What Can Self-Hypnosis Do For You?

What can Self-hypnosis do for you

By 2010 I was pretty familiar with Self-hypnosis and using hypnosis audio downloads.

They came to my rescue the prior year, so actually, I was feeling pretty good. But there was a problem that I was very much avoiding.

My cigarette smoking habit. Fortunately, my anatomy instructor decided to help me out.

During class one winter night, he happily scared all of us smokers with a detailed lung and throat cancer pathology.

I decided to quit smoking that night. But I knew that morning I would need some subconscious back up to my promise to myself.

So I hopped online, scanned through my favorite sites, and found what I was looking for. And minus one (6-month) slip up, I’ve been a non-smoker since 2010.

For less than 60 dollars, I was able to cancel a habit I had since 1997.

That’s amazing, and I want to say right up front that Hypnosis isn’t voodoo. You have to want to make the change. But if you’re willing to meet your subconscious halfway, the change you can have in your life will astound you.

How Hypnosis Works And The Big 4

Hypnosis has 4 components.

The induction is the way you get into the hypnotic state. Then we add a deepener to take you further into your inner mind.

Once you’re as deep as you can go, we start with the suggestions. This is the part that you came for.

The whole reason you have to go into a deep enough trance is so we can connect with your subconscious without distractions.

It’s also useful for you to understand the distinction between the different things Hypnosis can help you with. Versus the Principles of change underlying all the benefits.

The Big 4

Change your behaviorself-hypnosis can assist you in eliminating unwanted behaviors and or generate new, empowering ones
Change unhelpful beliefsHypnosis can help you undo restrictive beliefs about yourself and install new empowering beliefs instead.
Relieve stressUsing induction, almost like meditation, you can relax your body tremendously in a concise amount of time.
Overall healthExperiments using Hypnosis have shown to decrease free radicals and significant cardiovascular improvements, with very similar meditation benefits.

These are the 4 main principles of change that Hypnosis can help you with. Everything else below falls out of the big 4.

You may have noticed I’m interchanging the terms hypnosis and Self-hypnosis, and that’s on purpose.

Because if you’re new to all of this, chances are you’ll be listening to audio hypnosis downloads while getting your feet wet with self-hypnosis. That’s how most people start, so I wanted to make sure that this article covers both sides.

11 Ways Self-Hypnosis Can Help You

1. Self-Hypnosis can help you Relax just as good as meditation

Whether you have in-person hypnotherapy or you’re using self-hypnosis, you are letting your mind follow an uplifting track instead of running the hamster wheel.

You become immersed in positive focus, and your brainwaves shift, allowing you to relax physically and mentally.
The effects are profound. 15 minutes of Hypnosis equates to an hour and a half of sleep.

How about a 3-hour power nap on your hour lunch break?

And you can easily take yourself there in seconds using self-hypnosis. So is self-hypnosis different from meditation or mindfulness?


And I know many in the mindfulness community may disagree, but that’s not our problem. The Awake Mind does not promote dogma! (not even if it’s written in the Vedas)

The truth is meditation and Hypnosis are the same things. Some will say that Hypnosis has a plan, and usually, I go along with that description but not always.

As you can see, we can enter the hypnotic state just for relaxation and nothing more. So many people are trying to use meditation to quiet the monkey mind.

And while it’s possible to do it using mediation and mindfulness. I have found that instant self-hypnosis is by far much more effortless.

And some studies show positive results for using self-hypnosis as a relaxation tool.

In one study, over 100 patients suffering from stress-related conditions were shown how to use self-hypnosis.
The results were that 75% of them felt their symptoms improving after 12 weeks of self-hypnosis.

One year later, 72% of the group reported complete remission of their symptoms using self-hypnosis.

2. Self-Hypnosis can help with Stress Management

Stress Management is a subject that has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years.

People worldwide are becoming more aware of the importance of mental health and finding solutions for people who are suffering from chronic stress.

Chronic stress can lead to anxiety, self-doubt, and lower levels of confidence. And most disheartening is that you can find yourself in spiral disempowering negative thoughts. And as you think, so you are.

But by using Self-hypnosis, you have a tool that can take control of your mindset and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Because you can reframe your thoughts and quiet the negativity.

Self-hypnosis can also help you feel calm when you’re experiencing stress or anxiety so you can stay relaxed and self-controlled.

3. Self-Hypnosis Can Improve Your Short Term  Memory 

You can use Self-hypnosis to improve your ability for short-term information recall.

Are you about to run out the door, but then you reach for your keys and, wait, where are my keys? Hypnosis can help with that.

Or you can also use self-hypnosis to improve your ability to memorize the information you need. Contrary to popular misconceptions, you don’t have to go unconscious when you’re hypnotized.

You can also increase focus several times over so you can concentrate better even in the middle of a busy day.

Because you are more relaxed so your brain has more bandwidth to work with. This is what Jose Siliva discovered with his Silva mind control method.

You get more mental work relaxed than buzzing around like an overcaffeinated long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. A cautionary note; this is only reliable for short-term memory.

