Why is the subconscious mind so powerful?

Your subconscious mind is more than you can hope to comprehend. 

But it’s a common misconception that the conscious mind is the most powerful of all. So we hear a lot about willpower, discipline, and toughing it out.

But the truth is that’s all fantasy. In reality, your conscious mind is just a gatekeeper for what you experience. 

Your Subconscious Mind is so powerful because It controls everything around us, from our thoughts to our emotions to our actions. 

We don’t think consciously when making decisions or taking action; instead, they happen automatically due to our unconscious thinking. 

Also, the subconscious mind doesn’t have any logical reasoning behind these choices either; it responds instinctively based on past experiences. 

Perhaps you’ve heard some of this before, and like me, you were skeptical about all this inner-self business. But, of course, a healthy heaping of skepticism is not a bad thing at all. 

So long as we stay open-minded enough to learn new things, we’ll do just fine in the end.

Almost all the time, you’re unconscious

The idea that you’re conscious all day long (sleep notwithstanding) has been thought of as factual from the time you were born. It’s one of those things you’ve accepted even on a subconscious level without really thinking about it. 

But there’s evidence to support the fact you may be unconscious most of the time throughout your life. In fact, research shows that even while sleeping, you still make hundreds of decisions without being aware of them. 

This means that you could be doing something unconsciously right now. So yes, even reading this article can be an unconscious act. 

This applies to other activities as well, like driving, eating, exercising, etc. You may have wondered why you act differently at certain times of the day than others. Could it be that you woke up for a few moments before you fell back into the unconscious? 

But what is the Unconscious Mind, and how does it relate to the subconscious? 

The Unconscious mind encompasses everything that you are not aware of. It is the reservoir of your memories and thoughts outside of your awareness. But it’s more than that.

Your unconscious can be understood as the total human mind of everyone who has lived or ever will live. It holds every single life outcome and all its alternatives within itself. It is the mind of the Universe as we know it. 

The Subconscious is the section of the Unconscious Mind that’s yours. And it has unrestricted access to the unconscious. This is part of what makes The subconscious such a powerful force. 

The other reason is that your subconscious or inner self controls most, if not all, of your outward behavior. 

This does not mean that no conscious awareness of what’s happening because you do. Nor does this mean that you can’t influence your subconscious. You absolutely can if you use Hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or even guided meditations.  

There are also affirmations, a 21-day exercise to changes habits and behavior, and several other tools and therapies to help you steer your own ship. 

You have options if you want to use them, and you can change your inner-self.

But you have to come to terms with the fact that for most of your life, you’ve been living unconsciously like an (NPC) Non-Player Character in a video game.

Culture and society have programmed your subconscious mind

This bit of information may not surprise you, but are you aware of how invasive these unconscious influences are.

We are not aware of the manipulation because until now, you were not aware that how much you do is a predetermined subconscious behavior pattern. Now we’re using the term unconscious but here, we mean just unconscious to your conscious awareness. 

This is the area of influence from 

  • Commercials 
  • Teachers/instructors 
  • Authority figures on TV and the internet 
  • Parents 
  • Other influential family members
  • Career professionalism 
  • Government leaders 
  • Social media 
  • YouTube
  • Things we read over the years
  • Other peoples negative emotions
  • Cliché’s, memes we allowed into our thinking (Death and taxes, looks like a duck, walks like a duck, etc.)
  • Television shows and Movies

And this is not an exhaustive list by any means. 

And if you knew the depths to which people and organizations of all types and sizes are trying to get you to think their way, you might start seriously looking at the off-grid life.  

But the reason you are not aware of the manipulation is that you were unaware of the degree to which your actions are a predetermined subconscious pattern. 

But now that you know, you can start to take the needed steps to correct your situation. 

Nikola Tesla’s spectacular demonstrations of electricity.

 Making your mental processes work for you 

The good news is that you can take control of your Subconscious mind and connect directly with the unconscious through it. This is how people from the beginning of time have made significant changes in their life and the world. 

The not-so-good news that most people don’t like hearing is that this will be a project, and a project is more than its tools. 

  • Hypnosis 
  • Meditation 
  • Mantras and Affirmation 
  • Visualization 

These are merely tools, and most people only use them tactically. 

If they have a problem or need a behavior change, they call up a hypnotherapist. If they want to get off the meds, they take up meditation and maybe some fasting. If they want to get over themselves, they’ll go on some retreat or do an ayahuasca ceremony. 

These are all great tools, but if used haphazardly as so many do, the results are hit or miss. That’s why you see people in the personal development space bounce from here to there and back again. 

Because they have no direction, so they get some of this and some that. But we want more. We want to be able to plan our lives from a 30,000-foot vantage point. 

So what you need is a Grand Strategy. We need to give and then keep giving the Subconscious big ideas to work on. The grander, the better. Also, your plans need to be full of positive emotions that can move you to tears.  

So what’s a grand strategy? 

Your grand strategy is the big ideas and daydreams you let die on the vine when you became adulterated… Errr I mean became an adult.  

It can also be a new passion that’s filling your brain’s free time. That works too. It can also be a cause you feel deeply about. Are you seeing a theme here?

That’s right, it’s emotion. No matter what, you need strong emotion that will push you through. Followed by a grand plan guided by your subconscious.

Self-hypnosis is a great technique to start with

One of the most powerful techniques you can start with is learning how to hypnotize yourself. 

Remember the trip to change is 

From the conscious mind down into the Subconscious Mind, then out to the Unconscious mind, and self-hypnosis is the key that can open all the locks. 

While making direct contact with the unconscious mind does take some practice. However, it’s more than doable for anyone willing to take the time to learn.  

It’s not even a hard thing to do. 

Because your Subconscious and Unconscious do want to connect. They’re not running from you. Remember, they’re a part of you.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to get control of your subconscious by giving it a mission of Grandeur

jayson quote

And guess what? Your subconscious will give you the mission, too, if you ask for it. So now you got the mission and the backing of your subconscious. Who can stop you after that? 

No one on Earth. 

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And while you’re going through the free course, why don’t you give these hypnotic sessions below a try. They are the perfect complement to the course and will help you get your Grand Strategy going in earnest.  

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