Will Hypnosis Help Me If I’m Shy And Socially Awkward?

Using hypnosis to overcome shyness is a bit different from using hypnosis for confidence. The differences are subtle but distinct.

Confidence is building from the ground floor, whereas shyness is trying to climb up from the cellar.

But many people lose the distinction and try to add confidence when they need to overcome their shyness first.

More often than not, these debilitating feelings are deeply rooted in memories from childhood or even last month.

It may feel like there’s nothing you can do to stop yourself from feeling timid in every possible social situation you can think of.

And you can’t have a shy, timid demeanor without a healthy serving of social awkwardness along with it. So you do your level best to avoid any situation that may expose you to your negative feelings.

Isn’t that the typical response?

Shyly stepping out of the public light may be what you do now but keep reading because you can change that, and you can do it today.

Through hypnosis, you can overcome crippling feelings like shyness by creating new mental patterns subconsciously that lead to better outward responses.

When a feeling takes over our reasoning mind. We react without thinking due to subconscious processes.

Feeling apprehensive is a natural thingĀ 

It’s normal to be shy when you’re growing up.
It’s normal to be a little anxious in new social settings.

Think new job.

Most times, people can overcome their shyness more or less and get on with their day.

But those intense emotions can have a psychological effect that makes you respond with fear instead of excitement.

With time and repetition, the fear response becomes an automatic subconscious reaction. And this is how timidity clings to people. It’s subconscious learning.

One would think that if you can recognize the feelings that make you feel shy and awkward, you can do something about it.

Often people don’t know why they’re feeling so timid because it’s a subconscious fear response.

So if you can identify the feelings and reactions as they arise, you have a big head start toward overcoming your shyness.

In fact, it can be liberating to realize that these are feelings you have, but they aren’t a part of your being.

But identifying what your triggers are is one thing. Working on a strategy to prevent them from hindering your social interactions is something else entirely.

To be relaxed and comfortable with other people no matter the situation, you need to feel equal with everyone there.

Suppose you notice that you always feel like an oddball or a loner. In that case, this points to a possible subconscious reaction and not reality.

If you can identify this when it’s happening, fantastic, but often that’s not the case.

Some people have tried responding by being overly assertive as a way to paper over their shy feelings.
However, that tactic always tends to blow up in their face.

The only thing that can help you overcome this fearful response is to change the way your subconscious is responding.

Can you pretend you’re not feeling shy?

Yes, you can try to do the “Fake it until you make it” tactic, and sometimes it does work.

In fact, the day before I wrote this article, I had to use that approach to deal with two groups of C-levels (executives of two corporations) over the responsibility of wireless coverage.

The fake it till you make it approach can be very useful, but it’s only a temporary patch.

In my short example, the only reason I was able to fake a confident front was because of my technical skillset. That made the C-levels listen to my ideas.

Also, to pull off a pretend until it’s real successfully, you have to have an underlying level of confidence to begin with.

So if you’re combating feelings of timidity, how well do you think faking it will work out for you?

I would guess not too well at all.

For permeate results, you have to change your inner-self or self-image. Because it’s your self-image that holds all of your subconscious programs.

There’s more to the self-image than changing your behavior. Your self-image is where the reality of you lives.

And the action side of your self-image is your subconscious mind.

And your subconscious mind controls about 90% of your living reality.

And 99% of the time, you are not even aware when and how it’s happening.

So if all this is true, how can you possibly overcome your shyness?

Answer; Use hypnosis

Use hypnosis to work on your Self-image

Responding with worry or shyness is not a reflection of who you are but rather of what you have learned to do instead.

But since it’s what you’ve always done, those nervous feelings feel natural to you. The feeling is so natural it’s now a part of your habitual behavior, so it seems like the problem is set in stone.

But we can use the same subconscious process to help you overcome shyness and replace it with a feeling that serves you instead.

And we do that with hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help you overcome feelings of shyness and anxiety that come along with those helpless feelings. So that you can first relax and then respond with ease.

How hypnosis accomplishes this is not a mystery.

First, we relax you physically. Then we get your conscious mind to focus on something pleasant.

Next, we engage your subconscious mind to reprogram your responses and reactions. Here is where we edit and change our self-image.

In hypnosis, beliefs can be changed by changing how your subconscious re-configures unhelp patterns into helpful ones. Once the Self-image is transformed, inner responses will also change.

So next time you’re in a public or social space, fear will be replaced with excitement and possibility.

This doesn’t mean that you will never feel nervous. Nervous energy on its own is fine. It just means that something important to you is happening.

What you do with the energy is when it becomes either your friend or thief. But if you use hypnosis as a self-imaging tool, you can master negative emotions like fear and shyness.

But what if you’re reluctant about finding a Hypnotherapist?

You may be concerned that you’ll have to share in detail your personal fears with a hypnotherapist. And if you’re combatting feelings of shyness, that could be a roadblock.

However, there is another way, and that’s downloaded audio hypnosis. You can download hypnosis sessions to reprogram your self-image from the comfort of your home.

And audio hypnosis is just as effective as in-person hypnosis.

So they can have the same effect on overcoming shyness, fear, and anxiety as standard hypnotherapy. Plus, audio hypnosis is usually more friendly on your budget too.

Shyness, just like fear, are subconscious programs that can be altered by you with just a little help and guidance.

It doesn’t take much effort. You just have to choose to do something else besides what you’ve always done.

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