If you try to go back past your working memory of about 6 months, you may run into an issue of creating false memories. This is one of the reasons why evidence from Hypnosis is not admissible in court.

But using self-hypnosis for studying or laser-like focus at your place of employment can be the secret productivity hack you have been searching for.

4. Self-Hypnosis can initiate Lucid Dreams

If there is a perfect use case for self-hypnosis, it’s got to be lucid dreaming.

Because Hypnosis uses suggestions and autosuggestions to plant thoughts, commands, and affirmations. You can then use these commands and affirmations to instruct you to wake up in your dreams.

But don’t take my word for it. One of the most well-respected pioneers in this space, Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D., uses Hypnosis to help new dream explorers get to the promised land.

You can also use Hypnosis with what’s called the “Wild” technique.
Wake-initiated lucid dreaming (WILD) WILD is carrying your awareness from the waking state to the dream state.

This is a powerful but advanced practice that newbies to Lucid dreaming are usually told not to try at first.

But Self-hypnosis changes things. Because doing Hypnosis will automatically place you in a Hypnagogic (dream imagery) state. From there, Lucid dreaming is much easier because you’re almost there.

In fact, you may not even need any further instruction besides autosuggestion to become lucid. Yes, it can be that simple.

5. Using Self-hypnosis For More Motivation

When you’re lacking the motivation to do something, you can get stuck in a negative loop. You might be facing a difficult task and afraid to fail, or maybe you feel overwhelmed.

But however the cycle started, you need to create a new mindset to get stuff done. That is where hypnosis audios and Self-hypnosis can come to your rescue.

When your focus changes on the subconscious level, you will tap into new resources and solutions to reach the Elusive Obvious Epiphany and change your mindset.

Now keep in mind that this is all happening within your subconscious. Once you begin the session, there is nothing for you to “do” except relax.

Sometimes we indeed lose or lack the motivation to get things done. That’s completely normal.

But if you’re routinely lacking the energy to do chores, run errands, finish schoolwork, read a book, or anything else you want and need to get done.

In that case, self-hypnosis may be something you want to consider. A hypnosis program can help you change your thinking and move you towards an inspired state of mind.

So you can have the drive, the energy, and the passion for completing all you need and want to get done.

6. Self-Hypnosis Can Make You Ditch Your Bad habits

Habits are broken the same way they are formed through reminders and routines.

Because a bad habit is just a mental loop that you are stuck in. It’s a subconscious problem, and it needs a subconscious solution.

So when you start a self-hypnosis program to stop a bad habit, you develop the strong inner motivation to get through the early stage of habit breaking.

This is what most people lack, the power to back up their choice to change. But Hypnosis can be powerfully effective at helping you stay motivated enough to unravel your bad habits while you develop better routines.

Now, you can practice your new routine with better habits.

 7. Use Self-Hypnosis to Stop smoking

This is my personal favorite and one of the few issues I will do a live in-person session.

But you don’t need to see me or anyone else. You can stop smoking from the comfort of your home.

Using Self-hypnosis to stop smoking is one of the best-kept secrets in hypnotherapy land. And the reason why is easy to understand, it’s a moneymaker.

As my hypnotherapy Instructor told our class once.
“That’s our bread and butter.”

And that’s all well and good, but if you don’t feel like giving out three to five hundred dollars to quit a habit that’s costing you money in the first place. You do have options.

With a few easy self-hypnosis programs, you can make the change and quit smoking for good.
This is what I did all those years ago.

And I was not a hypnotherapist at the time. Heck, I barely had a year’s worth of experience with Hypnosis, but I was able to quit.

And so can you. If you don’t feel ready to make your own hypnotic program, that’s ok; you can go here and get the help you need for less than the price of a large pizza.

The Hypnosis program can help you develop new associations in your subconscious mind. So instead of craving a cigarette after a meal or a long day at work.

You may want to go for a walk or bicycle ride instead. This will give you a new behavior and routine. The pleasurable feelings it instills in your mind will fire the same neurons that the terrible habit used to.

But now it’s replaced with a better one.

 8. Self-Hypnosis To Help You Sleep At Night

Are you having trouble falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep? Both types of insomnia have you as a victim of involuntary thoughts.

Or maybe you’re hyper-focused on events from the day, causing anxiety and making it hard to fall asleep.

When people struggle with going to sleep, their anxiety level goes up a degree or two when they try to get up and go the next day.

Sleeping disturbances can happen for different reasons, but they all can have the same solution: Hypnosis.
For insomnia, Self-Hypnosis is a two-edged sword.

First, Hypnosis can help you recover the rest you have been missing. This is because Hypnosis has the same properties as Transcendental Meditation.

You can experience a level of rest that’s just as restorative as regular sleep, if not better. And if you’re suffering from chronic insomnia, that can be a lifesaver on its own.

Secondly, Self-hypnosis can act as a bridge state between waking and sleeping, and this is before you add in the suggestions for a good night’s rest.

