What Are The Limits of Hypnosis?

limiting beliefs are not facts

Back in 2010, I used Hypnosis to quit smoking.

And once I knew that I was sure I was a non-smoker, I happily rushed to share this with my still-smoking friends.

To say they were not impressed was an understatement, as one person put it.

“Jayson, you only quit because you really wanted to.”

At the time, her words stung more than I wanted to admit but looking back at the situation, she was right.

Hypnosis can not make you do anything you don’t want to do. Hypnosis can’t make you go against your personal code of ethics. And no one can hypnotize you against your will.

However, this is a far cry from manipulation.

Because someone can be convinced of a thing. And once convinced, it is possible to use the hypnotic process to elicit a yes or no response.

Think marketing and politics.

But manipulation still requires you to agree to it. In other words, nothing happens until you agree to play along.

Hypnosis Doesn’t Get Rid Of Your Conscious Mind, But It Does Bypass It

Hypnosis is meditation with a plan. Because when you go into a hypnotic state, it’s usually for a reason.

And no matter the reason, it is always best practice to get the conscious mind out of the way.

The conscious mind has many practical uses. But in Hypnosis, it’s the party crasher.

Because your conscious mind is the decision-making part of you. It does the critical thinking, question asking, and problem-solving of your life.

Let’s say you want to lose weight and choose Hypnosis to help you slim down.

But if you are trying to give hypnotic suggestions while your conscience is chatting and questioning away, you will just go in circles.

Fortunately, while in Hypnosis, we don’t need to get rid of our conscious mind. We just bypass it.

So while there are limitations, we can work around them.

Hypnosis Can Not Make You Change Your Personality 

A hypnotist can’t use mental force to make you break the law. They can’t change your personal values or beliefs.

They can’t even get you to stop smoking unless you want to stop. A hypnotist or hypnotherapist by themselves can’t make you do much of anything.

But remember what I said about manipulation?

You have to be convinced first. And if that happens, then you may do things that go against your nature.

Aside from that, you will only do what you agree to do. So Hypnosis can not change your personality.

It can help you to feel better about being you. So you’re feeling more OK with yourself, and now you have a better relationship with the outside world.

People you know may think you have had some miraculous change. And in a sense, they may be right.

But the most significant change was you feeling better about being you. So again, we can use Hypnosis to work around so-called limitations.

Hypnosis Will Not Work If You Resist It

After I graduated from Clinical Hypnosis Institute, I worked with one of the instructors there. I was a class aid and helped out with other students that cycled through.

This involved a lot of Hypnosis and demonstrations, but two situations will make the point.

During one class, I took my instructor on a past life regression.

We ended up on some Island with a 6-year little girl playing in the sand instead of my instructor.

It was too cute.
Afterward, the students and I all agreed that our teacher needed a long sabbatical.

A few weeks later, during a more metaphysical class, another graduate tried to work with the instructor in the same way I did, but her subconscious refused.


There was not enough rapport, and the subconscious will not allow you to do anything if it does not trust you.

So my fellow graduate got shut down.

For Hypnosis to work, you must allow yourself to be led to the conclusion you planned or to space where you can allow a thing to happen.

In other words, you must want the change.

What Can’t Be Treated With Hypnosis?

Psychiatric, mental health, sexual abuse, and or trama is a no-go for hypnotherapists unless they are also a trained psychotherapist or psychiatrist. 

If not they should refer those people to a qualified expert in that field.  

And all serious medical issues should always be treated by a qualified medical physician. 

This also includes.

  • Drug addictions
  • Family issues
  • Clinical depression

These issues must be treated by qualified doctors and psychiatrists. Hypnotherapy can be used as a supplementary treatment but only with the approval of medical personnel.

9 More Things About Hypnosis You Should Know

  1. You do not become unconscious.
  2. You are aware of yourself and your surroundings.
  3. You do not go to sleep unless you’re sleepy or if it’s a part of the session.
  4. You’re not under anyone’s control, and you can exit the hypnotic state anytime you need to.
  5. You will not lose your mind.
  6. A hypnotist cannot remove memories or thoughts from your mind.
  7. You can not be made to share secrets. 
  8. Hypnosis on its own will not give you psychic abilities.
  9. Hypnotists can’t make you act silly on stage unless you want them to.

Hypnosis Is A Natural State Of Mind

We go in and out of various forms of trance (Hypnosis) every single day.
It’s as natural as any other bodily process that we don’t think about much.

For example, when do you think about your digestion? Only when there’s a problem with it, right?

In Hypnosis, we think about it more when we are doing it on purpose.

Now in the post, I’ve highlighted some limitations and misconceptions with Hypnosis.

But one of the biggest misconceptions is that Hypnosis is just a tool. However, no one made up this state of mind. It was always here.

And that’s because Hypnosis is a natural process. So the more you use it, the stronger the process will become.

And this needs to be understood.

If You Use Hypnosis regularly, It Will Spill Over Into Other Parts Of Your Life

This is an excellent thing; you just need to be ready for it. Because Hypnosis can’t change your underlying personality, and it doesn’t need to.

Your ego personality has more depth and wisdom inside of it than you could possibly imagine.

And Hypnosis can help you get out of your own way. And then tap into the almost endless reservoir that is the total you.

Related Questions

How can I stay away from manipulation and propaganda? 

The short answer is you can’t. Not fully.  Every time you turn on a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, there is someone there promoting a narrative.

It can be a government influence or corporate influence, or a YouTuber influence the source is unimportant. 

The goal is the same. “You must think/feel this way, or else you’re bad, poor, and dumb so no one will love you.” 

It’s the same lie in many different words. Your best protection is a question. 

“What is their goal here? Why are they telling me this?”  

Start by using those questions every time you see a commercial, then expand out to other areas. Remember, you have to be convinced before manipulation can happen.  

So just remain curious and keep asking questions.  

Is Hypnosis safe?

Absolutely yes. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. On average, you go in and out of various trance (hypnotic) states every 90 minutes or so.

This makes a hypnotist’s job relatively easy.

Worst case, they just chat you up until you start to trance out on your own. Then it’s just a matter of following you down the rabbit hole.

You can’t help but go in and out of these states because they are a part of your being.

So yes, Hypnosis is as safe as taking a nap.

What happens to your Conscious Mind while it’s off to the side?

Nothing happens.

From my experiences and others that I’ve spoken to, it feels like you just off in your head.

You are aware of everything that is going on and what the hypnotist is saying. Usually, the conscious mind is providing commentary on the entire situation.

That’s right, you’re in the midst of the most profound trance ever, and it still won’t shut up.

But that’s the Conscious mind. It’s always there, just chilling in a hammock at the moment.   

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