What Can Self-hypnosis be Used For?

Self-hypnosis is a form of therapy that relies on the ability of the mind to enter alternate but natural states. This therapeutic tool has been beneficial in helping people with a wide range of issues. 

  • improving mood, 
  • regulating personal behavior, 
  • pain tolerance, 
  • reducing anxiety, 

And achieving more restful sleep, among other benefits. Self-hypnosis can also be used to aid those who need help with dealing with cravings like sugar addiction and weight loss.  

There are many ways to use self-hypnosis to improve your day-to-day life; still, all the methods have at their core the ability to change your perspective or mood for the better. 

Moreover, it’s important to note that there are no side effects associated with using this technique. Nor does it require any special equipment or training. 

You don’t even need to know how to meditate before doing self-hypnosis. All you need is a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed by anyone. 

In fact, many people find they have a much more profound experience with their meditation when practicing them together. In addition, self-hypnosis, a form of meditation, can take your meditation time into depts that might take years doing meditation alone. 

Self-Hypnosis with hypnotic suggestion will alter your subconscious mind

The subconscious mind stores memories, emotions, beliefs, habits, fears, hopes, and desires.

It is the definitive you of you. And yet, most people have no idea how it operates or how to make much-needed adjustments and updates throughout our lives. 

The good news is that we now have access to tools that allow us to do just that. And one such tool is Self Hypnotism. 

This self-therapy puts you into a trance-like state. Then we use positive suggestions, Post-Hypnotic Suggestions, and your imagination to direct the subconscious mind towards positive changes. 

Since your subconscious is the sum of all mental activity that goes on beneath the surface of our awareness. It is also where you change, edit or update metal programs always running inside your mind. 

If it seems that we’re talking about your inner mind like it’s a Supercomputer, that’s because it’s the best working model science has to date. Also, the subconscious mind works like a computer because it’s programmable.  

And here is where the usefulness of Self-hypnosis comes to the forefront. 

Because whatever instructions or requests, or pattern changes you can communicate to your subconscious mind will be acted upon.

You can use self-hypnosis as a way of reprogramming your subconscious to work for you instead of against you. 

This means that you can change almost any part of yourself or your thoughts and emotional being. 

This process has far-reaching implications because your subconscious mind manages your life. So you can be very detailed and specific. 

Nor do you need to do hypnosis to effect the changes you want and need.

Remember that hypnosis is not necessarily the primary goal, but access to the subconscious mind is. 

Going beyond the domain of hypnosis

One of the reasons I’m such a fan of Self-hypnosis is that you’re in control. There’s no well-meaning instructor or hypnotherapist telling you what you can’t do with your new skill.

This is the one sticking point I have with experts of all kinds; they think their limitations are your limitations. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Often times what’s really happening is that they are trying to transfer their subjective experiences onto you. So if they can’t do this or that, then no one else should be able to either. 

Yes, hypnotherapists and hypnotists suffer from the same limitations we all do. No one is immune. 

That’s why you want to go beyond the boundaries set by hypnotherapists, hypnotists, psychologists, and even meditation coaches. Because Self-hypnosis is something that can be used by anyone, regardless of talent. 

I’m not talking about using it to cure cancer or stop an out-of-control addiction. 

These are controversial subjects that hypnosis can help with. Still, you need to work with a medical professional for issues dealing with diseases and substance abuse (smoking notwithstanding). 

However, if you’re experiencing the usual daily problems that just seem to be getting worse over time. Then having access to your subconscious mind and using that access regularly is like rubbing a Genie’s lamp. 

And you do not need to do the typical hypnosis session.

That’s right, you can skip the sometimes overdone hypnotic induction plus Post-Hypnotic Suggestions and all that. You don’t need to do anything formal. For example, you don’t need to learn how to do metaphors or reframing.

You don’t need to learn covert or so-called conversational hypnosis either. However, having a conversation with your subconscious while in a trance-like state is always a good idea.

Just reach your subconscious mind and leave an impression

A few years ago, I took a system administrator (sysadmin) role for a company in transition. Due to an unforeseen situation, the company needed to hire people quickly.

So I came in as a contractor at a desirable rate. However, when it was time to bring me on full-time, that attractive rate vanished.

But the income was still respectable enough, and I liked the people I was working with, so I stuck around and tried to make it work.

Fast forward a year, and let’s just say the newness has worn all the off like a cheap paint job. I wanted a change of pace and that missing percentage of pay. 

So I altered the Self-hypnosis meditations I was doing in my car on breaks and put myself into a new scene. 

And in that scene, I saw my Director’s Supervisor, the CIO

Don’t [email protected](% around with middle management, go all the way to the top.

jayson quote

Anyway, I’m in a conference call with the CIO in my scene, and I heard him say.

“Well, dammit, Jayson, we’re just going to have to pay you more money.”

Since I knew his mannerisms, I tried to word it just how he would speak. 

And I did that exercise every day for the next couple of months. 

So what happened? 

Did my CIO get me that big bump in pay?

Did the company utilize my growing knowledge in cloud computing and VM’s (Virtual Machines)? 


But one quiet day while I was babysitting a computer server room at a site. I got a short email message from a recruiter. 

And since I was bored, I gave that recruiter a detailed replied which impressed him. I found all this out later, of course, but through that path, I was offered the position and income I wanted. 

Two things to point out here. 

First, this is was not classical hypnosis. Many would argue that what I was did was more like Manifesting or an exercise in the Law of attraction. 

This is true, but that’s my whole point. Get all the hypnotherapy talk out of the way and just focus on the connection with your Subconscious mind. 

The other issue was that I didn’t get what I imagined precisely, but I got the nearest equivalent. Again, this is critical to understand when dealing with your Unconscious mind and other people. 

Things may not turn out exactly how you see them turning out. But you will experience the nearest equivalent that’s best suited for you.

When you’re just working with your subconscious mind and wanting to change a patterned habit within yourself, you can get specific and detailed.     

And that’s the difference.

Subconscious Personal 

Unconscious Personal-PublicĀ 

How can I learn Self-hypnosis? 

Learning hypnosis is a simple procedure, and you don’t need to learn hypnosis to know how to put yourself into a trance.

There are a few articles here where I go through how to do a progressive muscle relaxation technique that you can use to enter hypnosis. But if you want to take it further, I recommend you check out the free Learn Hypnosis in 5 days course from Hypnosis downloads. 

This is how and where I started in 2010, crawling through their website of over 1200 (it was only 1000 back then) hypnosis tracks.   

There are some great schools you can attend to learn a clinical level of hypnosis like the one I went to. 

However, for the price of “free” and the high level of quality that’s offered, you would be hard-pressed to find an easier way to access your inner self. Remember that goal is to get to your subconscious mind and do so in the most efficient method available. 

There are so many uses for this ability that it’s more than worth your time learning and practicing.

If for no other reason than Self-hypnosis can give you the same benefits as meditation without worrying about doing it correctly. 

Everyone has issues they’re trying to overcome or succeed at.  

But the problem isn’t external; It’s internal, and the path to the solution is in the subconscious mind. And now you know a way you can access it every day. 

What do you want to do with that information? Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question for you, but I hope you dive all in.   

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