Lastly, Hypnosis connects your conscious intention to relax and sleep with the state of being asleep and getting quality rest. This is the suggestion part, and you can literally Hypnosis yourself to sleep like a lullaby.

9. Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

When you use Self-hypnosis in a weight-loss regiment, you’re reprogramming your subconscious mind to permit your body to release the extra weight.

You do not use force. The result is your brain adjusting your metabolic rate, appetite, and physical energy to accelerate weight loss.

Self-hypnosis can help you change the way you look at exercise, food, and yourself. You start thinking as a slimmer person, and it all happens naturally.

How does self-hypnosis help you lose weight?

  1. It Boosts self-control
  2. It Naturally Lowers your body mass

More research is needed to understand how this works. Still, the effects of hypnotherapy on weight loss have been known and used for decades.

But here’s what we can tease out indirectly. The hypnotic process resolves subconscious emotional conflicts.
People who have experienced trauma, abuse, or chaos in their past may be unaware of it. Still, their personal history is affecting their ability to maintain a healthy weight.

It can help correct thinking errors and detrimental beliefs.

Hypnosis can also correct misconceptions and faulty beliefs that limit people’s ability to find a healthy weight.

Hypnosis can challenge your perception of how your body should look. This can help you find the best body shape and weight for you instead of competing with some companies’ marketing department idea of beauty.

And instead of using food as a way to treat yourself, Hypnosis can help you select a reward that doesn’t undermine new healthy eating habits. It may help you reduce cravings.

You can use self-hypnosis to decrease your desire for unhealthy foods. Using guided imagery in hypnosis sessions, you can reduce dietary choices that could sabotage your weight loss progress.

Once you’ve trained your mind, you can even install anchors to help you deal with cravings in real-time until the feeling passes on, and it always does.

10. Self-Hypnosis Can be a Career Improvement Superweapon

If Hypnosis for becoming a non-smoker is my favorite, this one is a close second. And I’m still amazed that more people are not using self-hypnosis like this.

Can I be honest with you?

Most of your co-workers and supervisor are captains of mediocrity. They do just enough to get by, claim they’re tired right after lunch, and if they can leave work early.

And yet, this is your competition. But guess what? They’re no competition at all. Because you started using Self-Hypnosis, and now you’re goal-oriented, self-determined, and highly motivated.

These are the qualities you need to have when it comes to your career. Or maybe you are looking to break away from the job and start your own business.

Either way, self-hypnosis will harness your subconscious mind to help you improve your career and or launch your business.

You can become very clear about your goals which will help you to reach your goals. If you use Hypnosis this way, know that you’re in the company of the few and the capable.

High-level executives, athletes, and entrepreneurs worldwide use self-hypnosis. It gives them the extra edge to work more efficiently, with better foresight and much more creativity.

11. Using Self-Hypnosis For Better Sex

This does not get talked about much. But all the benefits from Hypnosis will make you a much better lover.

However, we’re just going to look at two aspects.

  • You will be able to relax and be present in the moment.
  • You can be in a slight alternative state that will let you be more empathic with your mate.

That’s gold, ladies, and gentlemen because the world is full of glossy shallowness, and that includes sex. If you make that deep physical connection through intimacy, oh my.

And if you’re more of the intense, faster pace type guess what?

You can push yourself and them to the limit while in Self-hypnosis and wait for them to tap out. After they down from the clouds, of course.

It’s a lot like a runner’s high, and heaven help you if you’re energy sensitive. Because the auras will sparkle. Now that’s a wee bit more advanced, but anyone can do it with just a little practice.

How do I start using Self-Hypnosis?

First, you have to learn how to hypnotize yourself.

You can google it. You can try amazon and check out their selection. If you do great, just don’t get lost in the book section.

There are 1001 hypnotists/hypnotherapists selling books that show you the same techniques renamed 50 different ways.

If you’re going to do amazon, which is not a bad idea. Go to the audio section and look for guided self-hypnosis (how-to’s) or even guided meditations.

Yes, a lot of Hypnosis is repackaged as a guided meditation to get the more spiritual market.

My recommendation however, is the Free Learn Hypnosis in five days course from Hypnosis Downloads.

When I needed to quit smoking, I went to them. When I wanted to learn Hypnosis and couldn’t afford the in-person classroom teaching, I took their online course.

And even after I took a live classroom course and became certified in my state, their online material is still spot on.

You will be searching long online for material this good.

And it’s free.

Related Questions

When shouldn’t you use self-hypnosis?

When you’re driving using heavy machinery and never if you are intoxicated.

What about Hypnosis and pain management?

If you want to use self-hypnosis to manage pain better, you can train your mind to block pain or numb an area. But here, I would advise that you work with a trained hypnotherapist and your doctor before you began.

Which is better for you, Hypnosis or Self-Hypnosis?

I’m a fan of Self-Hypnosis. Even though I am a hypnotherapist, who does practice part-time.

I always “gently” push my clients, family, and friends to learn self-hypnosis and use it every day.

You must become your own therapist. You have to empower yourself because if you don’t, someone else will absolutely do it for you.

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