, we can move mountains. And if a loved one is in trouble, we can literally move an SUV from on top of them if we have to.

Emotions are powerful because of their source Celestial Body.

On the Physical level, the Emotional body extends 1 to 3 inches from the body.

It is seen as a multi-colored fluid layer around the body. The colors vary from vibrant to dark or dull, depending on your emotions.

Your Lower Etheric Body A Serpent Eating Its Own Tail

There is a Saying in Kabbalah

Kether (The Highest World) is in Malkuth (The Lowest World), and at the same time Malkuth is also in Kether.

This is the same situation we have with The Lower Etheric Body. Because The Lower Etheric Body is the innermost of the seven subtle bodies.

But unlike the Emotional Body, The Lower Etheric is not a direct path but a direct copy of its Upper Etheric Counterpart.

And Interestingly enough, the Lower Etheric is all about power. This is where you find disciplines like

  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki
  • Qigong

And all other energy work by any other name.

The Lower Etheric body has a structure and a semi-rigid form. It is also said to contain the Etheric fluid, also called Glandular fluid by the medical community.

The etheric fluid goes into every cell of the body. It allows for the transmutation of energy between the physical body and all the subtle bodies.

So the Lower Etheric Body also acts as a power converter.

But what’s really special about the Lower Etheric Body is that we can use it as a mirror to practice entering The Upper Etheric Body.

Referring back to the Kabbalah, Kether and Malkuth are the only two worlds where we can exist or live a well-rounded life.

All the other worlds and planes in between are heavily biased in one way or another. Only at the top or the bottom can you live a complete life.

It’s a similar ideal with the Upper and Lower Etheric Bodies.

That’s why many esoteric traditions call our world a kindergarten classroom.

We Are Learning How To Handle Ourselves Here In The Lower Etheric

Here you can only manifest one or two at a time. Whereas in the Upper Etheric, you can get all your manifestations all at once.

That could be a great or terrible thing, depending on your level of control. So the need to step it down by orders of magnitude is what the Lower Etheric is all about.

Now on the physical level, The Lower Etheric body is made up of lines of force that form energy complexes that the biological body cells stick to like a magnet.

And this is what holds your physical body together.

The Lower Etheric body extends 1/4 to 2 inches from the physical body and is seen as a bluish-grey grid.

This Is A Lot Of Information How Do We Process It All?

The best way to process is to jump right in. And my recommendation is to start with short 10-minute meditations several times a day.

And once that gets boring, move on to self-hypnosis.

If you can get these two skills in your mental body, then from there, you can start to ask your Subconscious mind to show you your best route to glory.

And it will.

Related Questions

How Does Your Physical Body Work with your Subtle Bodies?

The physical body is really a portion of the Lower Etheric body stepped way down. That’s why it seems stable.

The energy that makes up the body moves incredibly slowly, but it is the same as the Lower Etheric.

The way you explain this is different from what I was told/read/etc.. Are you saying the other information was wrong?

No, I’m not saying anything negative about any esoteric school of thought.
But we have to learn in a way that is best for us.

Combining all I’ve learned so that I can work with points of agreement seems to be what’s best for me. And I hope it can provide you with some helpful insights.

How Do Our Subtle Bodies Interconnect?

All 7 subtle bodies are connected inside the Causal body.

It’s like an enormous container with Super WiFi, and Fiber Optic cables all tied together. And all your energy points and chakras are really energy converters and transformers.

But everything is connected because it’s all together in the same place.

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